Princess Nite

Well, DD20 and I went to the Princess Nite after hours event at Disneyland on Thursday. It was a bit disappointing. The lines for princesses were so long. We ended up only meeting four - Moana, Tiana, Merida, and Princess Atta.


The biggest M&G line was for Princess Leia in TL. We headed over right after the projection show for Wondrous Journeys at 8:00. The line was already predicted to be at 2-1/2 to 3 hours. It was a hard decision but we gave up on Leia and R2. :cry:

But all was not lost! DD20 wanted to see Vanellope Von Sweets st the TL dance party. Afterwards we decided to walk over and at least catch a glimpse of Leia. She and R2-D2 were headed for a break and walked right by us. DD called out “Princess Leia!” And she looked over at her, waved and said “Good evening.” Next best thing to a M&G!!

Highly recommend the new show! 10 out of 10 :star:

Baymax! :heart:

Vanellope - vaguely menacing. Who is she going to hit with that stick!

Blurry but our only pic!


We then headed to Main Street. We saw Princess Minnie and Princess Daisy but their line was huge. They looked so cute though. We should have taken a picture but thought we would make it back. Oh well.

We did see Gizelle! The “cavalcade” was just Gizelle in a carriage going from the square to the hub and back.


From there we headed to AL for a pineapple and shrimp skewer at Bengal BBQ and to see two of DD’s high priority princesses. The skewers were not available yet so we put in a mobile order for later and got in line for Moana.

Moana told us our jackets reminded her of the ocean. :two_hearts:

After that it was almost time for the “show” on the Fantasmic stage on TSI. We headed to the viewing area and watched that. It was fine but not up to par for a hard ticketed event IMO.

After the show we met Tiana. By now it’s probably 11:30 and we’re running out of time!


DD went to pick up the Bengal BBQ order and I headed to get in line for Mulan, another priority Princess. It was maybe 11:50 and they had already cut off the line for Mulan. So disappointed but I headed over to Merida’s line instead where DD joined me. (The skewer was good, by the way, but what a long wait!)

Of course Merida went on break before we got to her so it was another long-ish wait. She was worth it, though!

Merida comparing my hair to hers and asking if I also wash mine in the river! :joy: Originally I planned to wear a Merida shirt with my Merida ears and loungefly. However it was going to be chilly and I didn’t have a good jacket to wear with it. I pivoted to Cinderella colors. In this moment I had huge regret for that!!


Yay! I’m so glad you at least got to see Princess Leia and R2! Maybe the lines being so long will suggest that she needs to be treated as the true Disney Princess she is!!


As we left Merida we walked by Mulan. She was in her Ping warrior outfit for the evening! She finished up the last two folks in her line and then did some vaguely king fu moves with the crowd. So at least we got to see her!


Love you next to Merida - hair comparisons!! :heart::heart::heart:


By now it’s 12:30. Do we head back to Main Street for Minnie and Daisy? Or do we go for the rare Princess Atta? We made the hard choice to go for Princess Atta. Of course she went for a break just as we got in line. But they told us she would be back at 1:00 and would greet anyone in line. DD tried to run to Jolly Holiday for the Princess trifle but it took too long. She had to run back to see Atta instead.


We were through with Princess Nite and super exhausted. No day at Disneyland is a bad day. But compared to the Oogie Boogie Bash, this event was underwhelming. No regrets! I still want to do Star Wars nite someday. And have hopes they’ll bring back Pixar Nite!

Last picture of a scary Sophia the First!!


Sorry it was underwhelming. But still looks like a fun night!


Lovely pictures with you too :heart:. Love your coordinating coats although it looks really cold. The Princess Leia pic with galaxy’s edge in the background is cool even if blurry.

I’m excited to see the new fireworks. They are scheduled every night Abby and I are going to be there! I was super excited.


DD had video of Leia and sent me this screen shot.


Awesome screenshot!!!


That’s awesome. You really do have Merida hair.


Poor Moana! How cold she must have been!



This had all the makings of the most magical night of all times. I am sorry that it didn’t yield more precious meets. Was it a first time for them doing this? It really would have been a dream night for me. I am sorry it wasn’t all you were hoping for. I am glad you and DD got to give it a try. :heart:


Love the pics with the princesses! I’m not a M&G person because I hate waiting only to arrive in time for a “break” and have to wait some more. It’s a frustrating experience.

I like the SWGE “wandering characters” situation better. I don’t really care about getting my picture with a character - I just enjoy seeing them. And as much as I love Leia and R2, I absolutely hate the idea of spending all that money just to wait in line for 3 hours instead of riding rides with low waits. I LOVE the Leia pics, btw!


So funny story. Back when Brave first came out, the girls and I were watching it on DVD at home. DD20 (at the time she was 9 or maybe just turned 10) says, out of the blue, “I don’t like her hair. It reminds me of your hair mom.” It is our running joke. While waiting in line for Merida, there was a mom with a probably 3 or 4 year old girl in front of us. Merida was on break and the little girl was confused why they were waiting for nothing. Mom showed her a picture of Merida and told her that was who they were waiting for. Little girls says she wants to leave. Mom asks why. She says, “I don’t like her hair.” :woman_facepalming:t4: :rofl:


It wasn’t super cold, but it was definitely jacket weather!

I think you will love the new fireworks/projection show! I think it might be the best one I’ve ever seen and I’ve never seen it with projections! I wish I could stay late enough to see it with you this trip, but that is not to be.