Reassign an unused magic band?

Does anyone know if you can reassign an unused magic band? We purchased them for our family since we’re staying off-site. I assigned them in MDE to each of us. And then I invited DH (by sending a message through the app/website) to, I don’t know, join MDE or plan with me or whatever it says. When I did that it took the magic band I had assigned to him and assigned it to me, so now I have two.

I know you can’t reassign a magic band that’s already been used by someone. But what about ones that haven’t been used yet and were bought separately?

I have this great tip in my notes: Liner Daily Tip #68: Having problems with MDE, MB, and/or FPP? Call WDW IT at 407-939-7765 or 407-939-4357.

It is an old tip by @brklinck

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Thank you! I’ve bookmarked it!

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Ah yes, my Liner Daily Tips - some of them are outdated, but most are still of value. For those who are interested, the Liner Daily Tip Archive is at:

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