Refurb Updates/photo thread

Is there a thread somewhere for people to post construction pics/updates at the resorts so folks can be up to date on resort construction when they stay? If not, here this can be it…
I’d love anyone staying at GFV in the next month to drop some pics of what’s going on, but feel free to drop any resort pics here…


Great idea!!!

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This was the view of Poly construction from GF DVC side, in May


Currently here and this is the outside of the Lobby. The “staging area” inside is the same as reported.


I can post an update end of Oct for GF!

I found this article and video of a 2-bed at BCV. I think someone was asking about a 1-bed recently and this will show the changes.


Does ANYONE have pictures of the DVC Wilderness cabins staged somewhere along the side of the road?? @len


Like this?


Ah, YES! Thank you! Where is the t-shirt because you are my hero!

What do we think they are waiting for to install them???

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So from the photo they look to have a central living space with two identical end sections.

Doesn’t look like there’s the space for a sleeping loft, but there could be a bedroom at each end with bathroom for each. That would make them very attractive.


This must be the back compared to the concept art, right? 2 bedrooms might be nice but VERY tight I would think.


Your concept art picture only shows one raised end. On the trailer there is one at each end.

Edit: OK looked again. I see what you mean but my thought was one bedroom on either side.

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Ya I’m trying to look at them together. The roofline is very different. I was thinking that we were looking at the back because it looked like one big window and no door. It will be interesting with that window because of how close the cabins are to each other.

I can see this looking like a bedroom at each end but if it sleeps 6 it still needs to have a living room and I just can’t imagine that there would be enough space for that!

The cabins are currently 12x42 so if you have a 12x12 bedroom on each end and two bathrooms at 12x5 that only leaves 8 feet for kitchen/living space.

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Just saw this posted this morning!


Master bedroom at the end. Corner bathroom jutting into living area at the far corner.
Other end could just be a double bed with small adjacent bathroom like the extra one at BLT. Still 12x12 in total, or less.
And then a sleeper sofa. And kitchen running along a wall or in other corner from master bath.

Hopefully! I guess they could also keep the bunk beds and save some space somewhere.

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View from the GF lobby today, from our own Amy Schinner.