Purely For the Sake Of Research: A Solo Trip Report

Good morning Forum Friends! In case you missed my sneaky announcement in the Countdown Pics thread, here’s the official announcement: I’M GOING TO WALT DISNEY WORLD - TODAY!!!

My countdown for my family trip remains at 72 days here, but in late February I was invited to join an Agent Education Program that my TA agency was offered. Naturally, purely for the sake of research , I jumped at the chance. I’m traveling solo and will be at WDW from today until my 5pm flight on Wednesday. If you’re going to be here too and are interested in trying to coordinate a meet up, send me a message here in TP. I’ll be trying to do things on this trip that I haven’t experienced before, as well as highlighting some of the things that are new or different because of pandemic safety protocols, and will be posting to my business social media accounts throughout.

And of course I’ll be live reporting here! But I’ll be offering an interactive element: Choose My Own Adventure™. Periodically I will come to a point in my plan when YOU will get to decide what I will do next! Purely for the sake of research of course. This means that I have some loose plans, a couple of ADRs, and some things that I really need to accomplish in my TA role but many of the things I do, foods I eat, and experiences I have will be in your hands.

Because some things still do have to be planned in advance I will also have a few points at which you will guess what I do next. How well do you know me? We’ll find out!

The day so far has been smooth and uneventful. Bag check and security lines looked long but moved very fast. I upgraded my boarding position at the Gate using my Southwest card benefit and moved from B35 to A1.

The flight was totally full - actually oversold (they offered $ to give up my seat but um, no!), but pushed back right on time and was relatively smooth all the way down except for final approach which was hella turbulent :nauseated_face:

We, just landed a short bit ago, 15 mins ahead of schedule! I’m home

Welcome to Orlando!


All the exclamation points!!!


Omg!!! This is so great!!! My stupid weekend is full of testing b/c o waited too long to quit my job. This is so awesome!!! Have all the fun. I’m so oddly emotional. Carpe diem!!! Straight to the sacred spaces?


Dang it! How did I miss this?!? I watch that thread too… time to get my eyes checked :grin: Have all the fun!


Great surprise!!!
Have All the Fun, all in The Spirit of Research, of course!


That’s exciting!! Have fun.
Will you be researching any Star Wars stuff or are you leaving that for your family trip?


You’ll have to vote to see if you’re right! Stay tuned!


I will research as much Star Wars stuff as possible. :wink:


A “Solo” trip report indeed!!! Looking forward to following along.


We’re here until tomorrow.
Where are you going today?


I snagged my bags at baggage claim (45 minutes!!! :rage:) and hotfooted it to DME. The line was long but moved fast. And now I am about to put my bum in seat and in the final stretch of this journey back Home :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m going to settle back in here and watch a bit more of Ep 9 while I Magically Express my way to my resort. Meanwhile see if you can get this first question right:

  • All Star Movies
  • Caribbean Beach
  • Gran Destino Tower
  • Grand Floridian

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This surprise trip is all about all about surprises! I’ll check your thread to see if we might cross paths :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was busy at work the last few days and lost track of your trip! I saw how long many new messages there are since my last check-in :flushed:


You know, I considered doing something with that but changed my mind in favor of brevity.


Okay. We are having brunch in DS and then are headed to your favorite park. :heart_eyes:


3 cheers for research! I hope your research involves snacks and drinks… I would love to help you choose that adventure!


Have a great trip!


What?!? So sneaky! Must tear myself away from work to follow!


Very sneaky, and I am very excited! I was about to take a break from here, but alas, that will have to wait a few more days. I am happy you are getting some Disney time! :blush:


I have not been checking into the forums as I used to but have been on more recently while considering a trip mid June. I was so excited to see that you are headed to the world! Have the best time ever!


Aw shucks! Only @MickeyFan555 got this first one right!

I’m checking All Star Movies off my list, and will now have stayed at all of the value resorts!

This bus ride is interminable (FOUR different resorts) so I’ll post resort pics later!