Quick Service Dining - Drop or Not?

Yep! I saw the Disney Food Blog videos on that too. Several things look yummy!

The DFB said not all cast members know you can trade a quick service for up to 3 snacks, so you may have to ask a manager. Did you have any trouble?

Omg! thank you so much for sharing this page. I have tried to get together a budget for my dining at WDW and have tried fruitlessly to search all the restaurant menus and write down numbers times all my family members. Needless to say this was a lifesaver…as always should have asked the forum first.


I had no problem at all! There was one CM being trained. They said there was one button on the register to code the transaction. I always said before a I ordered: I am trading three snack items for a QS meal. I also tracked that the transaction was right in the app,

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Thank you!

We used all of our extra the last night by heading over to Cookes of Dublin and bought stuff for our drive home.