Refillable cups work from last trip?

I purchased refillable cups on our last trip can I use these again for my up coming trip so I can just pay for the option of unlimited refills and not have to purchase new set of cups?

My understanding is that yes, you can. I am going to try taking my cup from 2015 on my trip next month. I believe you can refill on a day-by-day basis for any past refillable cups and I think you can just pay at the register for the daily fee.

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Well, doing a little reading, it sounds like that comes to the same amount. You pay a flat $21.99 to have your mug activated for the length of your stay. You can no longer just pay a price on a per-day basis. So, you can pay $21.99 and use your own mug*, or pay $21.99 and get a new mug.

  • Actually, I can’t promise you can use the old mug. I presume they reactive the RFID in it, but no guarantees.

Perhaps someone has more accurate information.

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Really? When did this change? Just a couple weeks ago on chat, someone was saying you could still do day-by-day. Hmmmm…

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I can’t speak from experience, but have been reading several websites. It sounds like they dropped the daily option a year or so ago. But many of the blogs with the old information still persist because they were written before the change.

I did find one site that explicitly said that a mug from a previous stay CANNOT be reactivated. Not sure if that’s true or not.

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Thanks for this info! Looks like I’ll have to check back on chat and see if that person had actual experience with it.

One question does remain open, though. Years ago, the refillable mug supposedly gave you free refills forever, as long as you were staying on Disney property. My wife and I bought the refillable mugs for our honeymoon and kept them for almost 15 years before we finally got rid of them. But we kept them because we thought if we EVER returned to Disney property, we would bring them and get free refills. (That was the deal at the time.)

Of course, since we DID get rid of them, it is no longer an option. But it isn’t clear if they still honor that deal for those who haven’t gotten rid of those old mugs.

So is your original response to this question in regard to Disney or Universal? Did they BOTH do away with reusing the old cups?

Just Disney. I don’t know about Universal. We bought the Universal Freestyle mugs several years ago, but didn’t think to bring them back for our trip this year!

Oh, okay. This was posted in the Universal forum, so I thought you were referring to Universal and I was all kinds of confused!

@ryan21189, I am double-checking on chat, but I believe you can still reuse your mug!

Ugh. Okay. Call me an idiot. I don’t mind. :slight_smile:

I would never! :slight_smile:

But you’d THINK it, wouldn’t you?

You know, I actually READ the words Universal Orlando Resort, but my brain HEARD Walt Disney World Orlando Resort!

So, yeah. I’m an idiot!

Blame the kids. That’s what I do. Once I had that third one, my brain left me for good! And if I recall correctly, you have more than that!

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See. Your brain didn’t leave you COMPLETELY because you remembered enough to know I have more than 3 kids. :slight_smile: (I have 5 kids, plus one daughter-in-law.)

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haha thanks for the replies yeh my question was about the universal ones cause I remember when I was there last year you could pay by day so was hoping this was still the case. I didn’t want to pack them and take up room and weight if they wont work plus spending out more $$$ on cups

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You’re not alone

You have 6 kids too???


No 8. Why do you ask?

I think @quicha was making a play on the fact that I said in my last post here:

To which, you appeared to have responded:


However, I believe you were responding to my post about misreading the topic as WDW instead of UO.