Priceline express question

Can someone tell if this is a Disney hotel?

No it is not. According to Hotel Canary it is probably Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace. I tried Hotel Canary on one other available those dates that I thought might be Disney, but it was Wyndham Grand Orlando Bonnet Creek.

Thanks for checking. Much obliged

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Normally, the Disney resorts listed as express deals only have internet access, restaurant, and swimming pool as their only amenities. Sounds like you figured it out, though.

On a side note, I got Coronado Springs as an express deal for next week for $98/night! I consider that a score! I’ve seen AKL on there a lot too for various days in December for about $188.

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nice tips… thanks

Somewhere a while back, I saw something put together that let you identify every Disney resort from a combination of the location and description, with a “how to” easy step-by-step guide to confirming it by comparing the rack rate with the quoted price and discount.

Does that ring any bells? It was within the last 2.5 years if that helps, that’s when I joined the forums. This seems like the most likely place, but it could have been elsewhere.

I have a thread going on the topic, and in the first post I link to the older thread I think you are referencing…

You can also check out a blog post I wrote on the TP blog for deals coming up in November and December:


I tried to do the hotel canary thing but couldn’t make it work to save my life! Gahhhh.

Will keep playing. Added on to a trip coming up and kind of need a place to sleep for 5 nights. :joy::joy:

I hadn’t seen this when you created the newer thread. And hadn’t realised Priceline Express had stopped wit( the descriptions

I wonder if they realised people had “deciphered” them, thus negating part of their business model - not knowing where you would be staying!

I do think Priceline keeps mixing things up to stay ahead of decoders. I’ve noticed lately they sometimes use unusual resort fee amounts in listings that are otherwise obvious. Can’t think of any reason they’d to that except to confuse.

@JuliaMc Priceline added an extra page to the mix that confused Hotel Canary, maybe that was the trouble you had? If you click on a deal in the full page of PE search results, it opens a new tab with the full deal info. HC will not work there - you have to click the BOOK button to open yet another tab, and HC works there normally.

Otherwise, you can try and tools - the former especially is a simple interface. I feel EXPDeals sometimes doesn’t have some PE listings and it gets confused more often than others.