PHOTOS: New Relaxation Station Opens in Morocco Pavilion at EPCOT - WDW News


I must have missed that the marketplace was gone. My kids will be upset - they loved it!

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I believe it’s been closed since Disney took iver the pavilion.

I hope they have plans to bring back international cast members in the future. Hopefully then they’ll reopen the market. I loved that place!

That’s pretty but the smorgasbord place in Norway has AC. And since it’s across from Kingles you can eat your skool bread there too

It just doesn’t seem big enough to me.

The area is really nice. On the egg hunt there last month. But if they don’t fill it with seating then it’s a lot of standing around which is the opposite of relaxation

It used to be bigger. That was more satisfying. But now they cut it like, in half, and that’s just too small.

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Other than this most recent development, is the following fairly up-to-date? It’s pretty detailed and comprehensive.

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Honestly I’ve not sought out these places. I just happen upon them. I can confirm one in each park but that’s it. In the heat I want cover and AC … so indoors… now that I’m fully vaccinated.

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They should definitely bring some proper content to that space (post-pandemic), it’s really nicely themed.

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