Problems with ADR

I got up at 6am to make ADR’s this morning for our 180+. I keep getting the message “Sorry for the Paws”. I’ve tried on my computer and the app on my phone and keep getting that message for every restaurant and every day except for the very first day of our trip. We are staying at the Poly and the dates are not greyed out. Anyone else having this problem? I keep seeing times slip away and am very frustrated! I guess I will call when the phones open at 7am.

Here’s what’s helped me in the past when the dining ADRs got wonky:

  1. Restarting my internet browser
  2. Signing out and in
  3. Restarting my computer
  4. Clicking on the “Things to do” menu at the top of the wdw page, going to “Dining:Make Reservations” and going from there


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Try it from the app. Do the most critical ones first! Good luck!

Thanks Beth33, but I’ve already tried that along with clearing the cookies and such. Even the app on the phone won’t work for more than the first day of our trip 9/15. I can make ADR’s for the first day, but none after that. I appreciate the tips though!

Oh no! I am so sorry!
Reservation finder to the rescue!

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You can always try calling while you’re trying to work the bugs out. The sad fact is that Disney IT is often glitchy like this :frowning:

I had the same problems and was trying on my phone and computer while on hold and landed up booking by phone.

Update: Just got all the ADR’s I wanted by calling (even a BOG breakfast and lunch at the times I wanted). After a year of planning I was frustrated by a WDW computer glitch as I had gotten up early to get the times I needed. With 4 littles (3,3,3, and 1) they don’t take well to eating off schedule. However I was lucky to be able to still get pretty much exactly what I wanted by calling. I hope no one else runs into this problem!


Glad it all worked out for you. There are reports in chat of others having an issue this morning too, so it’s definitely (as usual!) on their end.

Now to breathe a sigh of relief!

Where are you dining???

Did I just read triplets? You’re a saint for taking 4 children under 4 to Disney!!

:open_mouth: I missed that detail! Holy God Bless You!

I had the same problem about 2 weeks ago. Tried the app and the website and neither worked. I called and booked the ADRs and talked to IT hoping they could resolve it. My biggest concern is the same thing happens on my FPP day. They assured me it would not, but I’m not buying it.

Yeah the app and website were all sorts of messed up yesterday. I ended up having to completely delete and reinstall the app on my phone before it started working right again.

If it’s not working, definitely call to do all your scheduling. And confirm everything by phone a week or so before you leave.

We have breakfast ADR’s for Tusker House, O’hana, BOG, Garden Grill, and Hollywood & Vine. A lunch at BOG and a dinner at Akershus. Breakfast is the time I know they will be “decent” and not too crazy. The rest of the time we need to be able to make a mad dash back to the resort if things go south.

Yes! Triplets plus one; all girls. We may be a little crazy or this may just push us over the edge :joy: So if you see us about to lose our mind please don’t judge!

I too an a little concerned when FPP time rolls around and another glitch, but luckily there isn’t much we HAVE to do and certainly not the hot ticket items like the new TSL stuff or FOP. Mainly meet Elena and Frozen characters. Everything else is just a plus for us.


Way to hit all the major characters without waiting in line!!! Great lineup! Totally get planning for mornings when they will be the sunniest :wink: Flexibility is key when traveling with littles!

This looks like a great plan! Ours are (now) 6, 4, 4, 2, we’ve been taking the twins 2 times per year since they were 6mo old. Keep your sense of humor! Would get 2 double strollers if you aren’t already planning that. At buffet type meals- one parent stay with kids, other go pretty much straight to the buffet to get some initial food to “throw to the wolves”. It’ll make it an easier process. Then the adults can get real food. :rofl:

You will have a blast but don’t expect things to go according to plan- stay flexible.

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I already have 2 double strollers booked. Your “throw to the wolves” comment was hilarious, but oh so very very true! Great idea on the buffet. Throw any tips/ideas you have my way! I have no expectation of anything going perfectly; low expectations haha. Flexibility is very important when you are outnumbered.

Definitely do afternoon rest times. We are 50-50 at getting back to the parks late afternoon/evening. We only plan to go a few times per trip. Pool time and dinner at a resort/take out/Disney springs are our plan other nights. Sometimes we take containers and walk Epcot- getting food and wine (or whatever festival is going on) food or other quick serve. Kids stay in strollers and adults have a “relaxing” evening. Take any extras back to resort in the containers.

Will they be potty trained? Still take a change of clothes and beware of the impact of “aggressive hydration to counteract the heat”…

Snacks. We take a water bottle for each to refill constantly. If getting popcorn- either baggie to fill for each kid or a tub for each stroller. Trying to pass between strollers is a recipe for a 3yo eating popcorn off the ground. Not that any one of my kids have done this. Multiple times. :joy:



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Good call on the snack containers. Will definitely do that. We don’t need any “ground food” :joy: Plenty of other germs to be had!

Yes, the trio are potty trained thank goodness. How awful would it be to put pull-ups on for a possible accident though? I have no shame. It’s a whole different ballgame with 4 under 4!

Do you all just plan on not going back to the parks in the afternoon after naps? What time do you all head back to the hotel usually? I guess I will keep it very flexible, but do the “must do” things in the morning to make sure we don’t miss out on what is important to them.