Renew or not to renew

Good morning all! I received an email this morning about renewing my seasonal pass. It will be 20% off okie three months free for a total of 15 months. How long would I have to activate it once purchased?

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There’s normally no timeline to activate, unless there is something in the fine print of your renewal offer about a deadline.

Adding: Sorry this is only for new passes!

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Is this true of renewals…or just purchasing, but not a renewal? I thought renewals started the day after your previous one expired. (Maybe I’m confusing this with Disney?)


If you renew your date automatically starts when you renew. Only new passes can be activated later.

(I renewed DDs pass this year)

Also, you’ll have 90 days to decide. However, there is no grace period past that. I waited 92 days and had to pay full price for a new pass.


Ah that’s right, sorry!

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I remembered a chat post from @TenMileMom that I read. She said her renewal offer said 15 months from date of first use. Hmmm…maybe she can share here…

Going to check out the details….if it activates immediately when the current one expires I won’t get it. But, if I can activate upon first use then I will…stay tuned! :rofl:

I also just tried to “get a new start date” by upgrading my AP. The only way to change your activation date is to buy a new pass…

I would’ve upgraded on my next trip to make my “new” renewal date in December.

I’ll be delighted if you can do it, but IME it isn’t likely


Not sure if this worked but here are screen shots from our renew email. The top part and the section that says “from date of first use.” Both are in the same email so it is clearly referring to renewals.

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Thanks for sharing!

Hi again all! I just spoke with a customer service person at Universal. She stated that the renewal starts immediately from when the current pass expires and not upon first actual use of the renewed season pass. Bummer…I only have one trip planned (at the moment) which is with my next Disney trip in December 2024. But man, those AP resort discounts are impossible to beat especially at Surfside/Dockside. Maybe I should plan another trip (or two)….? Decisions decisions! :rofl:


The language isn’t clear, but you can interpret, “date of first use” as your anniversary date. My 2022 pass expired last February. I missed my 90 grace period. However, if I had renewed my pass a couple days earlier, even though it was May, my “date of first use” would still have been the original February anniversary. They don’t move the date…

I hope that makes sense!


That’s one interpretation. But…I’m more inclined to think they just borrowed the language for the footnote from activating a new pass, and didn’t bother to change it.

The issue with the interpretation you provide is…if your existing pass was, itself, a 15 month pass instead of 12, then the “date of first use” wouldn’t make sense.

So, let’s say I bought my initial pass on a sale…15 months for the price of 12. I activate on January 1, 2023. Then, 15 months later, I renew. My new pass should start on April 1, 2024. But “date of first use” would suggest January 1, 24 instead.

I think UOR needs to fix their language to make it clear, because I think someone could use that language in the email to hold them to what it actually says.

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That’s the most likely explanation!!!

Yes, I even read that part of the email to the UOR customer service person. She confirmed it seems “misleading”, but the renewal does actually start when the current pass expires.

The grace period is now only 30 days as well.

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Tell me about it! I’ve already said, multiple times, that I’m taking a break after December. However, I caught myself, yesterday, looking at AP hotel rates 100 - 120 days out.

I’ve done the math… I can find $71 / night at Dockside & SW flights $225 - $275. There’s a consistent Thursday night flight that leaves after work. I don’t get to the hotel until midnight, but that gives me all day Friday & Saturday + 1/2 of Sunday… (which in my mind makes it “worthwhile” since you aren’t arriving on a Friday.) That’s $500 + food / “fun” for a weekend… It’s so tempting!!

Out of curiosity…do you ever do anything with your, you know, wife?


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Every day I’m not at Universal!!

She’s been my friend since we were 17! That’s more than 30 years now! It’s OK to have some activities & other friends. We’d get sick of each other (especially now that DD is out of the house) if we were together constantly! :smiley:

This is just a hobby where she only has a mild interest - like the wife of someone who travels to all his team’s away games & such!!

Oh, I know. I was just poking fun at the idea that you would find more and more opportunities to be at UOR. (It was funny to me, at least!)

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There’s something about the sights, sounds, smells of these places that mellow me out!