Princess Half

I have been trying to take a solo trip to Disney for what feels like forever….

I started to go in February 2020 and then DH decided to join me. Which was so fun being without kids but different than a true solo trip.

I thought I was finally going to make it in August this year and then my mom tested positive with a breakthrough Covid case two days before I was scheduled to leave and my parents were my childcare. It was too late to cancel anything at Disney at that point so I just took the kids with me. It sucked. After being there a week in December 2020 and 12 days in May they were not excited to go back. At all. :persevere:

Well, yesterday, on a bit of a whim I signed up for one of the last Run Disney race with open slots - The Disney Fairy Tale Challenge during The Princess Half Marathon Weekend!! DH firmly declined my request to come along so it looks like I may get a solo trip!!! I may invite a friend to run with me….maybe…but I really kind of love the idea of running and hanging out solo!!

DVC availability is completely gone for that weekend. I put in a waitlist request at the Poly but is there another hotel I should consider? Are there ones whose availability is more likely to open up? Who has the most studios?

I have a backup room only reservation at POR in a Royal Guest Room which I’m excited for if nothing opens up at DVC! I read @DumboRunner ’s entire 2020 Princess Half trip report before pulling the trigger. She totally won me over with her epic race weekend! :heart_eyes::joy:


How awesome! Join us in this thread for running-specific chatter (not that this thread isn’t find just as it is, but inviting you to join the crazies too :crazy_face: ):

Check here for that info: Poly seems to be your best bet numbers-wise. Also, check often (like really often). I am on there multiple times a day scoping out my options and there are often one room here and one room there available. You might hobble a stay together, at one or multiple resorts (if you’re okay with that) by doing that as opposed to relying on waitlist.

My sis and I are there the 6th-8th currently (then move to AKL-K) in a Woods View room. I think @jennyturin is there too! Excellent backup option


Yay for crazily signing up for a race! And yes, join us over in the running thread!
For Wine & Dine I also ended up with a POR Royal Room for the two nights of race weekend. Then I’m moving over to Pop to continue the fun for the week.