Reassure me I don't need a car

My WDW countdown is at 24 days!! It’s a girls trip and we are staying at BWV! In all my past 50+ trips, I have always had a car (I know I’m weird). In an attempt to keep down costs, we are forgoing a rental car. I’m starting to worry. I don’t want to waste lots of time waiting on Disney transportation. And I really want groceries for the villa (and I’ve never ordered groceries to be delivered at Disney). Am I worrying for nothing?

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I’ve never had a car on property. I like not having to fight traffic or drive. That’s part of the vacation. I can have a drink and not worry about how to get back to my resort. I’ve ordered from Prime Now each time with no problem.


You can use ride share much cheaper than renting a car, if you need to get somewhere. But I think you might actually enjoy not driving.


If you order from Prime Now do you have to be at your hotel when it’s delivered or will bell services store it for you?

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This is what I am counting on. I really don’t like driving, but I also really hate waiting.

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I don’t even have a car in real life. No way am I going to mess up vacation with one!


Good point!

We just stayed at BWI and found we definitely did not need a car. And we are car people, we almost never vacation without one unless we’re in a major city. Have your groceries delivered and plan to take Lyft some of the time. A busy times the busses were quick, and of course you can walk to two of the parks.

But off-peak times it seemed like we shared- we even stopped at Swan AND Dolphin, and there was no one at either stop. What a waste of time. So if the bus times don’t look good to you, don’t hesitate to call Lyft. We took a Minnie Van to MK once, for RD.

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This I think is what may save my sanity. The few times I have used Disney buses it wasn’t fabulous, but at least we can walk to HS and Epcot.

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You don’t need a car.

If you don’t want to use transportation 100% of the time you can Uber/Lyft for a fraction of the cost of a rental.


How many of you are there?

Fabulous. This is why I love the forum–I was finding it hard not to look up rental car prices. Although I’m also thinking that I have been stupid for renting cars in the past.

It’s just 3 adults so Lyft/Uber would be easy.


Yes, definitely. There were 5 of us so we had to get the XL, and the prices ranged from $13.76 plus tip to $21.63 (that was surge pricing at 9 pm). I think the non-XL prices were mostly around $10.

It was $40.63 for the Minnie Van which I think is the same no matter how many people you have, up to 6. But it was super cute and a great photo op for our first day!


I would be totally tempted to get a Minnie Van just for the photo ops!!


Not stupid.

You know better now.

You know better, you do better.

You’re super wise


Have done

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Thanks to everyone here!

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My countdown is 84 days. I have been debating about a rental car too. Originally, I was just going to use Disney transportation but Mickey decided to open up SWGE. All plans had to be adjusted. The unknown is killing me. Crowds, SWGE, Epcot’s Food & Wine, so much to adjust!! With the EEMH at Hollywood Studio and the park opening at 6AM. I’m not sure if Lyfts and/or buses will be running at 5AM. So for now I reserved a car through Costco, it was extra 300.00 and a course the Resort fee of 120.00 to park the car I can cancel the car if I do not see the need but my kids are saying just keep it and stop stressing. I think they’re tired of me talking about it hahaha Do you all have any thoughts…rent or not rent.

We’re renting. I have 3 kids in car seats and that makes Uber/Lyft/Minnie Vans impractical for us. Technically I can put my 7 year old in a booster, but I feel more comfortable having him in a 5 point harness. I also like the control of knowing I can hop in the car and go where I want when I want. No need to stand around trying to figure out what route to take when I have an ADR at another resort or I want to go to the water park.

If it weren’t for the car seats I would probably be fine relying on Uber/Lyft/Minnie Vans.