Priorities: Convenience for Park Hopping. But also alcohol. :) Where would you stay?

We rented points in 2017 and had a great experience through David’s - no issues with tickets, dining plans, fastpasses, or magical express.

But the corona/COVID shutdown has definitely revealed some risks/flaws in the points rental ecosystem. There’s a thread on here somewhere, I’ll see if I can find a link. It seems like many/most people have gotten full or majority of their rental refunded or credits for future rentals, but there are still a few lingering cases that may be completely out their rental $.

ETA: Big problem with David's Vacation & Owner


I agree with going with a Crescent Lake resort, but I also want to throw in that they share buses, so going to AK or MK will have it’s challenges with transportation. But, being able to walk to two parks I think does make up for it. As far as which resort, I’d just see which one you can get the best rate at. I personally love BWI.

I have to admit to being freaked out by that clown slide on our first stay at BWV. But then I stayed there again with friends and realized it’s not so bad (especially since there is bar right there too).

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I don’t dislike clowns but THAT clown … no thank you.


Agree… Beach Club “feels” like its more family, YC “feels” more adult-y


We’ve also rented with David’s and have had great service each time - 2015 (Boardwalk, Grand Floridian and Wilderness Lodge), 2017 (Boardwalk, Bay Lake, Old Key West), 2019 (Boardwalk, Copper Creek). No problems linking reservations and tickets or setting up dining plans… we love the split stay especially for the dining plan as we only add it to one of our reservations.
While we personally have not had any problems, the agreement with David’s does state that the reservation is non-refundable and they also recommend that you get your own, separate travel insurance to cover any emergencies. We’re big fans of David’s - I highly recommend them, the staff is great to work with and you can can’t beat staying at a deluxe resort for the price of a moderate (or even less!).

I’d be thinking Epcot area like already mentioned.
Swan/Dolphin package through Costco would be high on my list of places to check when looking at prices, OR, figuring out Priceline to narrow the Resort down to Swan/Dolphin if you’re feelin lucky.

Bonus Answer for the Bonus Question:
The Swan/Dolphin restaurants are generally always in the conversation of “Best Of” on property.
Kimonos for sushi (and drunken Karaoke) might be great call if you dig sushi. There’s no chance I’d go for more than 2 days and not go to Kimonos. Bluezoo, Shula’s, and Il Mulino are pretty highly regarded. World Showcase is a quick 10 minute walk, and the Boardwalk is at Swolphin’s back door, over the bridge. Some might say that Swolphin restaurants are better because they are not Disney run.

All of the EP resorts are connected by a walking path - very quick walk between them all. If one is glaringly cheaper than another, you gotta check what’s most important. Swolphin won’t let you have Magical Express or any Dining Plan, but for our needs, that doesn’t matter in the slightest.

I’m waiting for The Cove (new hotel) across the street from the Swan and Dolphin on Epcot Resorts Boulevard, adjacent to the Fantasia Gardens miniature golf course. ‘May’ be ready at some point in 2021, but we’ll see - it may be later in 2021 or 2022.

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