Rarrrrrghh! disney's site tricked me!

Short version: Wanted to add an extra day to my stay in December. Site said I would need to call to do that, didn’t feel like doing that so was leaving it go. Instead performed SEVERAL repeated online searches and found accommodations I was after (searched several times just to make sure nothing was cached). Said “H’OK!” and in a matter of 2 seconds, canceled original res and added new res to cart to buy.

But suddenly “we can’t add this to your cart.” Tried again: same result. Confused, I did the same search I performed just a minute ago. Now EVERY ROOM is booked.

Ruh Roh! ok, ok, don’t panic, just rebook the room you just canceled. NOPE, now that’s gone (or never became available, not sure which)!!

Contacted Disney, and after round and round of discussions, nothing they can do. Everything is gone…somehow. Ugh.

RAGE!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Lesson learned, next time…just friggin call them. Hopefully my DVC goes through and makes this all pointless (I am thinking it should as we’re about to cross into the 7-month opening time for DVC).

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Ugh. Sorry to hear this, @Randall1028.

Oh no!!

OH NOOOOOOOOO! That’s awful

Keep trying. How is everything booked 7 months in advance?

Major argh!!!

That’s the question. The hotel I was looking at (PO:R) had EVERYTHING short of 1 or 2 types of rooms available. Suddenly in the time span of 2 seconds, no exaggeration, it ALL went away. EDIT: I know SWGE is creating popularity, but this glitch is infuriating.

In fact, I am still checking and it’s STILL doing it! From the homepage and viola…

But the moment you add it to your cart… it fails.

Oh no!!!

This reminds me of a time I found a perfect flight price for a trip. But I ummed and ahhed a bit before I decided to go for it. Maybe 15 minutes past. Crucially those 15 minutes took me past midnight, when Virgin changes its prices. My dream price had gone.

He who hesitates is lost.


I didn’t hesitate though.

The “he” was me.

I guess in your case, “he who doesn’t double-book before cancelling is lost.”

ETA: Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, though.


i actually didn’t think it would’ve allowed me to double book. I don’t know why, just did.

Hmm. That would be odd. What if you NEEDED more than one room, etc?

eh, if I was a bot gobbling up reservations, there MIGHT be a preventative measure in place. But hhahahahahahahahaha that is giving ahhaahahah disney’s site FAR too much credit!! HAHahhahahahahaahahebawwhaahabaaawwwwww :sob:

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I can think of cases, for example, where you might want to book on behalf of another person in addition to yourself.

We actually had to do that (although circumstances were a bit different, since we weren’t double-booking anything). When my DS got married, he was just 19. His wife was 20. At those ages, MOST hotels will not allow you to make reservations.

So, for their wedding night (and the rental home for their honeymoon), I made the reservations for them. To be extra sure that their age would NOT be a problem, I actually went to the hotel and talked to the staff in person, letting them know the circumstance. I was assured everything would be fine, since they would make a note of it, and because I was paying for the room myself ahead of time.

Well, the evening of their wedding came, and they headed out in celebratory fashion as is the case for weddings…and the hotel wouldn’t let them check in because they were under 21! On their wedding night!

I was quite furious, and spoke to the hotel manager over the phone who said that I would have to drive to the hotel and “check them in yourself.” Seriously? My son, married, a college graduate, full time Software Engineer, and you won’t let him check himself in despite the fact I had pre-cleared it?

Wait. There was a point to this.

Oh. Yeah. So, it could be possible that we’d plan an on-property trip for ourselves, and then later my DS and DIL would want to come along, and I’d have to add a separate reservation for them myself since they would have been too young to do it themselves.

@Randall1028, I’m so so sorry! I hope that the POR part of the site starts working right again or, barring that, that DVC works out for you.

Have you tried clearing history and cookies, trying from a different browser, and/or trying from a different computer? I was just able to add a regular room for 2 at POR from Dec 14-21 to my cart and made it all the way to checkout. The only thing I didn’t do was actually reserve the room.

That must have been maddening! I would have been furious too. If it was going to be a problem, they should have been up front about it.

Sadly no. Tried all that. The time frame I’m after has absolutely nothing available at POR.

I had this battle with Disney before - same issue and I had screen shots. I got even further and it was in my cart and I entered the payment info but couldn’t get past that screen. I tried multiple phone calls, emails, all to no avail. My only saving grace is something even better popped up just a few days later. Good luck Randall! The old saying ‘you can’t fight City Hall’ certainly rings true here.

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ugh, it really is infuriating. And even more problematic is that they tell you to call, but WHY? They are looking at the exact same information I am.