R o R Hollywoood Studios opening time

We are going to be at HS on Dec 17 and I’m trying to figured out how early do we have to get there to be one of the first to get a boarding group.

So far on the first two days, the park seems to be opening at 6:00 am unofficially, and the parking lot at 4:00 am, while the posted time says 8:00 am.

Does any one knows what happened over the weekend? Did the park opened at 6 am as well in Sat and Sun?

Check out this thread:

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To answer your question directly, if you want to be among the first people in the park, show up at 4-5am and they will likely open the park between 6-6:30am. BGs could run out as early as 7:50am. If you’re ok riding in the afternoon or evening, show up by 7am. Don’t arrive after 7:30am at the absolute latest.


Thanks a lot Jeff_AZ, For sure we are going to be there at 6:00 am, my wife just told me flat out that she is not waking the kids up at 3 am to show up at the park at 3:30 or 4:00 am lol.

So we are probably going to bed early, wake up at 5:00 am, wake up the kids around 5:20 and drive from the Royal Pacific to HS. We are still considering keeping our Dec 17 to Dec 18 Disney hotel, just to crash in the afternoon if the kids are too tired.

My goal is to get two boarding passes, so maybe we should be there at 5:30 am rather than 6:00 am.

I will start to follow the RotR important Details and Opening Day Timeline post.


:joy: Totally rational response. But does she know it’s Disney? Lol


Jeff_AZ she is trooper but every one has their limits lol

Last Christmas was our first Disney trip, and even though we were staying at a resort that gave us magic hours and free transportation, we got fast passes on the day that each park had magic hour, we woke up at 5:00 am and took Ubers to each park, we got to the gate not just before the hotel busses, but before everyone else at each park :slight_smile:


My understanding is they have now changed it to only allow 1 boarding pass per person per day. YMMV.

That is correct but I will be monitoring to see if that is enforced.


Thanks amvanhoose for sharing that new info.

This is a Universal Studios trip for us, so we only got one single day Disney’s park tickets, because we didn’t visit HS before. We are so close to the day we are going, that is going to be almost impossible to get fast passes for fly of passage at this point, other wise I’ll find a day where AK has EMH and changed parks.

We are planing to come back when Tron and Guardian of the Galaxy have been open for a while and are already accepting Fast Passes.

What a disappointment this is.

I’m going to add this video Touring Plans put out today from the 3rd day of RotR being open. The park is scheduled to be open at 8am, but due to crowds they opened the entire park at 6:30am. People were able to still get RotR BGs until about 8:15am - 8:30am.

TP says showing up before 6 - 6:30am gives you no real advantage. If you get there around 6am(ish) you’ll be fine.


Thanks a lot darkmite2!

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Have you considered doing a DAH at AK? (There’s one scheduled for 12/18/19)

From 7pm - 12am you can ride anything, without animals, with little to no wait. After 9pm FoP queues go down to 25 minutes. After 10pm it goes down to 15 minutes. This last Saturday, I had a friend go and they rode FoP 4 times with these waits. The last ride at 11:30pm was a walk on and they only had 2 other people in the entire ride.

They rode everything in Asia & DinoLand, including Primeval Whirl, with no waits. They lost count of the number of times they did Everest.

Go to DHS early in the morning and do all of SWGE & etc… leave at lunch for a break / nap (if needed) and go to AK all night.

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Thanks darkmite2, our one day ticket is not a park hopper one, I could upgrade it, but we wanted to really take it easy and just spend the whole day in HS, I’ll look into it thanks!

DAH is a ticketed event so you don’t need PH tix, just need to shell out another $129 per adult:


Thanks Jeff_AZ, I think will skip it, because we need to upgrade our tickets to hopper, then pay the $129 for 3 of us and whatever will cost for our daughter. This vacation supposed to be a quick 3 days at Universal Studios. Well that plan went out the window and our budget already is more than double lol. So will keep as is.


Jeff_AZ I’m curious, but what do you mean by I don’t need PH tix? Do you mean that I don’t need tickets for AK for that day? So I could do HS on the 17 and then on the 18 go to AK after hour ticketed event?

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DAH events are their own ticket that allow you to enter the park as early as 6pm and stay until 12am. You do not need a “regular” daily ticket to so this event. They actually “kick out” every one from the park at 6pm who doesn’t have a seperate DAH event ticket.

So you could use your one day of WDW tickets at DHS and then buy a set of DAH tickets to use on 12/18/19. You would need two separate tickets to go to both parks. A traditional Park Hopper ticket will not get you into any “paid” extra event like DAH, MVMCP or EMM.


What @darkmite2 said. :slight_smile:

Thanks darkmite2!

You guys are not good for my bank account, we are looking into it. :slight_smile:
Flight of Passage and Mount Everest are our favourite rides in all of Disney world.

I totally misunderstood previously, so thought I needed a regular ticket as well.

For what the link that Jeff_AZ posted say, the entrance is at 7 pm, the park close that day at 8pm, can I get fast passes from 7 to 8 pm?

We just bought the tickets for the AK after hour thing !!!

My kids are going crazy!!! they loved those two rides!