Raining Day good or bad?

Guys as I already mentioned we are going to Hollywood Studios on Dec 17, I just looked at the weather and there is 80% of rain and lightning for that day, but the next day Dec 18 won’t have any rain.

The question is, Should we go to HS on the 18 to avoid the rain because they may close rides?

I know is going to be tough to get the fast passes again and the restaurant reservation, but that is better than having the rides closed.

Since all the attractions we care to do, are inside buildings like the Galaxy Edge rides, rock and roll coaster and the tower of terror. Could this work in our favor because people may end up living the park earlier?


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I think HS is a good park to hit if it going to rain UNLESS you want to ensure you ride SDD.

What closures (other than SDD) are concerned about?

And if you swap days, are you swapping something ELSE to that day, park-wise?

ETA: Weather report this far out is still quite a gamble, BTW.


9 days in advance 80% chance of rain and lightning forecast in Orlando…Anything can happen…

Agree with @ryan1 that HS is a good park if it rains and yes when there is heavy rain a lot of people chicken out. But also it’s Florida and it does rain often and the weather forecasts are not very reliable. Honestly, if I were you, I would not worry about the weather forecast and would go with the flow.


Thanks ryain1, to be honest we don’t really care about SDD at all, it looks like a kiddy coaster. At the beginning of posting in this forum our family was starting to enjoy big rollercoasters, but my wife and I were closing our eyes on the big drops, because it was still scary, well we continue riding in our local park and now we even love the first drop, I think we like coasters, but are not interested on medium or small ones, because they are usually rough, uncomfortable or boring, so SDD is not even in our radar.

I guess the rain could work in our favor, I’ll keep throwing restaurant we have for the fantasmic sitting but is 2 days before the 17 they say that it will rain at night, I cancel it.

About flexibility we have a lot, we are staying at the Royal Pacific for 6 nights with a 5 day ticket from Dec 14 to the 20, so we can go to Disney for the one day, any time during that week, we picked Tuesday Dec 17 because it seems like the day with less people.

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Thanks jflaff, well stay the course and now after talking with you guys, hoping for a lot of rain :slight_smile:

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LOL don’t want to mess with your plans but SDD is nothing like that. It’s extremely smooth and quite fun !!! :wink:


Way too soon to look at a forecast for rain.

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What kind of planner are? You should look at weather as early as possible, even looking up previous year’s predictions…then, as the days of the trip approach, stress over the impending weather forecast (too hot, too cold, too much rain, not enough rain) and then wait until the next day to see it all change and do it all again.

And THEN, the day you actually arrive at the park, just accept whatever you get, even though it doesn’t match at ALL what the meteorologists said. :smiley:


Thanks jflaff, is there is an opportunity early in the morning, will try it then.

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rayn1 that is so true, looking at past years weather reports is something I did, now a week from the day, it looks different, the day off it may be different as well lol

I agree, SDD isn’t rough, uncomfortable or boring. My husband and one of my kids found the repeated bumpy bit a bit rough but my other kid and I didn’t. (edited to add: we found 7DMT a bit of a let-down)

@qbacreative, I agree, cancel the dinner-plus-Fantasmic if it’s still looking rainy 2 days out but the rest of the day should be fine. And yeah, if you can fit in SDD without much of a wait I bet you’ll enjoy it.


Thanks Steenaca for the advice. I guess we were judging it based on the YouTube videos.

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One thing to keep in mind is that ride closures due to weather usually do not last long. They will close SDD for very heavy rain or lightning in the area, but it’s not like those conditions are likely to last the whole day, so the closures will be periodic. Just be flexible and optimize your plan frequently.

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Thanks Nikkipoooo

Weather predictions more than a week out are never very accurate as far as storms go. We had lots of rain predicted for our trip in Mid-november when we were 2 weeks out, up to about a week out. It didn’t rain once when we were there during our trip, so I wouldn’t worry about it till about 4-5 days out as far as getting a pretty accurate read on weather.


Curious what your home park is. Other than RnRC, nothing at WDW ranks as a “big” coaster by modern standards. However, if you enjoy them for the experience, themeing, and immersion, I think you’ll find that they are all worth riding (even 7DMT which is super low in the thrills dept.).

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Not sure if you are a local or maybe a local can weigh in … my limited experience in the winter has been that if it rains, it tends to rain all day, as opposed to summer when it rains in the afternoon but is clear morning and evening. Is that true? Also, does SDD operate in rain if lightning is not present?

Either way, it’s a good point to not let weather reports days in advance get you down. I agree DHS is a great park for a rainy day, other than SDD and Fantasmic.

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I went on a recent trip with my girlfriends who are huge rollercoaster fans and SDD was their favorite by far. It’s very long, and fast. The theming is really good and it’s incredibly smooth.

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Hi ApolloAndy, our home park is Canada’s Wonderland, we started riding medium coaster and small ones, they felt uncomfortable and rough, but once we got enough courage to try the big ones, there was not looking back, it was just night and day. The wooden rollercoaster in our park are rough as well. So now we only ride three rides on the whole park:

Yukon Striker, Leviathan and Behemoth.

Thanks Majik45, after listening to the points made in this post, I’m now secretly hopping for rain lol, so we end up with an emptier park :slight_smile: