RD Pandora

Has anyone rope dropped FOP and then got in line for NRJ right afterwards? What was the line like for NRJ after riding FOP first?

Have done. No line at NRJ. Rode immediately. Was finished with both rides by 8:15 IIRC.

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Hey OB,

Would you think it would be faster to RD Navi and then use a 8AM FP for FOP? I am thinking it would be about the same amount of time either way. Your thoughts? I’m only asking because every minute would be critical to me.


i hear FPP line gets long fast

I have done this and agree with OB, You can be done with both 20-30 minutes after park opening. Assuming you are there 1 1/2 hours before park opening.

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we were there 1hr 10min before published EMH RD

Awesome! Thank you so much for the info! I’m so excited!


We RDed FoP too. I don’t think it is guaranteed, but they actually started letting people on the attraction before the park officially opened. When we got off and I checked my phone, the park had only been open for two minutes. Then we immediately went to NRJ and were able to enjoy that as well.


That’s great! I’m so happy to hear you all were able to do both at RD!

Shows the value of getting there a long time before rope drop

We only arrived 20 mins before ropedrop on an EMH day in July.

We left FOP 80 mins after park opening. Joined the queue for. NAVI from there but the queue barely moved for 20 mins so we left the queue and went elsewhere

So I think the key is arriving at least an hour before ropedrop

It’s pretty obvious vast majority do FOP then straight to Navi and you want to be th front of FOP to make that work for you

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I’m going the end of November (week after Thanksgiving) but there are no EMH -AK opens at 9am. Has anyone done RD FOP then NRJ at regular opening not just EMH? I’m trying to finalize my plans- right now we have FOP FPP for 1pm and I thought we could RD NRJ or try NRJ in the evening as another poster had commented (to see Pandora at night and to have lower lines).

What do you experts recommend as a TP for AK for a regular hour park day?

I’m not an expert, going in 1 month…per these boards and another board, I am planning on arriving at 730am for 9am RD going to FOP then nrj.

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I do see frequently on the other board a person consistently posting about going 30min before close. but I never see that corroborated.

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I take that advice with a grain of salt. I might try it as an extra, but I wouldn’t plan on it as my only.


I’m really not asking this to be facetious or rhetorical but I really want to know.

What’s the difference waiting in line for rope drop vs. waiting in line for a ride? I really don’t see the point in getting there 90 minutes before rope drop to wait to get on a ride, vs. waiting 90 minutes for the ride itself later.

Can someone enlighten me on this?

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Yes, you’re still waiting. No doubt about that. But you’re not using park time to stand in line. You ride the ride with the longest line immediately and then you go about the rest of your day as normal.

Yes, what she said! I don’t want to waste valuable park time waiting in line. If we can eliminate the wait during park hours we will have more time to explore the rest of the park!

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Considering that in the time one could wait in line at FoP (up to 3 hrs at times!), one could also otherwise dine at TH, see FOTLK, go on a safari, and explore the Gorilla Falls trail, arriving pre-RD is well worth it :wink:

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Thanks for the insight. Not having been with Pandora open it’s a whole different ball game. I had no idea how to go about the rides without tremendous waits. I guess the FPP I have for FOP at 1pm is pretty useless if lines are 3hrs in the FPP line? Wow thanks for the warning! I would have been in for quite a surprise!

So arrive 7:30 for pre-rope drop (park opening at 9) and immediately head for FOP then NRJ then go about my normal TP for AK- is that about right?

Sounds like what we should do! Thanks for the help!