QS Mobile Order Questions

Finalizing dining plans for our upcoming trip… including a list of mobile orders with restaurants and times that I plan on reserving first thing in the morning everyday… and wanted to run some questions past the brain trust:

  1. I understand (from AllEars YouTube videos) that when you do a mobile order for a certain time frame, you can “modify” to a later time frame (but not an earlier one?) if you can’t make your window. I assume this is before clicking “prepare my food” (or whatever), and is dependent on what time windows still have availability. Has anyone done this successfully?

  2. Can you cancel a mobile order prior to clicking “prepare my food” (or whatever)? Real question is this: can I do preemptive mobile order reservations, not exactly like ADR hoarding but maybe yes like that, in the morning and then back out if needed? I don’t care if I pay up front for my order as long as I can get it refunded if I cancel before going through with it.

I have read so much about mobile order time slots going so quickly I just want to make sure we can eat!

I had the same question recently. Here’s the thread:


Yay @OBNurseNH, @ppehap, @amvanhoose and others for the win! Thanks for pre trouble shooting this everyone!

ETA: Autocorrect initially changed the above to “for the wine”… I almost didn’t change it back. It knows me (us?) too well…


Lol. I’d have enjoyed to see that autocorrect

I’m happy this will work. I’ve heard too many stories of mobile order pickup times being “sold out” when folks want to eat. This seems like a good way to solve that. Great minds think alike.


Yes this.

If only you could “pay it forward” and transfer an unused mobile order reservation to a sweaty, hungry family in need trying to do walk up ordering. Kind of like paying for someone behind you in the drive through.


You actually can modify your order sooner if you need to, we’ve pre-ordered a lunch in the morning and ended up hungry sooner than we thought, there were slots open sooner so we moved it up. Of course if it’s a busy day those slots will go quickly so multiple orders is the best safeguard.

When you cancel that order I believe it does go back into the “pool” somehow because I’ve seen availability pop up for time frames throughout the day. For example we ordered at Satuli and the next available window was in two hours. I kept “refreshing” through the modify process and got it moved up to 1 hour away then 10 minutes away.