Priorities: Convenience for Park Hopping. But also alcohol. :) Where would you stay?

Adults only trip in 2021!! A group of 30-somethings (hangin’ on by a thread, the trip is for my 40th birthday). We want to go to the parks every day, but also enjoy some grown up meals and hang time at the resort with drinks. Priorities: Less waiting for transportation, a place to hang out and have drinks each evening, and not spend all of our kids’ college funds.

Club Level sounded fun for adults for breakfast, apps as dinner and drinks in the evening. AND the extra FPP is a huge selling point for my husband. However, Deluxe Club Level has a hefty price tag!! Is it worth it? Anyone have thoughts on Gran Destino Club Level? How’s the bus/transportation situation at Gran Destino?

Which brings up another priority- Convenience of Location and Transportation… If we are park hopping (thinking: park in the morning, resort late afternoon, different park at night) and don’t want to spend more time than necessary waiting for buses, should we go with a Monorail Resort? I’ve only stayed at resorts with buses, do boats and Monorails make life easier?

Where would you stay if you were us?

BONUS QUESTION IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR: Your recommendation for where our group of 6-8 adults should eat while we are child-free. Brunches, lunches and dinner suggestions welcome.

Any of the Crescent Lake resorts (EPCOT resort area). Flying Fish. La Hacienda de San Angel. Via Napoli. Spice Road Table. Also La Cava del Tequila and Abracadabar for drinks.


Edited to recommend that you also make plans for an evening at Raglan Road in Disney Springs. Ask for a table with a view of the stage. Depending on the size of your group, it might be worth the splurge for a Minnie Van if you don’t want to mess with the buses.


I would stay in a boardwalk area resort. I would also get a park hopper so that I could jump into EP at any time. You have great bars at the resorts, plus the two parks you can walk to.

Edited to add: do not miss Bluezoo Lounge!


Agree with the others. Don’t see how you can go wrong with the quick access to WS and BW for a wide variety of great dining/drinking experiences, and the short trip to HS.


Definitely the crescent lake area.

Swan/Dolphin on Marriott points is probably the cheapest way to do it - the Marriott credit cards often have good bonus offers for new card holders and if you book 4 nights, you get the 5th night free! (in case it needs to be said: don’t got into credit card debt to earn points, just charge your normal spending and pay in full each month).

Otherwise BC/YC or BW. Spendy, but not terrible if you are splitting 4 adults to a room. I don’t think club level is worth it, but that’s a personal choice.


Another vote for one of the boardwalk area resorts. We stayed at BWV for my milestone birthday girls only trip last summer and it was perfect. Easy access to Epcot which means easy access to great restaurant and bars. Good bar and restaurant options at the boardwalk too
I would definitely suggest an evening at Jellyrolls. So much fun!!


I mentioned the Boardwalk Resorts to my travel companions and they stared at me blankly, so I said I would do more research on them. When I’ve looked at Boardwalk Resorts briefly in the past, they all kind of blend together in a beachy/nautical way… Do yall have a favorite? (lets pretend money is no object in choosing your favorite)

We loved BWV. Walk to two parks and several other resorts. The walk to WS is under 5 minutes and it only took us 15 or so to walk to HS. Skyliner to a bunch of resorts/restaurants. With PHs you can walk to the monorail (grab a drink in Canada on your way!) and ride that to MK. Or hop the resort line for more good food!

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Boardwalk Inn is the quietest. Unless you get a room overlooking the Boardwalk, then it definitely is not. Especially, and somewhat counterintuitively, in the early morning hours.

Yacht and Beach Clubs have the best pool in the area (and some contend the best pool at Disney World). Yacht Club is my personal favorite because it seems quieter and feels a little more attuned with adult guests (but not as much as Boardwalk Inn). The Beach Club is closer to the pool, so it may be more attractive to families with children. These are my feelings, not objective, data-driven conclusions. I wouldn’t classify any of them as kid or adult unfriendly, and you will encounter families with children wherever you decide to stay. Just some more than others.

Swan and Dolphin are nice rooms, generally less expensive than the Disney hotels (sometimes substantially so). They lack the pervasive theming, but they offer the service you’d expect from a Marriott Category 6 hotel. If you’re a Bonvoy elite member at Gold or higher, you can also pick up some valuable perks on top of your points. And of course you can book with points at any level. To top it all off, you get all the same perks as Disney hotel guests except free magic bands and Magical Express.

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Boardwalk is the best for walking to 2 parks. We got a reasonable rate for club level there in December due to discounts. The club is small, but the CMs are fantastic! Always obliging at 9am to go grab a bottle of cabernet so that I could have my “road wine!”

Gran Destino is stunning and the club is much bigger. Less personal with the CMs because of that though. I can’t speak to transportation as we always rent a car.


I would rent DVC points and do a split stay. First half the time at the Boardwalk resort (either BW or BC) which are walking distance to EP and HS. Then I’d finish up at a monorail resort, probably BLT (walking distance to MK.

For dinner, California Grill, Narcoossee’s, Yatchsmans Steakhouse, The Boathouse. Lunch Blaze Pizza, Deluxe Burger, Epcot festival snack around the World (depending on timing).

Hope you have a great trip!


Definitely Epcot area resort.

Do Swan/Dolphin still do teacher discounts? Any teachers in your crew?

However, food and drink can’t be your only priority. Beach/Yacht Club have a mini water park for their pool. Along with Club Level . . .

The Swan/Dolphin have mini golf and miniature golf. We did one course while staying at Beach Club.

I also submit that different every night isn’t necessarily better. On two separate trips we wound up eating at the resort restaurant multiple times - for various (meaning who remembers now) reasons. We were a big group so by the second time almost we were being recognized. Old friends by the third time. People around us were like who are they ?!?

Tho for your adult group maybe it’s ESPN bar or a lounge at Yacht Club. Jelly Rolls.

Also submit that a really nice dinner or three is great. But how much fun is it to try to eat the Kitchen Sink for supper when you don’t have to be an example for kids.

Watching the fireworks from the top of the Contemporary Resort is one choice. If you like sandy toes and umbrella drinks, the Poly Beach is another option.

Monorail service is ok. We tend to take the little launch. I’d stay in the Epcot area and do one evening at MK area. Do a tour of Wilderness Lodge late afternoon, appetizers at Contemporary, supper at GF and drinks and fireworks at Poly.

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Either an Epcot resort around the lake or The Riviera or Caribbean Beach. The last two give you Skyliner access and while not quite as convenient as walking from the Crescent Lake Resorts, it’s not too far off.

I would also do Park Hoppers for this event and we never do Park Hoppers. I would do MK/HS/AK during the day and hit EP in the evenings in this situation.

You won’t find me at Boardwalk if I’m planning pool time because of the clown pool.

The Yacht Club felt too formal for me.

If budget is no constraint, my choice would be Beach Club. If budget is a consideration, my choice would be Caribbean Beach.

I wouldn’t choose the monorail resorts because as much as the adult beverage lounges/options are great, you’re severely lacking at MK unless you’re at a Table Service restaurant.

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Agree with resort choices, Clown pool (where’s that shudder emoji) and Park Hoppers.

Note below: I don’t mind clowns at all. But that clown at the main pool is awful.

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I on the other hand would prefer the clown pool over the frustration I have always felt trying to find just one chair at Stormalong Bay…just one.


Epcot area hotel for sure! With hoppers- that would be my choice.

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Our Beach Club stay was during a warm spell in December but in 2001. Of course we never had difficulty finding chairs.

Boardwalk was during a pool redo, which was more interesting to watch than annoying. Except for the clown seeming so out of place overlooking a waterless pool full of workmen. At the beginning of the week it was oh look there’s that clown. By the end of the week I was averting my eyes. Cracked me up.

Interesting you mentioned this. I am very curious about renting DVC but worry about the unknowns. I’ve done some searches on here and it’s mostly positive experiences, but need to learn more. Do you feel “Secure” in your reservation? Are there any issues with linking park tickets and Dining plans and Fast Passes? I am just unclear on the logistics.

I didn’t think about taking the monorail from Epcot to MK! Duh! I have literally never ridden the monorail at WDW. :astonished:

Noted! No Clown Pools for us! :joy: