Princess 5k 2024 for Non-Runners: a Motivational Thread

I don’t run. In fact, I don’t exercise. I work 8-10 hr/day in front of a computer, I’m 44, my BMI is almost 27, my average daily step count is 3000.

But I have decided to run my first 5k at WDW in 2024, so here I am.

Today the 2023-2024 dates were announced. Princess 5k, 2/23/2024.

I am hoping to find other liners interested in running this race, but I also don’t expect a lot of traffic on this thread. And that’s ok.

Ultimately what I need most is motivation, and I thought that documenting the progress might help? I don’t want to give up. :crossed_fingers: :pray: :muscle:

The clock is ticking. We have a little over 13 months to get ready. Day zero starts now.


Congratulations on your decision!

I started running fur the first time since high school back in 2012 or so to prepare for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler with a group from a mix of a TouribgvOkans meet up & WDW Chat. Changed my life. I met lifelong friends who I still travel with to this day.

I’ve ran some races, and I’ve walked some (with balloon ladies)

I found the JG training plans on the RunDisney website super helpful.

There is a “Liners Running” FB group you may be interested in.

Nothing motivates me more than a trip to Walt Disney World.

Best wishes for success in training.


Go Flavita! You can go the distance!!


Some resources for you that have been helpful in my running journey:

And some podcasts:
Runners Without Limits
Another Mother Runner
The Running Explained Podcast

Have fun with this!


Goooo @Flavita !!! Maybe I can come cheer you on in person!! :tada::tada:



I will look it up

Same. I’m counting in it.

THANK YOU :heart:

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Thank you :pray:

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Wow, this is great! Couch to 5k, this is definitely for me. Thank you so much.


YES! :raised_hands: I’d love that!


You can do it! I’ve found that running for a charity is extremely motivating. See if there are any that you connect with personally. And if you fundraise for them you get a bib without having to stress out on the runDisney registration day. Registration is like trying to get a boarding group at 7am

Here are the charity partners for the upcoming princess weekend:


Great idea! Thank you

I ran a bit some pre-kids, but I’ve been much more consistent since 2019 when we went on a Disney cruise and did the Castaway Cay 5K. It seems daunting now, but you’ll soon find that 5K is easily doable! I think my C25K plan was 9 weeks long, and I do remember week 5 being the toughest—if any week seems like a big jump to you too, just know that you CAN do it!

Something that helps me with consistency is running with someone. If you think that would help you too, but none of your local friends want to join you, search for running clubs in your area. Shoe stores like Fleet Feet usually do group runs too. Or my favorite- if you have kids and their school has a cross country team, encourage them to join, and then volunteer as a parent helper at practices. :slight_smile: Most of our team could easily beat me, but it’s still fun!


This works for so many people, it really does.

I’ve always been, and always will be, a solo runner. Not that I never run with others, but I much prefer to run alone.


This is a great goal to have! I started running 10 years ago for the WDW Inaugural 10K. I couldn’t run a mile at the time. I’m now 45, and I have run countless 5ks, 10ks, half marathons & 1 full. Running has truly changed my life. I would check out couch to 5k & also check with your local running store to see if they have any beginner groups. If you have a Fleet Feet in your area they usually offer a program called No Boundaries which is pretty much couch to 5k.

I joined a Fleet Feet group about 8 years ago when I was living in NH. I only joined so that I could be fast enough to get some character photos without being swept. I had no interest making friends or becoming a “runner”. Well, I made some of the best friends I’ve ever had that I keep in touch with still even though I moved to FL 6 years ago. I joined a Fleet Feet group when I moved to FL and then eventually a smaller running store closer to home. My running group is the best!! We meet at least twice a week to run, but do lots of other things together too.

I’m a huge advocate for running groups. They offer support, motivation and friendship!! Good luck in your running journey :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yeah, it really depends on what my goals are. If I just want to make sure I keep my fitness up or if I need motivation to get out in the wintertime, I like being with people. If I have a specific plan, like I do now, I don’t mind being on my own.

Speaking of @Flavita - the plan I’m using now is from the Nike Run Club app. I’m really liking it so far (there are guided runs), BUT I do think their 5K plans pushes it a bit too much for a brand new runner. I would start with one of the other suggestions above, and if you complete that and want to try something else later in the year, NRC is another option.


I plan on doing this race as well! I started out with a 5K and have built up to longer distances. You can do it!


Go for it! I did Couch to 5k during our second and third lockdowns and did 2 races in 2021. You can easily be ready for this.

I’d really love to race at Disney but it’s way too far away and expensive for me to justify going for a 5k. I’ve just started training for a 10k in May after a year of no running after an injury. But I’m not sure a 10k would justify the travel either. Assuming I can ever run that far!


I definitely only stuck with Couch to 5k because my friend was doing it with me and the same for her - neither of us wanted to let the other down.


Yay!!! A distance runner is being born!


I’m really never going to be a distance runner! It was my friend who really wanted to do it. I can hardly run 1k without stopping right now. But I’m doing better than she is because she hasn’t run a step in 18 months or more, so we’ll probably end up walking it anyway.