Registration Dates for Marathon Weekend 2023 Announced

Club runDisney can register by early registration on April 12, 2022

General registration is on April 19, 2022

Virtual Events registration is on April 22, 2022

Guess it’s time to get serious about some decision-making.

No pricing has been released and that scares me.



Eeep! I thought I’d at least be able to get through my 10k race in May before I had to decide for real. Time to decide just how much I believe in myself.

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How do you sign up for Club run Disney? Seems like Disney IT at its best…it keeps saying check back next year😂

I honestly wouldn’t bother if you could. I"m not sure they are still selling that anymore

You can do anything you believe you can do.


Booked a DVC room just now

I don’t think I can swing the time off or expense to do Dopey. I have secured a room to allow me to do Goofy though.

I know Challenges tend to be the last to sell out, but even Dopey? If I book Goofy but want to upgrade to Dopey because I find I can manage that expense and time away, will I have a chance to upgrade? Or not because this is an anniversary year for Dopey and I should just suck it up already.



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I saw this and panicked! I am not even close mentally to be planning and training for Dopey 2023 yet.

However, I am toying with the idea of making it a Kennedy Space Center and Universal trip this time. I will just get a rental car and drive over for the races in the mornings. My DS has a renewed interest in Space after watching the Inspiration 4 documentary on Netflix. Might be a good bet to go and tour the locations mentioned in the show.

Also, I promised my DD we would head back to Hogwarts on the next trip.

So that is the plan right now…unless you can convince me to shift all my money back to WDW.

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Challenge accepted.

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Yeah, I’m probably out. Or I’ll have to do a charity bib. No way I’m going to be able to commit by April. And Wine and Dine by March? Super bummed

It is super soon. But I think it’s more in line with traditional timing, isn’t it? July was mega late (and many training plans were a month in) .

Still, my mental game is not really there yet for any kind of long distance. I need spring and outdoor running again.

I havent run in 30 days… :grimacing:

That is okay my friend. I bet you’re busy doing other fabulous things. I’ve been out 2-3 times a week consistently but my longest was 7ish miles. And that’s okay.

I have been doing 3-4 runs a week and they are all around a 5k. Every once in a while I may hit 4 or 5 miles.

Winter depression has set in. I need the sun and warm air to lift my spirits.


I was thinking the same thing about winter today…I did the virtual Princess 5k this morning. 23 degrees here in Upstate NY. I need warm air and sunshine. It’s hard to get motivated to run when it’s super cold and gloomy.


I’m very tired of dodging ice!!! Not to mention all the layers!


I’m getting nervous about the registration date coming in April! I know $$$ but I like knowing a closer number of $$$. Knowing Dopey is expensive I like knowing my budget for all the other additions. Pre-order items, budget expo items, park add-ins, eeek!

Eagerly awaiting registration for Dopey in April. A few months ago I started a separate savings account for Dopey. With Dopey registration fees, other race fees for training runs, hotel for Dopey, and a Disney cruise after Dopey, it’s going to take a bit of cash. At least I have enough at this point to take care of the Dopey registration cost. I’ve also been buying $50-100 gift cards whenever I’m at Target to use for Dopey weekend and the cruise.

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I am at a place where I’m going to have to make some decisions.

In another couple of paychecks, I will have more than enough money saved to take my Africa trip. This was supposed to be a 2024 trip to celebrate my 50h birthday. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last 2+ years it’s that things can change on a dime and nothing is ever guaranteed. So I’m considering taking the trip in 2023. If I do that, no runDisney for me in 2023 - I can’t do both. As you’ve said “it’s going to take a bit of cash” (to do Dopey - or any part of marathon weekend). Africa is a bucket list item for me, just like the WDW marathon had become (and is now complete!). So I’m edging toward taking the trip to Africa instead, and returning to runDisney in a future year.

I’m very much torn though. And I’m running out of time to make a decision.