Ratatouille names

Not sure if anyone read about the survey WDW is apparently doing with some guests regarding the Ratatouille ride name, but having looked over the list of name options, I’ll admit I’m not terribly crazy about any of them. Curious to know what you all think.

If I were FORCED to pick one, it would be Remy’s Mealtime Madness. But I REALLY hope Disney comes up with something better.

I would be a troll and choose something like Chef’s Remy Adventure Party to keep the tradition with Monsters Inc Laugh Floor and Alien Swirling Saucers.


What are the name options to choose from?

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This is what Len posted on his twitter

Remy’s (or Chef Remy’s) Dinner Dash sounds okay to me.

I like Remy’s Dinner Dash or Remy’s Culinary Adventure

Well the Paris version is called Ratatouille: The Adventure so it would fit in quite well

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I hope not kitchen chase…sounds like a tongue twister. I know I would end up saying chicken case :flushed::grin:

I think if I’d be allowed several advance opportunities to ride, i could make a more informed decision

I think they are all fine.

This is true. We should all petition Disney to give us first dibs. In exchange, and to their benefit, we would all offer our most excellent of opinions.

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Whatever they call it, it’s still a ride about a sewer rat in the kitchen handling your food.


Yes. Well, of all the Pixar movies out there, Ratatouille is probably the weakest of them all. Premise is weak, believability is weak. Not that the movie isn’t enjoyable. Just not the best of movies. Most Pixar movies I like enough to watch multiple times. Ratatouille was a once and done for me.

Still, I can imagine it could be a decent ride experience.

I just think it’s an odd image to promote at a pavilion as food-focused as France. It won’t keep me off the ride or out of the restaurants. Unless they follow up with live rats.

I can suspend disbelief with the most naive child. It was just boring to me. I tried hard to like it for the first 10 minutes or so. After that I was just waiting for it to be over. It didn’t help that I’m not a Patton Oswalt fan.

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For me, it came down to the idea that this rat could just control the human chef by pulling his hair as if it were puppet strings! I did suspend my disbelief…but I felt that they could have done better than that. It felt too much like a Deus Ex Machina. Like the writers went, “So, how are we going to get Remy to actually control this guy? Anyone? Anyone?” Crickets. “Fine. We’ll go with Sam’s hair idea. Next!”

I don’t understand why they’re not doing more with Zootopia. That was a genuinely funny and entertaining movie. Mr. Big still cracks me up. The Ratatouille thing kind of took me by surprise. I get the French connection. I just don’t think it was one of their best efforts. Of course it’s entirely possible I’m in the minority on this one. It wouldn’t be the first time I failed to understand the popularity of a Disney show/attraction.

To your original post, I don’t think it really matters what they call it. For the first several months it will be a dog fight to get fastpasses and the standby wait will be three hours or more.

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It seems to me that they could take the Dinoland USA section of Animal Kingdom or something and re-theme it to Zootopia quite nicely.


I have dreams where an entire park is Zootopia, divided in sections exactly like the movie, where the train takes you accross while listening to Gazelle.


That would be cool.

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Me too! I was thinking this as I was watching the movie the first time!

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