Recommended off-site hotels in the Disneyland Resort area

Yes! I get overwhelmed at all the options for WDW with or without the help of a TA, but DLR I know pretty much it’s just up to me & am happy to hunt for myself! You’re welcome & happy planning!

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Grand Legacy isn’t bad if you can get a good deal, its really close to the park!! We have also stayed at the hyatt house and love it too, its right above a Walgreen, which is super convenient

Ouch. Seeing this thread pop back up hit me in the gut. :persevere::weary:


I’m wondering if you’ll have to have a resort stay to get first dibs on reservations for DL, like you did for WDW. I just went to WDW beginning of august, but it didnt seem to help, I am missing DL more than ever right now!!

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Oh for sure! They will definitely have enough park reservations for anyone staying onsite. APs will be the most restricted.

Which is really going to suck for me, because I’m having a hard time justifying 576 for a night when I can stay at Hilton for 101. But I have AP, so I’m worried that without the resort stay i won’t get a res

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Me too! We had a great time in Orlando, but I am even more desperate to get back to DL now.


Keep an eye out for the reservation system announcements and make sure to log on right away - you just might get a spot. Then if you don’t, go ahead and book a reservation onsite if it’s worth it to you.

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What are the recommendations for close hotels to Disneyland in 2023?

I am leaning towards Howard Johnson

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Provost Park Pass put out this video of 7 of the closest hotels. They all look good.


Depending on your needs, my favorite is the Hilton Homewood Suites on Harbor. It is a studio apt with the option of separate bedroom. I like having the full kitchen, especially the full size fridge. I don’t cook, but it nice instead of having to keep an ice chest for the week. It is close enough for a longer walk or you can take a bus/shuttle.


i am debating between howard johnson anaheim or the courtyard marriott

more towards hojo because marriott seems to all be nonrefundable and i just need that peace of mind that i can change my mind and cancel a few days before .

park vue inn was a top choice but the reviews grossed me out with the dirty floors and plumbing issues and black water. it was just too much of a reoccurring theme each place i looked for reviews.
the website rooms DO look different that the ones online, so i dont know if it has been updated or not.

DD wants a bunk bed and hojo has that.

not sure if we would use the waterpark .

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and the last time i went there 7 years ago, we stayed at hotel indigo. it was bright and clean but i felt like it was “too far” of a walk .

not sure if hojo is that same distance, but if it is i would consider hotel indigo again if it was least expensive.

also was curious about the anaheim hotel.

1- hojo
2- courtyard
3- Anaheim hotel ??
4- hotel indigo-- maybe if price was significantly less than the others.

i feel like i am used to paying so much less for a much cleaner room at WDW

We’ve stayed at Park Vue numerous times and never had any issues. Wish they would restart the free breakfast though.


Yes, I miss it too! We had a stay there planned for end of Feb 2020 and I remember being slightly disappointed they were switching from a free hot to continental. We decided to cancel that trip so didn’t even experience what their continental offering was, but we had many trips before that with their free hot bfast and it was always great. And was super bummed they never brought it back.


Candy Cane Inn was closed for a long time for a remodel, but it was well worth it. We stayed there in February and were very pleased. Offsite but has a Disney “feel”. Clean comfortable rooms, nice landscaping, good free breakfast, friendly attentive staff.

It’s a short walk to the parks but the trolley is a nice option if you don’t feel like walking. I also enjoyed not having to cross Harbor after nighttime shows.