🦡 Really last minute trip booked — Now featuring live trip report!

For reasons I might explain if it becomes necessary, I am thinking of coming to Florida next week for a week.

I know I’ve already booked a trip at the end of June. But, well, I’m having something of a crisis and I feel like I just need to get away and I can’t think of anywhere better than Orlando.

By scamming WDW into thinking I’m both in the US and the UK, and using my AP discount at UOR, I have found:

Four nights at Cabana Bay (Volcano Bay view): $562
No park ticket required, I have an AP

Three nights at ASMu: $625
Four day, one park per day, WDW ticket: $500

Total for seven nights: $1,700

Plus transportation and food.

It’s difficult to articulate why I want to do this. Well, I kinda know. I’m not sure I want to say it out loud. My friends are the worst people to ask for support because sometimes friends are just not the right people.

Basically, I really need some me time. I’m kinda cracking up, tbh.

It is possible I would cancel the June trip. Or not. I’m just saying I could. When I got back from this trip.

What is Orlando going to be like next week: crowds / weather?

I may do some work: some part of 11am-3pm some days, so maybe when the weather is at its worst so it doesn’t matter.

Sarah will look after Calvin.

I have about two hours before I lose my flight prices.


I looked at Universal crowd predictions. It seems like the beginning of the week would be lower crowds but the 24th is the start of Memorial Day weekend, so crowds could get very bad.


If you go & still have to work, will it make you feel like you miss out & definitely want to keep June a go decision?

If yes, how feasible is it to do both? I seem to remember you saying you’ve been working an insane amount. If that work can fund both and you can still be responsible and keep commitments for work, then I have no reason to say why not.

But if you have to absolutely chose one, I would chose whichever one gives me maximum time to enjoy the parks.


My weather apps all say temps will go to low 90s from Tuesday on.


Oh nuts. What are the chances. My WDW days would be 24th to 27th.


It will be crowded … but it is still a chance to be in WDW. You’ve been gone too long :slight_smile:

:frowning: Maybe keep these friends, but also find some new supportive ones.


No, they’re good friends. But sometimes the people closest to you can be the ones who are the least empathetic to you. They have a picture of who you are and what you’re like and what’s best for you in their heads and they don’t want to change it.


The answer is if you feel you need this, take the trip. Even with potential crowds. Find the gaps that are less people-y and get the magic back.


I’ve been to WDW in the days before Memorial Day weekend (the 20th - 23rd would be the equivalent this year) and it’s pretty great. I mean, it’s hot. But most schools are not out yet so if you do UOR or WDW during that time period, it will be fairly nice crowd-wise.

After the 23rd though would be a different story.


But thinking about it. I’ve now been President’s Day weekend, during the New Year, and during the Princess Half Marathon weekend (all “terrible” times to go) and while it was really, really crowded and lines were long, I had a great time during all those times. We know all the long lines and I used Genie+ or LL$ for the things I wanted to do.

And I get it. My father passed away in Jan, and I wasn’t planning on another trip, but I had a work trip to Miami in Feb and decided the week before the trip to take the train from Miami to Orlando. The Princess Marathon (Half Marathon?) was going on that weekend so “terrible” timing and I was there for less than 24 hours because I had to get back home as my husband had a work trip the following week. By a miracle, my TA found a room at AoA. I managed to get a fireworks party reservation. I did all my favorite things. I let myself cry during the fireworks. It was the best day / 24 hours ever, really and even though it was “busy” I would do it again.


I looked into switching WDW and UOR round (so starting with WDW and doing Memorial Day weekend at UOR). But the UK WDW website won’t let me book this close to arrival day (eh? why?) and the US WDW website wants crazy money compared with the UK one (eh? why?).

So this is the plan. This or nothing.

Do I care about crowds? I mean, I could get G+ for the MK day.

This isn’t really about riding rides. I overdramatically described this to Paul as running away. It’s not really running away. It’s just finding some me time away from everyone and everything.

If I work it will be because I want to. It will be the students I actively like working with. Not the ones I work with for the money.

It won’t be a luxury trip. Just one where I do whatever the hell I want.


This is your answer.


I’m sure it is difficult to swap around days willy nilly coming from overseas and all, but just FYI:
If you could swing WDW days 5/19-5/22 instead, you could score an AS Sports hidden deal on Priceline Express for $81/night.
After all taxes and fees that room would be $318 instead of the $625 you have for ASMu.

Also, BTW: June is CHOCK FULL of those Sport hidden deals, while May has been hit and miss.


Thank you for that.

The biggest expense is the flight. Looking at the price matrix for Virgin, flights departing within the next 7 days (so the 19th) literally cost double the ones departing 7 days or more.


The crowd calendar shows 5s for next week, then 6s and 7s starting on Friday the 24th through the rest of the month. June is also 6s and 7s (including the dates of your existing trip). I don’t think you’re going to see true “holiday” crowds in the summer – nothing approaching Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s or Spring Break. I often travel to Disney parks on or around Memorial Day and it’s usually not that bad.



Do it. If you can afford it and you need a break, go for it.


I would keep Mon 20-Mon 27 then. Memorial Day is so much more a road-trip/camping/boating/BBQ holiday than it is a destination parks vacation that while it may be busier in general Friday-Sunday, it will not be as crazy as other holiday travel weeks. And it will be only the very first possible weekend of summer break for the US (but not a popular one, the most popular one being the week or two after that).


I laughed out loud when I saw the beginning of this thread because I totally get it!! This would be me without the pesky hindrances of full time work and caring for children. Why not plan another spur of the moment trip if you can and that’s what makes you happy?! I’ve been there Memorial Day weekend (the year GOTG opened) and it was perfectly doable and enjoyable. We probably did use Genie+ but definitely slept in every day, no rope dropping, and did late nights which are one of the benefits of a holiday weekend. I hope it works out for you!!


Well, it’s two hours later and I’m just now reading this. I hope you decided to come! I will read on and find out …