Questions for those who've done WAT

Factors to consider: It will be July so hot. We have done WDW twice in the last 3 years both times in the summer and heat did not deter us. But we weren’t out in it for 3 hours without breaks in rides and shows either. Our party consists of DH and I in our mid-40s, MIL70 and DSs 9. All live an active lifestyle and in, Lord willing, good health. Somewhat concerned that a good portion of our group will be hesitant about the types of food served during WAT, but think they will like it and eat it if I can just convince them to try it :slight_smile:

Assuming we eat a good portion of it, how filling is the food you get during the WAT? If I we are doing an 8-11 WAT should I plan a lunch for us too?
Did you find you needed a rest time after WAT and before you jumped into touring AK? Should I build in an in-park rest to get off our feet, cool off, etc. or do you think we would be good to move on to rides and shows assuming that some of them will give opportunities for sitting in AC? We will take a break back at the resort later in the afternoon, but I would like to get some other things in the park done first.

Hi! DH and I did WAT this past November.
The food is substantial. We did the morning trek too. Nothing too weird. There was dried meat, dried fruit, cheese, bread. We were not hungry after. We went to Nomad Lounge about 2:00 and had a snack (and drinks). I was not tired after WAT. I could have stayed all afternoon, but DH was sick. He returned to the hotel, and I stayed for a few more hours. In July, it may be a different story. Why don’t you make FPPs for the afternoon, and bail on them if you’re too tired?


I’ve been lucky enough to do WAT multiple times and even have done a summer afternoon trek. It honestly isn’t that strenuous (and I’m not a terribly active person). It certainly will be hot but you carry water and there are opportunities to sit (on the trekking portion, on the safari, at the meal). Last year DS and I did WAT after we had done a 5k that morning and still spend the rest of the day in the park. We have done both the morning and afternoon meal and found both quite filling. It definitely counted as a meal for us.

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I did WAT in June last year. I’m overweight and not particularly fit. I found it fine. Not much walking, loads of stops.

I found the meal delicious — and so filling I cancelled dinner at Tiffins.


Thanks everyone. Very helpful.

The food on WAT is more of a substantial snack than a full-on meal. We had lunch soon after we were done our WAT.

We did not need a rest time, but we had the first tour of the day in April. I could imagine needing a rest in July. An in-park rest - whether at a lunch spot or at an indoor show - would probably be a good idea.

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Great responses. We are doing WAT in March and I had planned on leaving the park for a break ( we are big on park breaks, rarely stay all day RD to close). I am glad to hear most of you don’t find it necessary to rest afterwards. I think scheduling a few shows afterwards might work out perfect then.

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We did an afternoon WAT when we went last June - late, like June 30? My touring party was Me & DH (46), DS23, DS19, DD14 and MIL66. It was delayed by about 30 minutes because of thunder. The heat wasn’t too bad, I mean it was crazy hot, but didn’t bother us. Like Matt said, there are plenty of places to rest along the way. At one point they gave us cooling towels from the ice chest, which was awesome. The food was good, but I would consider it a strong snack, not quite a meal. I think I took pictures of the meal. I’ll hop back on when I find them so you can see what was included. We did not feel like the trek was draining at all, and continued with touring the park afterwards, although we didn’t do the Maharajah or Gorilla Falls. We were kind of done with animals and it felt like it would have been too much walking. Which makes no sense, but it is what it is.


“Trek” massively overstates the exertion required.

I was stuffed after the meal partly because there was some kind of delicious fruit juice and I was thirsty and drank a gallon of it. Plus I think someone gave me some of their food. So I had a lot.

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I went with DS10 and they offered him a less adventurous food option. It had cheese cubes, trail mix, turkey & cheese wrap, carrots & ranch dressing. They asked when we were getting the gear on.

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Are you calling you fat?

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I’d just been on a strenuous — nay, arduous — trek and my body was crying out for essential nutrients to sustain life itself.

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Of course!

I mean, I did basically the same trek and didn’t finish my own food, nevermind having stolen from strangers. But you do you :wink:


Did you learn nothing at medical school? Men need more calories than women to sustain our manly musculatures and towering statures.

I’ve never been to medical school.

Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to.

Welllll… I know several docs who would strongly disagree.

But anyway

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What do they know about anything?

Oh that is very good to know. I hope they will try the more adventurous but if they aren’t going to eat it, better to have an option they will.

There are pictures posted of the food provided. I just was finding it hard to judge how filling it was. Thank you!

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