Quick Service Dining - Drop or Not?


This will be my first trip to WDW, my stepson’s (16 yrs old) first, and my husband’s second trip. We’ll be celebrating his 49th there and the last time he went was 3 days in high school.

We booked POP Century for 8 days and we included a Quick Service Dining Plan on the off chance that the promo would be given. It wasn’t and we decided to just keep it, but now I’m having second thoughts.

We’re definitely a Quick Service Family. Logan is 16 and not at all interested in character dining, we’re a picky eating family and we’ll be more interested in quick meals than sit down. We DID book Via Napoli at Epcot as we are huge pizza fans.

The TP calculator indicates that we might save $300 on dining if we toss the dining plan. It’s hard for me to anticipate how much we’ll eat though. I like knowing that we’ve already paid for most of our food, but $300 isn’t chump change. That would get some souvenirs for sure. What do you guys think?

We’re doing 10/6- 10/14 with 8 days of park tickets. My stepson is ADHD - his meds suppress his appetite, but he’s also turning 16 in Sept., so he either eats EVERYTHING or hardly anything until his meds wear off…THEN eats EVERYTHING.

I should add, I’ve now watched ALL the Disney Food Blog videos. I know not to waste our snack credits on bottled water or soda, etc. I think we’d go for the premium snacks.

When is your trip?

October 6-14th. We couldn’t take Logan out of school, so it’s Columbus Day week.

In that case if you plan to use your snack credits for food and wine you will have added value. Did you try this dining calculator too?

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Thanks! I hadn’t seen this calculator. We don’t drink. but I definitely plan to have a sundae or two. :slight_smile:

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I was talking about the food booths at Epcot. I used snack credits for food items and traded 1 QS meal for three items at booths last September. Great food and great value.

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If the calculator says you will save $300 why not drop it? What are the chances that is will cost you more than you are paying on the plan? It’s unlikely the plan will actually save you money
based on our experience.


I have seen so many times people buying HUGE amounts of disney snacks to bring home at the end if their rrio. Trying to make the most use of the credits.

Will you be eating off property at all? For me i see no reason for the ding plan.

Si you dont have to think about the money You can buy a gift card in the amount you think you will need for food and pay your bill with that.


The touring plans dining calculator worked for you? I just tried to see what the difference was between the two calculator but I cannot get the tool at all. I get a link that tells me to check the dates of my trip. It is set up right, and it does not take place until February, but I cannot access the tool.

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We definitely won’t be eating off property. I had heard that about the snack credits. I was thinking we’d probably end up using a snack credit for breakfast. Quick service for lunch, one for dinner and that leaves one snack a day. I wonder how so many people have so many snack credits at the end? Maybe they skip breakfast or have table service dinners.

I’ll discuss with the hubby. Thank you!

Yep, it worked for me. Thank you!

I’ll discuss it with the hubs!

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Thanks, I will email the webmaster if I really want to play with it.

We have purchased standard plan and had free quick service and had a lot of snack credits left over at the end. Unused meals converted to snacks was part of it on QS even using snacks for breakfast. We carry water into the parks and got free cups at quick service so using two snack credits per person became difficult on a daily basis.

I’m sorry if this is a super dense question, but why would you have unused meals?

Did you go during Food and Wine? I cannot imagine having any extra if the booths are in your plans. We used all of our snacks plus multiple QS credits over two visits.

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No worries! We had three TS which left three unused QS credits which we tried to use and failed

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Yes we were there during F&W in 2017. It was difficult with a 9 and 12 YO. It was hard to get them to try new things. This left us trying to find booths with something for everyone which was another fail.

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Ah. Gotcha. We only have on TS planned.

We’re also thinking of trying out several snacks at Epcot due to the food and wine festival.

Hubs tends to like the fact that we won’t have to worry about that added expense later. I like that idea too. I also don’t like to waste money though. Lol.

We’ll discuss. The teen makes it harder. I’m pretty confident that the hubs and I will eat 3 meals a day and at least one snack.

Thanks for everyone’s help!

The booths do not change that much year to year. Did you see last year’s booths.

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