Re-opening news for WDW

I will also add this one just in case

Ugh, if you must! :flushed:

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Mine just automatically changes back. Been like that since the closure. And it automatically redirects me. A PITA.

I have had that problem in the past. If you go to the UK site at all, sometimes it changed over to assuming you want the UK from then on. I think I had to go into my browser setting and clear out all cookies to get it to revert back. I can’t remember exactly. It was a while ago. But ever since then I avoid going to any UK Disney page.

Same here.

But I’m from the U.K., so it sends me there automatically. And I like being able to see both.

When I once cleared out my cookies, it wiped all my favourite sites and I had to log back into everywhere. Like every single web page. It was a complete nightmare. Not sure what I did wrong. :woman_shrugging:

Use an incognito window or a different browser that you normally don’t use, like Chrome, safari, or Internet Explorer (or whatever it’s called now).

What exactly is an incognito window then?

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If you open a browser, select the options and generally there is an option to “open new incognito window.” It doesn’t save any cookies or history. It may not work but it’s worth a try!

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@Nickysyme in Apple/Mac friendly browsers it comes up on the menu as “new private window”

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More Food & Beverage CM recalled to work on June 21st


So they’re calling them back just a day before the resorts open? Somehow I thought they’d be back earlier to go through protocols and move furniture etc.

But it ties in with the listed places that are opening. although a few are missing from the article.

Looks like a lot of bartenders, which probably don’t have too many changes to protocol. Wear a mask and extra cleaning, maybe?

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I think they are supposed to change their gloves between every order?

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Oh, right. Still doesn’t require much training time :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the confirmation.

There are question marks as to its legitimacy.

This does not pass the smell test.


So, since I’m new to DVC, does a DVC studio reservation count or will that be cancelled too?