Priceline and Hotel Canary

What filters on Priceline will give me the best chance of getting a hotel on Disney property?

Have you read this thread?

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My thread that @PrincipalTinker linked has a ton of info, but for a TL;DR, check out James Rosemergy’s beginning step-by-step and more tips in my TP blog posts.

For a quick way to search Express Deals, you can use my Priceline Express Simple Search form.

You just enter your check-in and check-out dates and submit. It opens a new Priceline tab that searches only in Bonnet Creek and Disney Springs and sorts from lowest to highest price.

In addition to Hotel Canary, you can use the charts in my Hotel Research forum post for reference on resort ratings.

FWIW, Right now the only Disney deals I see out there on Priceline Express are in April. Good luck!


Thank you!

Thank you!

Does this still work? The site isn’t searching for me. Thank you.

Howdy, Do you mean my search form isn’t working?

If so, it does still run but some mobile browsers don’t process the submit button properly. If you’re on a mobile, you can try going into the browser settings and look for a box to load it as a “desktop site”, that should fix it.

If is another issue, let me know!

Oh! Ok. I’ll try from desk top. Thank you!

I’m very intrigued by this. Normally we prefer a rental house, but for this upcoming trip hotel rooms would work.

My trip isn’t until November. I was planning to book my rental in mid- to late-September as I’m not that picky but am that cost-conscience this time around.

What time frame would you, (or anyone else for that matter), would you recommend looking for accommodations this way? Trip begins 11/11.
Thank you.

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These days the Priceline deals seem to be showing up 2 to 6 weeks out.

For reference, last year at this time they were doing the same thing, then in the Fall they dropped deals all the way out into this October. But since the start of this year we’ve seen rolling deal drops.

With Galaxy’s Edge coming up, I’m not sure what to guess moving forward for November - anything could happen with Express Deals, but I’d probably check once or twice a week at least now, then start checking daily in the first few weeks of September.

(You could also watch Lines chat and the TP blog for my posts, I get them out there as soon as I see them.)

A good trick to make checking easier to do each day: us my form to search with your dates, then just bookmark the page it opens. That’s how I check a lot of dates very quickly, I have tables of bookmarks reaching out to future dates.


This is so great. Thank you.
Im not at all techy, but the blog post walked me right through adding the canary extension and I’ve played with some dates and I like what I see for random days in Oct. Hoping more options come for November. GE is making everything unpredictable.

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