Hotel Deals Research


Over on The Chat I’ve been sharing info on identifying Priceline Express deal hotels.

I’m starting this thread as a placeholder, and so the hotel descriptions I’ve found are out for reference.

Last year there was a useful forum thread on using Priceline Express that you can read for more info.

For now I’m just going to park a screen shot of my spreadsheet here until I get more info put together to share.

Remember: I’m just trying to aggregate info I’ve read, playing with PE and the tools called Hotel Canary and ExpDealsHotel to see if I can find any patterns on timing for Disney resort rooms showing up on PE.

Please try to verify ANY and ALL info you read yourself before making a Priceline Express Purchase - I don’t want anyone to take my cheat sheet as gospel and end up with a hotel they did not expect.

Right now I think only the descriptions for the hotels are the useful info in my sheet. Everything else is me playing with numbers and info to see if any pattern emerges.

(Descriptions Below Updated: August, 9, 2018)
If something in the lists below has QUESTION MARKS I am taking a guess but have not found any specific confirmation from Hotel Canary, Liners, the Internetz, or The Pope.

Sometimes Hotel Canary suggest 3 to 5 possible resorts. Using other methods one can take an edumacated guess, but even so, I would like more evidence before I take away ??? from a listing.

Finally - I am doing my best to get these correct, but even hotels listed without question marks are not 100% guaranteed by anyone - or they might even have their descriptions or amenities changes or listed incorrectly on Priceline Express. (Doesn’t seem to happen that often, but it does happen.)

I have found recently that both ExpDealsHotel and the BetterBidding tools are having some regular trouble identifying hotels. However, with a little back and forth, I think one can be pretty sure about many of these hotels when they show up on PE.

Reduction in Price as Dates Get Closer?

So awesome!! Thank you!!


AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!


My chat on the subject hit maximum chattiness so can’t be bumped. Sticking the contents of the chat here for posterity. How many times can I say chat in a single paragraph? chat.

Anyway, It is super long, so I hid it in a “Summary” below - just click the word Summary to unhide it (or hide it again.)


Playing around with Hotel Canary to see if I can get a better feel for the Priceline Express hotel descriptions. Just saw a $59 hotel, Bonnet Creek with description “Get active on the sports courts at this location close to the best attractions.”…
12:41pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
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HC comes up with AS-Sports, Pop, AoA as suggestions. Thinking it has to be sports. Anyone ever book a PE deal with this description and get something else? Trying to make an updated description cheat sheet.
12:43pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
BTW, Seeing more $98 POFQ deals with description “Enjoy jazzy evening entertainment at this well-designed resort.” in late August into September.
12:50pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
Ugh, I need end of October!!
12:56pm on 7/30/18 by Supercalifragilist-256098
Super Right now I’m just trying random dates in near future, figuring if I record enough results we all might get a better feel for the window when Disney might release rooms on PE. Trying to come up with a system. I’ll let you know if I see any Oct!
1:01pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
Can the express deals be upgraded to include dinning plan?
1:12pm on 7/30/18 by milissa1
After learning about the Priceline deals last summer, I checked occasionally throughout the year, and didn’t come across any until recently. So my super-scientific totally random and non-religiously checking data indicates that it’s a late summer thing…
1:17pm on 7/30/18 by LZog
I love that you are doing this!!
1:18pm on 7/30/18 by YoHo
…only. But it would be great to have an easily referenced decoder ring spreadsheet for the descriptions versus only using the site. Thank you for doing this!!
1:19pm on 7/30/18 by LZog
If you have the time to do it and want a bigger challenge, is there a Hotwire decoder ring anyplace?
1:21pm on 7/30/18 by LZog
LZog My gut tells me you may be correct. With so many discussions about it lately, my brain now needs to know if there’s a trick to it. Wondering if midweek shows up more, etc. milissa1 That’s a great question! Hoping someone knows the answer…
1:22pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
JJT, I like the way you think! :slight_smile: Now I’m envisioning a “Hopper” type of spreadsheet that instead of telling you when is best to fly tells you when the best deals are on PE…that would be awesome!
1:31pm on 7/30/18 by LZog
JJT I was playing around with it yesterday, and when I added a weekend night it didn’t come up but did when I dropped the weekend day for a set of dates. We MUST CONQUER this site and obtain ALL KNOWLEDGE!!!
1:32pm on 7/30/18 by MasterOfMyDomain
I also remember all this excitement at the end of last summer and I was religiously checking for Sept/Oct and never saw anything. I do think this might be a once a year deal. You can get YC or AKL other times though but not quite the low prices.
1:48pm on 7/30/18 by melcort10
1:49pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
LZog your later messages showed up after I responded… I believe there are a few HotWire decoders. I read some forum posts on Better Bidding last week, but haven’t tried anything yet. Think I’ll start with PE and see if I get anywhere.
1:51pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
1:53pm on 7/30/18 by LZog
Suspect it’ll end up being fairly consistent end summer, intermittent releases rest of year. I’m making a spreadsheet hack for search URL with various dates so I can search in a more automated way. Might try to make it pull prices automagically too.
1:56pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
i love your focus JJT! add in liners’ collective drive and we will solve this!
2:25pm on 7/30/18 by lep33
Thanks for the possibility of more trips JJT!
2:38pm on 7/30/18 by fritty
2:42pm on 7/30/18 by In Search of Eeyore
Jeremy and Ryan are going to bow down to your prowess JJT when they catch wind of your activities! Good work!
2:51pm on 7/30/18 by Ommax3
JJT = Yoda!
3:12pm on 7/30/18 by jeremy1002
Following! Such great info that I never knew of before!!!
3:24pm on 7/30/18 by uolyram
Yes, we need more trips! Would like to know if you can add in dining too.
3:41pm on 7/30/18 by Ctmhmom
3:44pm on 7/30/18 by 42 Wallaby Way
How many stars is POFQ?
3:55pm on 7/30/18 by LittleBird2002
3.5 stars
3:56pm on 7/30/18 by gmcc
Don’t those of you who do Priceline worry about the bed guarantee if more than 2 in the room. I thought they only guaranteed bed for 2
3:59pm on 7/30/18 by davmer93
davmer, I’m always afraid of that because I need capacity for 5 in one of the rooms, but I know sometimes it offers bed choice.
4:02pm on 7/30/18 by lifeisbeautiful
Reading some whisper disboards threads end whisper, seems like people last year reporting getting various Disney resort PE deals in Jan to April. One person surprisingly reported booking a PE deal in March for a Nov trip (which I find suspect.)
4:03pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
Right now i am seeing “enjoy jazzy evening entertainment at this well designed resort” for $102.00 with 3.5 stars. Is this definetly pofq?
4:21pm on 7/30/18 by milissa1
^ It was for me.
4:23pm on 7/30/18 by gmcc
4:26pm on 7/30/18 by milissa1
It was for me too mil
4:35pm on 7/30/18 by cbowen846
milissa1 When I searched earlier for dates in last week August I saw jazzy deal for $98. BTW I found a disboards thread where someone said only downside was not being able to book DP. That is only mention I’ve seen so far.
4:43pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
Love that you are trying to decide this jjt. The “get active on the sports courts” makes me think that it’s a resort with actual courts tho. Do any WDW resorts have that?
4:50pm on 7/30/18 by evamarie320
eva I thought the same thing, but Hotel Canary came up with Sports, plus when you look at regular non-hidden Priceline listing for Sports, it actually uses the same phrase: “On-site dining choices, sports courts, an arcade and multiple pools”…
5:15pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
When we stayed at Sports one night some kids were having football game on a full field, so I guess that’s what they mean. Some other things are confusing me in other listings though, and my brain hurts. Think I need to take a break!
5:19pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
I can’t make the % off method of confirming you have the right hotel work. See the “jazzy” PE listing for $98. Says “saves you 52% or more compared to similar hotels.” Looking at un-hidden POFQ listing, price is $186. 52% off of that is $89, not $98…
5:51pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
Wondering if they have changed how they report % savings to confuse things? Or maybe I’m making a fundamental mistake? One thing I did notice: when I go to unhidden listing, it tells me someone paid $206 for POFQ. 52% off that is $99. Hmm.
5:54pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
I need help with this one: $85 for 3-Star,42% off,when I click on it on it says "we are not able to find the hidden hotel for this exp deal.“I can find it on PE, description “solid service,extra amenities,and well-decorated public spaces
6:22pm on 7/30/18 by EMgoblue
Can’t tell if it is Disney property or not. Says Bonnet Creek, Disney World, but I have come across others like Hilton that say that too…
6:23pm on 7/30/18 by EMgoblue
I did not know this existed! Thank you Liners!!
6:40pm on 7/30/18 by disneymagiclover
EM I’ve found expdeaks hotel is having trouble identifyimg, so I switched to Hotel Canary. Convention Tickets Tip
6:42pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
What’s it looking like for early dec FQ?
7:03pm on 7/30/18 by brerbeer
brer Didn’t get my automation technique down to hit every date yet, but nothing for FQ checking first 3 mid-weeks in December so far.
7:53pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
Spreadsheet geeks, I’m having fun playing with Google Sheets IMPORTHTML & IMPORTXML functions. Haven’t figured out how to use them w/Priceline Express yet, but was able to automate pulling current tix prices from UT for in my Maximum Savings sheet.
8:15pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
8:19pm on 7/30/18 by pdes70
JJT - Thanks for all your hard work on this.
8:22pm on 7/30/18 by vismiles
So I got Hotel Canary, looks like I may be able to get Pop for $85. Do these deals usually get even better the closer you get, or should I just book now? It is just for one night on a Saturday, 8/11
8:38pm on 7/30/18 by EMgoblue
I’m not sure there’s a pattern to pricing yet; part of what I’m trying to figure out in the long run. Personally, if I believed the hotel decoder was right, I’d just book it. If you do, please report back so I can add the description to the cheat sheet!
8:52pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
It actually came up different on computer than it did on phone, description is “vibrant, lovely property boasts beautifully landscaped grounds.” Think I saw someone (maybe you JJT!) on another thread said that was Pop? That was first up using Canary, too
8:55pm on 7/30/18 by EMgoblue
9:07pm on 7/30/18 by YoucanflyPP
9:11pm on 7/30/18 by Bfiessinger
EM Yes, I said I thought it was Pop because of Canary too. So far it seems pretty accurate to me, but there’s still that bit of doubt in my head. Trying to get through a long disboards thread to see if any recent reports of all the resorts.
9:19pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
Ok, I’m gonna do it! I will report back when I’m done :slight_smile:
9:21pm on 7/30/18 by EMgoblue
9:29pm on 7/30/18 by Cota85
Following. Thanks for this thread JJT
9:30pm on 7/30/18 by worldmagic
Cool! I just read on disboards if you use eBates there’s a 5% cash back on Priceline hotels right now, so you might want to check that too. Person there wrote “After you finish your trip it will be added to your account and you will get a check.”
9:33pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
Done! It is Pop, so excited!
9:39pm on 7/30/18 by EMgoblue
Awesome sauce!
9:42pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
Just booked All Star Sports for 63.00 night for 5 nights end of August on Priceline Express. The HC description came up as you stated” Get active…on the courts.
10:02pm on 7/30/18 by worldmagic
This is all so interesting! Thanks JJT for all your hard work. I’m going to try using PE for our next trip.
10:17pm on 7/30/18 by julesander
Sfl…and asking a question. Is there any way to guarantee the mystery hotel is on property?
10:18pm on 7/30/18 by jmc439
Now the only thing I am nervous about is how it says for two adults only, hotel may charge for extra guests. Have 2 kids with us, will Disney make a big deal about that?
10:20pm on 7/30/18 by EMgoblue
Blowing my mind! You guys are great!
10:23pm on 7/30/18 by Hshoote
Saving this info thanks
10:24pm on 7/30/18 by Tinkerbells Flight
world Terrific! jmc439 There is no guarantee, but between various decoder sites and hotel descriptions, I think we can get very close to being sure. This thread on forum from last year outlines technique:
10:25pm on 7/30/18 by JJT
10:43pm on 7/30/18 by tarheelfan1962
Saving. Thanks for your hard work JJT!
11:04pm on 7/30/18 by TiggerBrain
11:13pm on 7/30/18 by BabyRapunzel
You are the best! JJT
11:15pm on 7/30/18 by amywdw
This is great. Thanks all!
11:20pm on 7/30/18 by Ryno6433
EM, shouldn’t be a worry. I called Disney today. Since Priceline is a third party booking, Disney transferred me to their “Wholesale Sales” customer service. They can add extra guests, so long as you don’t exeed 2 adults in total in your room.
11:30pm on 7/30/18 by gmcc
11:32pm on 7/30/18 by danellelynn
Of course, no extra charge and kids are now showing up in MDE, whereas the initial booking, once I manually added to MDE, only allowed the two guests.
11:32pm on 7/30/18 by gmcc
Great find for Pop, above, by the way.
11:32pm on 7/30/18 by gmcc
12:40am on 7/31/18 by maryvh
1:07am on 7/31/18 by vanel
1:40am on 7/31/18 by Minnie-Mimi
1:46am on 7/31/18 by MeridasSister
3:25am on 7/31/18 by shisah
4:10am on 7/31/18 by vmorrison63
Sfl. Thanks!
4:44am on 7/31/18 by pcollins283
6:10am on 7/31/18 by mpanet
Saving, thanks
6:33am on 7/31/18 by saving4disney
6:45am on 7/31/18 by GrammieDP4
Going to search for deals! Thank you!
6:48am on 7/31/18 by gpbooze
Sfl, thanks!
6:52am on 7/31/18 by cccrockville
Not a “Disney” hotel but just booked a PE deal for the Swan for next week, 7th-12th for $120/night. I also had a coupon code for addtl 10% off. Definitely recommend going through ebates! Not PE, but Orbitz gives 7% cash back I believe through ebates.
7:02am on 7/31/18 by JNDLTOT
I am looking at one that is a high rise stunner in bonnet creek? Wonder what that is? Free airport shuttle it says.
7:07am on 7/31/18 by disneygirl17
7:16am on 7/31/18 by jjcassidy11
7:16am on 7/31/18 by obsessedwithdisney
JNDL - What room type did you get at The Swan?
7:18am on 7/31/18 by TwoPalms
twopalms I had two Queens at Swan from an express deal earlier this month
7:35am on 7/31/18 by DianeOSU
Has anyone seen deluxe resorts lately? I’m only seeing moderate and value today (Though happy to see those!)
7:35am on 7/31/18 by DianeOSU
7:35am on 7/31/18 by DisBliss333
What was the description for the Swan in PE?
7:38am on 7/31/18 by DisBliss333
This could be a game changer for our trips
7:44am on 7/31/18 by kohinds
7:49am on 7/31/18 by
two -under room type it says room assigned on check-in. Below that it says: Max 2 guests. Hotel may charge for additional guests. Booked 3 rooms so we’ll see what we get. DisB - You’ll be wowed by this property’s contemporary rooms & verdant grounds.
7:51am on 7/31/18 by JNDLTOT
Thanks for this…great information!
7:53am on 7/31/18 by P.D.M
I saw people had no problem adding 2 kids, but I will have 4 adults in the room. Does anyone know of that would be an issue?
7:57am on 7/31/18 by Pixie_Dusted
Great thread! Thanks everyone for all of this sleuthing :slight_smile:
8:01am on 7/31/18 by princessjo
Thanks for info on adding guests!
8:06am on 7/31/18 by RebelScum
disneygirl17 I believe “High Rise Stunner” is Hilton Orlando-Bonnet Creek Resort according to HC. DianeOSU Checking for weeks out of curiosity I did not see Deluxe until yesterday saw BW from 7/29-8/1 appear for $185.
8:12am on 7/31/18 by JJT
8:13am on 7/31/18 by chammake
Once I get in a groove and if I have some real data to share will compile a post of reference info. For adding kids, disboards person said they eventually found calling Wholesale Dept at 407-939-7671 was easiest if Priceline chat couldn’t get it done.
8:15am on 7/31/18 by JJT
Pixie From what I’ve read so far on a super-long disboards thread I think 4 adults may be an issue, but haven’t seen enough reports to be sure. I plan to keep sifting through that thread at lunch later, will report back if I see more info.
8:19am on 7/31/18 by JJT
8:19am on 7/31/18 by welovebelle
8:19am on 7/31/18 by Euradius
8:24am on 7/31/18 by aassis
8:36am on 7/31/18 by SavvyChic
The Swan is fabulous and that is a great price. I was wondering if it was a standard view or a resort view.
8:39am on 7/31/18 by TwoPalms
Thanks jtt for the high rise info.
8:39am on 7/31/18 by disneygirl17
My understanding is that it’s the number of adults that can’t exceed 2, not unlike most other wdw hotel bookings.
8:47am on 7/31/18 by ejj
Was there a description for BW JJT?
9:02am on 7/31/18 by Supercalifragilist-256098
Thank you for your hard work JJT!
9:05am on 7/31/18 by cinderella36
Super BW = “The kids will love the super pool at this resort with plenty of old-fashioned charm.” And everyone: double/triple check all before buying please, I’m just trying to aggregate. All seem correct but I don’t want to mess anyone’s booking up!
9:06am on 7/31/18 by JJT
Thanks JJT!! You are awesome and always so helpful!! I love these “hide & seek” resort deal threads! It gets everyone so excited looking to find a deal!
9:18am on 7/31/18 by Supercalifragilist-256098
9:24am on 7/31/18 by jenrick
9:24am on 7/31/18 by Momof3princesses
This is amazing! Thanks for all your hard work!
9:25am on 7/31/18 by taralayne
That’s a great price for both Sports and Swan! And thanks for the hard work JJT! Now I’m thinking about a last minute trip :slight_smile:
9:27am on 7/31/18 by FixItFelixFriend
Sfl priceline
9:28am on 7/31/18 by mepatton
Interesting thing I started noticing last night: Not all PE deals show up in main search results. Be sure to check bottom of list where it says “People who viewed 3.5-star hotels in location also viewed…” POFQ deal only showing there for me now.
9:30am on 7/31/18 by JJT
Also, Betterbidding appears to have rotating PE & Hotwire promo codes for an additional 5% off. Current codes: PE: BBJUL5, Hotwire: BETTERB5. In PE you apply it below total charges box. Must book at least 2 days.
9:34am on 7/31/18 by JJT
I’m confused by the descriptions people are giving here. When I look at Priceline express deals I don’t see any of the type of descriptions that people are posting on this thread… Am I looking in the right place?
9:41am on 7/31/18 by chrisnanny77
chrisnanny Here’s a screen shot of the POFQ deal on PE. Note, the browser and app may have different/shortened descriptions and other info due to app design. I use browser.
9:50am on 7/31/18 by JJT
chris, I’ve noticed if I look on the app or my iPad I miss info and have to look on my laptop to get the descriptions. Maybe that’s what’s happening.
9:51am on 7/31/18 by Mequade
9:52am on 7/31/18 by Eeyoresmama
chrisnanny77 - You have to click on the deal then on the right/top side of page you will see usually a 1 sentence description. Also not sure if it shows on app/phone so you may need to look on computer online.
9:52am on 7/31/18 by Supercalifragilist-256098
I think someone might be a little obsessed with finding hotels. Thank you for Sharon. I appreciate it very much. Looking for a new trip.
9:55am on 7/31/18 by JackOfAll
Ok. Just checked and it does show up on app. When you click on deal the description is right under section “About this Hotel”. It’s the 1st sentence.
9:57am on 7/31/18 by Supercalifragilist-256098
SFL. Thanks for the info!
9:57am on 7/31/18 by Watergirl
Hotel savings! I love it!!!
10:04am on 7/31/18 by CharWat
10:19am on 7/31/18 by clbg
Had reservation at DS Hilton but it’s my dd’s dream to stay at AOA LM room and I found it for our 3 days there in August on PE. Thank you all so much for helping this Mom on a tight budget!
11:13am on 7/31/18 by penguinmom98
Yay!! That’s awesome penguinmom98!
11:26am on 7/31/18 by Supercalifragilist-256098
That great penguin. Thanks for all your hard work jjt
11:29am on 7/31/18 by bowling_gma
penguin Nice! All: field work calls, plus taking some days off starting tomw to hang at family summer home with terrible Internet. So will likely come back & hit this project again next week. I’ll try to post simple cheat this afternoon.
11:35am on 7/31/18 by JJT
11:38am on 7/31/18 by BuffaloBelle
Saving also! Thanks jjt!
11:54am on 7/31/18 by Ben500
Lurker here, but had to comment because I’m so excited!! Followed your clues and booked POFQ for a spur of the moment trip in Aug. Frontier airlines also has great cheap flights. I think this is cheapest trip I’ve ever planned. Thank you!!!
11:57am on 7/31/18 by Lilos Mom
One last thing before later: I think I had a brain cramp until now and just realized: Based on the % off, the $102 AoA prices I am seeing for dates in the next weeks appear to be for SUITES. I thought it was for standard.
11:57am on 7/31/18 by JJT
Lilos Woohoo! Wish I could book a whole family trip right now. Durn kids and their summery summer music stuff.
11:59am on 7/31/18 by JJT
Hey, don’t knock the summer music stuff! (Music teacher here, lol!)
12:09pm on 7/31/18 by EMgoblue
EM I should have put a tongue in cheek on that. I’m all in for music and band. Think DS might choose that route. :slight_smile:
12:15pm on 7/31/18 by JJT
Awesome, what does he play? My comment was a little tongue in cheek too, since we are actually leaving for our trip right before our annual summer parade that I usually help out with…oops!
12:17pm on 7/31/18 by EMgoblue
12:20pm on 7/31/18 by essex1076
12:25pm on 7/31/18 by Jennifer3545
DS15 plays Alto sax, but now on baritone sax for marching band since they needed one. Luckily he grew about 6” this year to carry it. He’s up at Drum Major Academy right now. DD11 plays violin.
12:31pm on 7/31/18 by JJT
Thank you JJT for the info!!!
1:02pm on 7/31/18 by BarbieArgentina
Thanks for sharing this great info!!
1:16pm on 7/31/18 by suzanne7711
SFL. Hoping to do last min. Solo trip. Thanks JJT
1:18pm on 7/31/18 by TinkerbellNGrumpy
So we should focus our search in the bonnet creek and Disney springs area? I had read somewhere else that just bonnet creek had Disney resorts. But someone here got POFQ and the neighborhood said Disney Spring!
1:27pm on 7/31/18 by dpena2
Thanks for all the info :slight_smile:
1:29pm on 7/31/18 by susan2200
Since JJT is our spreadsheet hero, I am def SFL
1:53pm on 7/31/18 by MasterOfMyDomain
dpena Disney Resorts are in both Bonnet Creek & DS - so far the only ones I have found listed in DS are POR and POFQ. Guessing Saratoga Springs is in DS too, but haven’t found a listing for it yet.
2:10pm on 7/31/18 by JJT
2:14pm on 7/31/18 by we3dmg
Think I just identified the Cabins at FW uses description “Beautiful grounds and a family-friendly vibe make for a great vacation here.” First time I’ve seen it. $196 per night. (Regular Priceline has it for $226.)
2:21pm on 7/31/18 by JJT
For AoA it gives bed choice: the $104 says 2 queens, other 2 options also list sofa bed and kitchen for $224. Thinking those are the suites or do you still think the $104 is a suite? I would just try it but need 5 in a room (3 are kids).
2:29pm on 7/31/18 by brewerfam5
Oops, says 2 double beds or 1 king for the $104 price, AoA description.
2:31pm on 7/31/18 by brewerfam5
brewerfam Looked again: full listing I was comparing to threw me off. There’s only suite listings there, which made me think the PE deal was a suite too. Now that I see the 3 choices at bottom of PE result, it does appear the $104 is a standard. Sorry!
2:36pm on 7/31/18 by JJT
Where are you reading these descriptions? On the decoder sites or PL?
2:37pm on 7/31/18 by brerbeer
brer Right on the Priceline Express page. When you click on a deal, there’s an “About This Hotel” section on top right of page. Then I use the Hotel Canary extension in Google Chrome to see what it thinks the hotel is.
3:07pm on 7/31/18 by JJT
3:20pm on 7/31/18 by brerbeer
When do you find out what the hotel actually is?
3:20pm on 7/31/18 by disneydreams4
When you purchase. That part is a little nerve wracking.
3:26pm on 7/31/18 by worldmagic
3:31pm on 7/31/18 by mctabsc
Great info! Thanks for effort JJT!
3:56pm on 7/31/18 by kelsea823
4:39pm on 7/31/18 by jrdnhwkns
4:49pm on 7/31/18 by disneydreamer23
4:53pm on 7/31/18 by TinkerNanc
5:01pm on 7/31/18 by rage42
5:01pm on 7/31/18 by rage42
5:02pm on 7/31/18 by KTrout91
OK, my little project goes on hiatus until next week. Didn’t get far automating anything, still trying to figure out angles. Last item: Seems like description “Soak in the waterside views and tropical decor close to area attractions” is Poly.
5:06pm on 7/31/18 by JJT
5:11pm on 7/31/18 by AmyJo27
But, Hotel Canary gave me an unprecedented FIVE possible hotels for listing. (BC, YC, WL, Poly, BW.) Between price and “waterside” being in both descriptions I think Poly is most likely. Price was $492 so not really a deal, for me at least.
5:12pm on 7/31/18 by JJT
5:16pm on 7/31/18 by rthoman
Thanks JJT. Think I have found an excuse to book another trip!!
5:20pm on 7/31/18 by jra418
I’ve parked a quick screenshot of my spreadsheet with hotel descriptions I’ve found so far here: Hotel Deals Research Will add to it as I work on things. Anything with ??? is of course, questionable.
5:24pm on 7/31/18 by JJT
JJT I have seen people get AKL with the following description - breathtaking decor and plenty of entertainment options welcome you to this unique property.
5:35pm on 7/31/18 by dpena2
5:43pm on 7/31/18 by sshalfpint
SFL. I think I may really need this information!
5:49pm on 7/31/18 by GoofyGirl74
5:54pm on 7/31/18 by tallgal21
Thanks dpena2!
6:19pm on 7/31/18 by JJT
6:20pm on 7/31/18 by Slarrow
dpena Just checking my notes and see someone on one of the decoder sites thought that description was Boulder Ridge Villas at WL. I think your info that it is AKL sounds more likely, but I’ll put it in with ?? for now until we can verify.
6:54pm on 7/31/18 by JJT
7:14pm on 7/31/18 by valerie96
Amazing detective work. Thank you!
7:19pm on 7/31/18 by crushinonlen
7:35pm on 7/31/18 by CrushKnows
7:50pm on 7/31/18 by JRAYN82649
7:53pm on 7/31/18 by BoilerMomPharmD
I tried to find the descriptions over the weekend but could not… going to check again. Thanks JJT
7:58pm on 7/31/18 by mary_e
8:01pm on 7/31/18 by imadisneymom
Just played around with this a bit and it is fun! Thanks for the infoJJT
8:16pm on 7/31/18 by TwoPalms
I see a trip in my future!
9:10pm on 7/31/18 by PrincessYoda
9:33pm on 7/31/18 by GothelKnowsBest
JJT someone from another DISney board :wink: said they had gotten AKL with that description. But since it’s not 100% reliable I would definitely mark it as a ??? until someone else can corroborate it!!!
9:50pm on 7/31/18 by dpena2
This is great. I want to plan a trip just to try it out!
10:13pm on 7/31/18 by zstrassburger
10:16pm on 7/31/18 by Kellyshe
10:41pm on 7/31/18 by MEDeaton
11:42pm on 7/31/18 by clooch27
Thanks for this!
12:19am on 8/1/18 by Minnie_n_Mickey
We booked an express deal at Caribbean Beach. The description read “tropically inspired.” We stayed in June.
1:16am on 8/1/18 by taratoa
This is the most Exciting thread!!! Thanks JJT for helping make Disney more affordable.
1:23am on 8/1/18 by FLFan
1:34am on 8/1/18 by Hshoote
1:34am on 8/1/18 by littlelucylulu
Thanks taratoa and everyone!
6:37am on 8/1/18 by JJT
6:53am on 8/1/18 by bdncfv18
Thanks JTT!
7:27am on 8/1/18 by ackfamily
8:12am on 8/1/18 by michm418
10:42am on 8/1/18 by CharmingPartyof6
Just got a Priceline email for a 48 hour sale with a one time use 10% off coupon on Express Deals. So worth signing up for their mailing list if thinking about going for a deal.
11:47am on 8/1/18 by JJT
I am hooked! I searched and got this “You’ll be wowed by this property’s contemporary rooms and verdant grounds.” $199 a night. 4.5 Star Hotel. Could it really be The Contemporary??
3:54pm on 8/1/18 by TinkerbellNGrumpy
3:58pm on 8/1/18 by princessnatalie
Amazing prices! Thanks for the tips. I never heard of hotel canary before this thread. Thanks!
4:06pm on 8/1/18 by Ariel79
Oooo TinkerbellNGrumpy!!! Sounds like the Contemp!!!
4:10pm on 8/1/18 by uolyram
Tinker…I think I saw further up that that description is for Swan. So far Deluxe has not showed up on these
4:11pm on 8/1/18 by MeyerFamily
Thanks for all the great info
4:11pm on 8/1/18 by Bubbakirby
That description came up before. I don’t think it’s the Contemporary, I think it’s Swan.
4:13pm on 8/1/18 by MamaZ
Great info liners. Thx.
4:13pm on 8/1/18 by Jedilogray
Saving because you never know
5:12pm on 8/1/18 by DuchessandBerlioz
5:20pm on 8/1/18 by nmaloupis
Aw-shucks. Thanks for correcting me. I’m not ready to book so I’m practicing.
5:35pm on 8/1/18 by TinkerbellNGrumpy
Tinker Did Hotel Canary say it was the Contemporary? Or were you just going off the description?
5:41pm on 8/1/18 by lifeisbeautiful
Update on my 63.00 night For AS Sports. Not only did I get a great rate but when I linked it in MDE I was also upgraded to a preferred room. Sweet!
5:57pm on 8/1/18 by worldmagic
6:07pm on 8/1/18 by jrb17
6:13pm on 8/1/18 by AgentF
6:18pm on 8/1/18 by MickeyMary
Thanks for all your hard work, JJT!
6:21pm on 8/1/18 by amyscherz
Tink Do NOT believe that one is for Contemporary. When I am not running around will check my full list, I have it there. Pretty sure is not a Disney resort.
6:43pm on 8/1/18 by JJT
tink that was the exact description for Swan when I booked
7:01pm on 8/1/18 by DianeOSU
7:01pm on 8/1/18 by jones32
7:04pm on 8/1/18 by we_dig_dug
Swan & Dolphin signal is the 31.50 resort fee. At least that’s what I’m hearing from Liners who got their res there that way.
7:10pm on 8/1/18 by stazastarfish
7:10pm on 8/1/18 by MandMsMom
7:11pm on 8/1/18 by fritty
Has anyone had luck adding on a day to a Priceline Express deal?
7:17pm on 8/1/18 by BoilerMomPharmD
Thanks for all your work JTT!
7:26pm on 8/1/18 by Jadesfire21
BoilerMom I asked that and a liner said they had the option to add more days for $10 more. If I was booking I would check availability then book 1 night, confirm it was what I was hoping for, then add for the $10 more. Like an insurance fee. :wink:
7:29pm on 8/1/18 by toronto2wdw
Thx Toronto!
7:32pm on 8/1/18 by BoilerMomPharmD
toronto That’s a good idea if you are unsure! Hmm, If you have a Priceline Express coupon to use, that could cover the “insurance” cost.
7:56pm on 8/1/18 by JJT
JJT Like that idea!
8:09pm on 8/1/18 by toronto2wdw
Tink If you haven’t already seen my forum list: “contemporary rooms and verdant grounds” is Swan. Unrelated: Having trouble lining up at summer house, we’re almost off the grid up here. Took me 10 refreshes to open chat!
9:03pm on 8/1/18 by JJT
JJT Enjoy your almost off the grid time.
9:12pm on 8/1/18 by toronto2wdw
Thanks JJT!
9:23pm on 8/1/18 by mtillman111
9:34pm on 8/1/18 by alk0507
Sfl hotel canary
9:37pm on 8/1/18 by Kschofie
9:44pm on 8/1/18 by sc2870
Great info
10:05pm on 8/1/18 by sharonf48
2:42pm on 8/2/18 by EMgoblue
Now that I have a PE discount code, Drove to upstate town library to hop on WiFi and try to change my crazy 1 day trip POFQ, but listing is gone. You shnooze you lose. :confused:
2:48pm on 8/2/18 by JJT
3:41pm on 8/2/18 by ResearchRN
3:55pm on 8/2/18 by belleandyoda


Thanks , I’m afraid I would get a hotel that I didn’t want , but I love the research.


I have found that Priceline really makes you work to search. If you change parameters and/or switch between regular Priceline and Priceline Express, you often have to go back and re-select locations you already selected as filters.

So, I’ll end up having to make several clicks just to search again.
Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, I broke down the Priceline URL and created a spreadsheet that will mimic the filters. The sheet allows you to choose starting and ending dates, then you click a link to open a PE search page.

The search ONLY looks for Bonnet Creek and Disney Springs in Orlando, sorts by price (low to high.) None of that clickety-clickety-clickety all the time.

You can visit the spreadsheet directly using this link. Only the red date cells are changeable. Below are some quick screen shots for reference.

Note: the calendar picker only seems to work on desktop browsers. On mobile devices you can just type in a date.



An update to this simple search post: I find it annoying that for a tool designed to work in web browsers, Google Sheets works so differently on various devices. No one has really complained, but when I tested the simple search sheet on my iPad, I couldn’t modify the dates in the browser!

When I opened it in the Sheets app for iPad, it had caused other weirdness.

So, I played around a bit today and created a simple web form that hopefully will work more normaler across platforms.

You can find it here on a page on my blog:

Select Dates:
search01 ![search02|238x149]

Then click:


Whoops! This morning I noticed I had a typo in my form script & the new web page form was using the start date you selected as the end date too. That resulted in Priceline saying any PE deal you clicked on was “just missed.”

Not sure how I introduced that error, as it was working for me yesterday afternoon.
I fixed it, sorry for any wasted time! :open_mouth:


I’m not planning on using this anytime soon (have my one trip for the next three years already booked) but just wanted to say this is amazing!