Ready to Run...a return to RunDisney races

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I’m guessing there are others?

I had a great week last week for my training. I got all of my runs in as well as two rounds of yoga. My long run, done Saturday, was 7 miles and I did it on the treadmill at GCH! I’m very proud of myself for getting all the workouts in despite being crazy busy trying to get ready for travel, and for not skipping out in spite of having been in the parks for 5.5 hrs before the long one!

(This will eventually be cross posted into my trip report):
There was a sign that masks were required, but there were several people inside who were not wearing them, so I took mine off too. At our gyms in NH, you only have to wear them to walk around the facility; if you’re on a piece of equipment or lifting you can take them off. Three attendants came in and out (there was not one posted there permanently) and none said anything. Eventually it was just me and one guy left and an attendant came in and told ME (but not him??) to put my mask on. Okay. Not one to give the CMs a hard time – they are just doing their job – I put it back on. But I took it off once the other guy left. I was alone in there and I was running; I was not wearing the mask. I figured if she came back and said something I would just end the run then. She never returned and I got my 7 miles in and felt good!

I’ll say here that I’m not feeling particularly interested in protecting others by now. I have been doing all the things since the start of this, I’m fully vaxxed AND boosted, and I continue to be mask compliant in all other spaces. But seriously, in a gym while actively working out, with nobody else in the room? FTN. I know, not very kind of me - but I’ve grown weary of being one of the ones contributing to this Worldwide Group Project while there are still slackers out there refusing to participate but who I am expected to still protect.

OK I’ll get off my soapbox now.


Amen sister. If you are eligible and haven’t gotten vaccinated by now, that choice is on YOU not ME anymore.


Agreed, I still mask indoors and I feel like I am more careful around others that are also masked (they may be immune compromised, etc), but I tend to give a wide berth to anyone not masked indoors. At that point I am protecting myself from any breakthrough cases. A distant friend (in her 60’s) passed away this week from a breakthrough case. :cry:

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My attitude has been trending this way for a few months now. I honestly don’t care about protecting others anymore, except my kids. Once they are fully vaxxed, I think I will be done with masks unless required. I live in an area where people have been talking about COVID being “over” for like a year now. I’m so tired of being on other side. The right side, I might add. There are still like 10 people dying each day here. It is NOT over yet!

ETA: I actually got jaded pretty quickly after returning to my office back in May/June, because I’m the ONLY ONE wearing a mask. At some point I stopped wearing it. Then with the delta surge I became vigilant again. Now, that is waning especially as my DS7 and DS5 got their first shots 2 weeks ago.


There a bunch of them - I think this is all of them so far…the RunDisney blog releases them every once in awhile.
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Princess and the Frog: Run Disney
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The Lion King: Run Disney
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Beauty and the Beast: Run Disney

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100% agreed. And if you are choosing not to “just because” (as in not a legitimate medical reason for you not to), you should not be whining about the things you can’t do. On another forum I’m on, a woman was asking about any possible options regarding her and her husband’s cruise which was booked on DVC points. He is choosing not to get vaxxed and gets very angry with her if she brings it up and reportedly got even angrier when she suggested she cruise with her sister so that they don’t lose the points (it’s beyond the point of getting them back in terms of rescheduling). And yes, people are concerned for her safety based on what she has said.

That’s pretty horrifying actually.

Agreed. I know a couple of people private messaged her. But yes…for him to be that controlling is horrifying. (On the slightly positive side, SHE is vaxxed (not sure if there are kids in the picture) so at least he isn’t controlling her to that degree of preventing her doing what she wanted to in terms of vaccine.)

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Houston… we may have a problem.

I think I have developed metatarsalgia and I’m quietly freaking out right now.

My symptoms line up with this 100%. Before I researched what this pain might be I was hoping it would just be a thing that would go away after I warmed up. Well, it did (mostly) and I had a great (30 minute) run yesterday, but it is very very sore this morning.

I see that remedies include icing (as we speak!), motrin (first thing this morning!), and (gah!!!) rest. I am ignoring that last one for a minute here while I strategize.

They also suggest metatarsal pads - wondering if anyone here has experience with those and if you found one brand better over another.

Looking at 22 for this weekend and skeert. I am thinking that if I aggressively ice, rest, and motrin today and tomorrow I might be able to pull it off on Sunday? Your thoughts? I have just this one and then a 24 in three weeks before marathon… So I can do lots of resting in the three weeks between each long one.

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Do not try 22 miles this weekend. Just my advice. Think the risk is too high that you’ll really injure yourself and you’ll be out for a long time. Pushing through the pain will probably cause you to run with a different gait, and doing that for 22 miles is likely to cause new problems with muscles, tendons that aren’t used to the stress. So sorry

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I had something similar when I trained for my first half. That area of my foot would hurt and my toes would go numb on that foot. I went to a physical therapist for some strengthening exercises. He said it was linked to a weakness in my core. He told me when the feeling happened to bend over and touch my toes. Amazingly, that would help. I did have to scale my miles back for about a week. I had just finished a 10 mile race when I saw the PT (who is also a runner/Iron Man). He was very helpful. So…a PT might be helpful. If they are also a runner, that’s a bonus.

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Do you think I should do anything this weekend or rest and push the long run to next weekend instead?

This is not like that. It doesn’t go away and there is no numbness or tingling

Oh no! I am so sorry. I’m with @JordanRunner on this one though…as much as you hate it, you may want to rest. You’ve trained a lot and while I’m sure you did less walking at DL than you would at WDW - you probably put quite a few miles on your feet last week…a week off might be what you need.
As for metatarsal pads, I tried a few different varieties when I first developed a neuroma and we were trying to solve it without surgery. I DO NOT recommend the small ones that you just stick to the bottom of your foot. They’re a little more flexible for fitting to the right spot on the foot, but they tend to move and I could never get it just right. But everybody’s feet are different.
Sending you hugs and healing thoughts. :blue_heart:

I totally think this is the problem especially as metatarsalgia is aggravated by extreme periods of standing which for us translates into waiting in lines.

For the pads, do you recommend than the ones that kind of fit like a half sock?

I definitely don’t want to cause more damage and be unable to show up at all, so I do think that I need to sit this one long run out. Dammit

I developed this after a WDW trip in 2018 when I wore some new sandals that were more cute than comfort (hard lesson learned!). For me, the pads never worked. For me the only thing that felt good was cushioned shoes with a lot room - width-wise - around the front of my foot. I wasn’t running/training at this time so I’m not much help there, but I agree with talking a break and not doing your 22 this weekend. @JordanRunner is right, you risk creating new problems. You’ve been so faithful in your training that a little time off your feet is not going to set you back at this point.

Another thought: Do you have a tennis ball or a la cross ball? If so, massage the bottom of your feet with it by putting the ball on the ground and gently stepping and rolling around on the ball at your comfort level. I like to do this when I’m sitting at my desk working. Getting extra blood flow to your foot could promote healing. Sending healing vibes your way!


I am not sure this will work for that, though I have done it before for the arches. May give it a try but definitely not for a day or two.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking - massage the arch and promote blood flow around the affected area.

You think massaging the arch will help the ball
Of the foot?

Just looking to clarify. I’ll try it!!

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