Priceline Express deal Q

Can you trust the number of reviews?? I’m on the PL website, looking at an express deal. Canary says it’s either CBR, CSR, Cabins at Fort Wilderness, or Wyndham Bonnet Creek. When I went back in the browser, it revealed that it has 400 reviews. Only CSR has 400 reviews. Can I assume that’s it then?

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To be clear - Hotel Canary is guessing what it might be. When it’s multiple options, you need to look at all the criteria - Star Rating / # of reviews / Average Regular Price - “Rack Rate”

If CSR is the only hotel with 400+ reviews then it a possibility.

Another option you can do is call the hotel direct and ask them if it’s their rate. Tell them you are seeing a rate of “$$$” for them on Priceline, but you prefer to book direct. See if they will match or come close to it. My DW used to work at a hotel front desk. As long as you call outside of their peak “check-out / check-in” times they have plenty of time to help you with a rate. (7am - 10am / 3pm - 7pm)


@JJT does a lot with these websites. Maybe he can chime in.

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Yes the review #s I have seen listed in results has all been correct. (PL does take liberties with mandatory fee amounts and % off to confuse people, though.)

So, if you’re looking at a 3.5* 8-guest rated resort in Bonnet Creek with 400 reviews, I’d bet my bottom Mickey bar it’s Coronado.

You can use my cheat sheets of all resorts PE info in this forum post for additional reference: