Relaxation Stations

I have been making a list of Relaxation Stations to keep in my phone. Does anyone have any to add? Or if these are no longer used, I can mark them off.

MK -
Tomorrowland Terrace
Pete’s Silly Sideshow
Golden Oak Outpost

EP -
Mission Space/Test Track area
Akershus Royal Banquet Hall
Yorkshire Fish Shoppe

HS -
Star Wars Launch Bay
Market Merchants - GE
Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

AK -
Mr. Kamal’s
Asia/Africa - Rivers of Light(?)


I thought the Harambe Market was being used as one? I know they are not serving food there and many ppl were just hanging out when I was there last. It was a nice place to rest.

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I had saved this link…

With these notes…
April-Morocco replaced one in UK
AK-River of Lights?
HS-Indiana Jones?

I think it was after this thread…


yes, AK river of Lights is one and I saw Indiana Jones used as one too

I can confirm all three at MK and pizzafari and river of lights at AK. I didn’t walk by Mr Kamal’s. However, @ppehap, I swore they were doing mobile order at Harambe Market now… I’m pretty sure I saw the sign out with the code to scan for the menu.

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The Yorkshire Fish Shoppe area is no longer being used as a Relaxation area due to Morocco.

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I saw that too… the sign and order but none of the food windows were open and no one had food but things could have changed since I was last there :wink: I had actually gone there to grab some water and a snack and was disappointed that the sign was a false trail :frowning:

Indiana Jones is a “sometimes” relaxation station from what I saw. It was not available the day we were at HS but the CMs said that sometimes it is open. I think they may open it depending on the crowds


@ppehap @eeeevah

MO is live in the app, anyway…


the website lists the hours as 10:45-3:15 for right now. Hours are 10:30-3:00 for dates in June, so it seems like its open per the website.

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