Reminder: DAKumentary releases on Disney+ today!

For all others who get the swoon from this park, don’t forget to tune in today!

I didn’t realize this is an 8-part series! A new episode will drop each Friday for the next 8 weeks!

Cannot even wait to get home tonight, curl up with a blanket, and watch!


Thanks for the reminder! Work is slow today and 1 child is in school and the other remote. I think this will occupy my morning for a bit before I go do some chores.

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I just watched the first episode, and immediately wanted to play the second. I didn’t realize it was being dropped weekly. I’m so spoiled by Netflix releasing entire seasons on one day :rofl: It is a good show. It reminds me of Secrets of the Zoo but with AK. And it’s narrated by Josh Gad!


I loved it and it left me wanting more also! I will watch again later with dd as she loves all animals!

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i actually finally purchased Disney+ because of your post about this a few weeks ago!

What is this show about?


Thanks for the reminder! Excited for this, as the kids already enjoy some of those other behind the scenes at the zoo shows. But this will be so much better.

I was skeptical at first, but boy Disney+ has really been worth it. This, Muppets Now, and the Mandalorian (soon…soon) are regular watching for us. Plus special events like Hamilton. And of course all the movies. Well done Disney+.


It is a behind the scenes documentary on how they take care of the animals. They really personalize the animals and you become immediately fond of them. I’ll be looking for Mac my next trip to AK! It’s really eye opening and enchanting.


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That sounds neat. Like a VIP tour, only no rides and from home.

Just out driving at work listening to the last Tomorrow Society podcast - has an Animal Kingdom discussion slant. Very interesting ex-Imagineer!

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Will check that out!

Do you listen to Radio Harambe? You should :slight_smile:

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Sure do. :slight_smile:

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This is awesome! I’ve been eagerly waiting for something new after Imagineering Story and Day at Disney. I hope they make a second season of these too.

I’ll be watching tonight! Can’t wait.

Did not get to watch last night because reasons. So watched this morning while enjoying my coffee out of my AK mug and eating Mickey waffles insted.

I just LOVED it!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: Cannot wait for more :slight_smile:

I would love to say more but don’t want to spoil for anyone who hasn’t watched yet. But I will say one thing: I can’t decide who I’m more impressed by - the animals or the people who care for them. Pretty damn awesome for #nahtazu


I watched it last night and I also loved it! Not sure what constitutes a spoiler so I’ll hide my more detailed thoughts:

No plot details but description of show

It is so great to see the behind the scenes and see how dedicated the staff and the company is to the health and well being of the animals. Part of me wishes they would also talk about the rides and other attractions but I guess that would be less Nat Geo and more “Imagineering Story.” (I would love a season 2 of that!)


All I’m going to say is … Popcorn! Between this show and the return of British Bake, I was in TV heaven!


I did a little research on our Tacoma elephants that went to AK. They are/were Thandi (b.1980) and Moyo (b.1981). They left Tacoma in 1997 and were at AK from then until 2013. Thandi is now at a zoo in Jacksonville and Moyo passed away in 2017. :cry: One of the young male elephants in last night’s episode, Tsavo, is Moyo’s son. They both came to the US from Zimbabwe in 1983. Born in the wild and captured in 1982 (Thandi) and 1983 (Moyo). That makes me a little sad. I don’t think they are capturing wild elephants for zoos anymore, are they? I hope not.


I don’t think so. In fact, the episode implied the opposite - that zoo animals are sometimes helping to repopulate the wild.