Renew or not to renew

Okay, so I’m doing the math this morning. Here’s how this roughly breaks down in a couple of different scenarios:

-Price to renew the Seasonal Annual Pass (2 parks only) for 15 months (including tax) = $368.00
-Price of just 3 single day Park to Park tickets (lowest price depending on dates) = $565.00
-Current price of the Buy 3 get 2 days free 2 Park to Park ticket = $407.99 (this is only currently offered through February '24; I assume if it is offered beyond this the price will increase)
-Average cost of 1 night at Surfside regular price (standard queen) = $145.00
-Annual Pass holder price of 1 night at Surfside (standard queen) = $71.40

The resort and daily ticket prices vary depending on exact dates of travel, but I think these are good enough for comparison purposes. It’s making renewing my Seasonal Pass look like a no-brainer especially with a definite trip planned for next December and a possible trip to Florida in April. Even if I don’t spend EVERY day at the UOR parks if I do end up going in April, the resort discounts alone would be great for using Surfside (or Dockside) as a home base even as I do other things around Orlando.

Does anything look “off” about my pricing here?
Edit to add: My Seasonal Pass renewal price includes a 20% discount for renewing…


I assume you factored in black-out dates for the seasonal pass.

My own math has shown that the seasonal pass is worth is if you are planning more than 4 days. Possibly worth it for less than that if you plan to take advantage of the AP hotel discounts.

Yes, I did check the black out dates, and for the time(s) I would be there they would not affect me. :slightly_smiling_face: That is a good reminder, though, for anyone weighing the pros and cons of the different Annual Passes offered!

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You’re math looks correct to me! It’s exactly why / how I became an “addict”. It’s so convenient / easy to have the Seasonal AP and be able to come down often. As long as you use the pass for 4 park days in a year, it will pay for itself!

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I just had the “perfect” first draft of an outline for a trip in April and then became foiled by…the total solar eclipse happening on Monday the 8th!! The path of totality will only be 30 miles south of our home, and I plan to see it weather permitting of course. For the total eclipse in August of 2017, the path of totality was literally right over our house and was amazing! Ugh!! If I go to Orlando in April, my trip will consist of time at UOR, WDW, photography excursions to capture some of the Spring migration, and maybe a few nights at a beach. My plan was to avoid the second half of April at WDW due to Run Disney and cheer competitions. Postponing the start of the trip by a few days in order to possibly experience a total eclipse again means shifting everything to possibly run into the Run Disney crowds arriving. Back to the drawing board… :slightly_smiling_face:

Pic I took of the total eclipse back in 2017…


That’s stunning!! I totally get why you want to be there!


Still on the fence about renewing. If I do take the trip in April (50/50 right now) and the for sure trip in December 2024 it will be worth it. I just picked up an additional choir accompaniment job at a neighboring school district, so what I will be paid this December for rehearsals and concerts in both districts will more than cover my AP renewal and a good chunk of change towards an April trip. Choir contest season is in March with spring concerts in May. This is all unplanned additional income. so I’m really considering everything.

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Welcome to the Club!!!

My wife had a major shake-up at her office that left her as the ONLY person still in upper management last week! They assured her she does a great job & that’s why she the only person still there. However, they have now given her more duties performed by other people.

We are hoping this mean a raise for doing more work… If she gets another promotion / raise I (She’s had at least 2 since 2021) I’ll be sooooo torn about flying back down in early 2024… I know it’s the dumb thing to do as I go too often already & said I was going to pause until HHN… :crazy_face: :rofl:

It’s so much fun though!!!

FYI - I’m SO PROUD OF HER! She’s a great person and works so hard!! I often feel awful for how easy / dull my job is compared to her’s. When we talk about “our days” over dinner I try to just be a good listener! I don’t have anything interesting to say. :man_shrugging: (I got me a Sugar Mama that buys me nice trips!! :rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent: :innocent:)

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How lucky that where you live you get to see both the last and the next one.
We traveled to Nashville to the 2017 one, and the 2024 one passes over our house. We aren’t in the center of the totality line, but the totality time at our house will still be longer than it was in the center line of the 2017 eclipse.

For those who have never seen one. It is freaky. Not just the sun itself, but the temp drops like 10 F instantly. Wildlife goes quiet, like the earth is holding it’s breath. For a partial eclipse, I wouldn’t even bother to go outside.

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Yes, during totality it was so surreal. Nighthawks started flying around and everything else was really quiet. Hoping for clear skies during the one in April!