Re-opening news for WDW

Which brings me to my request: can we please lock this thread and only update/add on information directly?(and by only a select few at that?)

Having this thread grow to the size of the most “Covid” threads could lead to a lot of good info getting lost in the shuffle.

This way when there are updates/adjustments, it’s not a game of hide and seek for up to date info.


I thought when there was new info I could update the first post.

People could post if they found new info so I could add it.

And also tell me if there are helpful discussion threads worth linking to.

Also tell me if it’s too cluttered. Do you want links and the excerpts or just the links? Too much info? That kind of thing.
Mind you, no one would ever agree so then it’s up to me I guess.


Despite the lede, this article contains a little insight regarding what attractions might be open:

Sad to hear that the World Showcase won’t be staffed by International CMs. I really enjoyed talking with them, especially about the countries we’ve seen IRL.


Local 737 of the Orlando Hotel and Restaurant workers union posted this info on their Facebook page.

Which has one web site speculating that WDW will only re-open Deluxe Resorts at first.

What’s interesting is the food and beverage and housekeeping CM’s were not recalled for YC.
Someone on another sure is saying that inside reports are that YC won’t be opening.

Updated first post to say that the ADR booking system is open for some Disney Springs locations for up to 60 days out.

But it could also just mean they are calling back CMs for the DVC resorts, since they will open first. It doesn’t really tell us anything about what is happening when the parks open.


It is only DVC resorts and FW on that list?

No Geyser Point…sad

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I wonder if that’s because they do so much convention business there? I think the convention industry is in for a rough ride, for a long time.

I agree with the DVC theory

I notice as well, no Table Service at Saratoga. Perhaps because there are options at Disney Springs, but I still find it surprising. After all guests at SSR will be competing with members of the public at DS.

That’s a badly written article IMO.

At one point she mentions there are “three Deluxe / DVC resorts - OKW, Riviera and Polynesian”. What???
She then says she “feels this means” the DVC resorts will be opening, but she already said they are all opening.
And finally makes the leap that no other resorts will be opening. Why would they call housekeeping back 4 weeks before opening a resort?

Updated first post with a very informative new page on the WDW website.

It has lots of details about what will and won’t be available.

Specifically (because they have been much discussed):

AKL Jambo House is NOT opening June 22nd
Storm Along Bay is NOT opening June 22nd
Pin Trading using boards will be available at select locations
Disney’s Magical Express will be available, Resort Airline Check-in might not be

@Nickysyme, another thread was started with the wdwnt link to the info. I think it is the same but I said I would post the US link here too.

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If I try and open that I get redirected to the UK site. Seems to have been a “thing” now for a few weeks. So I can’t see if it’s the same, but it must be!

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