Quick New Job Trip Report!

If there’s one thing my Disney trips don’t have a shortage of its…hydration :wink:


Also, it’s almost noon and there’s still a decent number of pool chairs available. May not be able to sit in the prime poolside ones, but still not bad. And the pools themselves are not packed at all. You could easily keep plenty of space between you and other guests while in the water.


Wrapped up at the pool to let a family have our chairs. Showered and now we are heading through security and temp screening at Disney Springs.

No issues with the first temp reading this time.


First things first, joined the Gideon’s virtual queue which is at 3 hours. Then we headed over to Jock Lindsey’s and were able to get a seat at the bar almost immediately.

Got our beer and pretzel order in just before happy hour ends at 3.


The plan is to do some bar hopping/progressive eating around DS, so having to remind ourselves we don’t need to go too hard here at the first location. :joy:


Went by World of Disney and it was a 15 min wait to get in so passed on that for now since we just wanted to browse.

Headed to paddlefish next for a drink on the top floor and we also put in an order of the lobster corn dogs.


What are the beers? Anything unique to DS?

I love that pretzel holder!!! Was the pretzel good?

At Jock Lindsey’s I got a weissbeer from Germany and DF did the Golden Monkey from Victory Brewing. At Paddlefish, I went with the Key Lime Wheat which is a Sarasota brewery and DF got the Crooked Can Florida Lager which is from Winter Garden. So some Florida locals, but none are DS exclusives.


It was awesome. It had Everything Bagel seasoning on it instead of the standard salt which was a fun spin. And the holder was also charming because the bartender “flew” it out to us. We’ve sat at the bar for Jock’s and Paddlefish and the service from the bartenders has been SO good.


Two thumbs wayyyyy up for the lobster corn dogs.


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is that?! Where is that?


I can’t see which post you mean from my phone…but I assume it’s the lobster corn dogs because…wow!

They are from Paddlefish!


How awesome!!! I’m in love and will now add this to my bucket list for my 2022 boozy trip with my 21 year old.

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Can you clarify where the lobster enters the equation? Like is the pig fed a diet exclusively of lobster? Or is the hot dog made from lobster meat instead of beef / pork? Or are there chunks of lobster mixed into the corn dog? I’m struggling to comprehend. Thanks in advance! :wink:


Hahahah it’s funny because we actually had a similar discussion with the bartender. Calling this tempura lobster would be a much more accurate description. It’s 5 pretty sizable pieces of lobster for $18, which feels like a steal for Disney.


That’s what I figured but you never know! Ha ha sounds really delicious!


Ended up hanging out at Paddlefish for a bit chatting with the bartender. The breeze up on the top deck is great. He also convinced us to get boozy push pops which were fun, but I don’t know if I’d do them again.

Going to walk around the shops a bit next before our Gideon’s return time.


It’s time!


It was about a 10 minute wait once we got in the physical queue, so not bad at all. I went with the cookies and cream and an original chocolate chip. The chocolate chip is too much chocolate for me personally, but the cookies and cream may be one of the best cookies I’ve ever had. DF also got a piece of the Andes cake which was really excellent.