Rainy day at AK?

We have park reservations for tomorrow at AK, the forecast is rain pretty much all day. How bad of a day am I looking at? Obviously we won’t be able to do EE, but what about safari? We have another AK day later in the week, should we just bag it and hang at the resort? Just not sure what I am in for

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Safari is actually BETTER in the rain because the animals enjoy the rain and tend to be very active.

The trails are similar in that way.

What are your other plans? AK is my very favorite and we were there on my actual birthday. But it was a very rainy day and it was honestly not super magical overall. We did all the things (it was our one full day as a family there) but we did bow out earlier than we otherwise would have. The rain just becomes exhausting.

Also we ended up buying Natives that day because our shoes were sopping wet. So that was good (souvenir!) and bad (they are $$$). So if you do go plan accordingly :slight_smile:


So we have Keens and nice rain jackets. I have heard of Natives, but I am not quite sure what they are.

I don’t have an umbrella, not sure if that is going to be an issue or not

The plan was to do the Pandora stuff first thing and then spend most of the day doing the trails with the safari and EE in there somewhere. I had planned on Kite Tails if we happen to be there, but don’t really care one way or the other.

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They are kind of like crocs in terms of material but look more like a regular-ish shoe


My DH is obsessed with looking at the hourly forecast because it’s not always as bad as it reads when looking at the whole day. You can have a 100% chance of rain, but if it’s just drizzle, it’s no big deal. Tomorrow it looks like it’s going to rain all day, with it getting more steady and intense as the day goes on. I would probably give it a go in the morning, with the freedom to bail if it becomes too much.

This is Lake Buena Vista per the weather channel:


Ponchos. They sell them at all the gift shops, especially in the rain. And also umbrellas if that is your prference.

I think if Pandora and Safari are your major plans I’d do that. EE may not be running depending on the rain when you’re ready to ride. Consider FOTLK instead.

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We also spend a lot of time watching the radar on our phone to make on the ground decisions. We use the NOAA app


Ok, we’ll give it a go, but plan on perhaps a quick exit. I didn’t have plans for dinner, but maybe we’ll see if we can figure something out


That sounds like a cozy idea, actually. Nice dinner after dodging the rain.

Of course here in NH it’s 24 this morning. I realize that it might not feel “cozy” in the same way in FL today LOL

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The last two days the weather has been perfect, so we can roll with less than ideal for one day :grinning:


If you are going to go on Everest plan to go when the rain is lighter. Heavy rain at high speeds is painful.


We decided to give it a go. Up to now it hasn’t been too bad, but the rain is picking up. We did FOP, NRJ, KS, Gorilla Falls Trail and Rafikis all by 10:30

We are at FotLK waiting for the show. Not sure how much longer until we turn into straight up prunes

By the way, the guide pointed out the Jafar rock :grinning:

Pictures are struggling to load, will try later





Back at the resort to dry off and warm up and make some kind of plan for the evening. Here are some pictures from today




Remind us where you’re staying. We might be able to help with an evening plan!

We are at Yacht Club.

Thinking about bowling at Splitsville, or taking a monorail tour and checking out the gingerbread house at GF. We saw the one at Beach Club, it is awesome. Or might go see a movie.

Any other good ideas?

There are a bunch of family-friendly movies showing at AMC Disney Springs:
Addams Family 2
Jungle Cruise
Ron’s Gone Wrong

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Thanks, that was my wife’s. Hers turned out better than mine :grinning:

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It is just me and DW, so I might try to sell her on the Eternals or Dune (she read the book, I don’t know much about it)