Price raises on unavailable APs?

I dunno but why raise prices if no-one can purchase

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Renewals maybe?


To make my renewal more expensive

One of the theories floating is it’s to basically soften the blow when they do become purchasable next year.

So by the time the rage that they went up for nothing dies down, you’ll be able to buy it.

(like that was gonna stop anyone anyway?)

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Great minds…

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There was some chatter that DVC renewals maybe increasing

We already pay the same renewal price as everyone else? We lost our discount in the last “upgrade”.

Only “benefit” left is being able to purchase the locals-version, but that’s still the same price as non-dvc renewal.

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The article doesn’t mention specific renewal increase…

Some DVC groups on social are saying MS is saying renewals will increase also…


But i totally expect renewals to jump. I don’t think there’s been a time when they increase the purchase price but the renewal price gets left alone.

I’m more shocked that wasn’t stated from the jump.


Dangit! I am due to renew mine in December, and I was just thinking I should do it sooner than later in case they increase the price. Too late. . .

Yes, I saw that the renewal price increase was confirmed.

Also, is there a thread regarding the single day ticket increase?

I saw it here:

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AP renewal is a percentage off of regular price. I assumed DVC renewal worked the same way

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Maybe I’m missing something, so what exactly are you guys referring to when you say “DVC Renewal”?

Cause again, we don’t get special prices anymore.

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Member Services

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How any ideas how they went - we renewed most DVC) at the last second in October - we have one pixie (Fl ) renewal not yet done…

"In other ticketing news, prices of 1-day, 1-park tickets will vary based upon the park being visited. A park must be selected when the ticket purchase is made, and it will be priced accordingly. "

This is new to me. :woman_shrugging:

That’s not the shoe that bothers me…because I think most people don’t do Disney for “1 day” other than to add a day or something.

But the other shoe, the multi-day ticket, I’m waiting for that one to drop. Cause it’s going to follow suit, and that, based on the single day, is gonna be baaaaad. :frowning:


The only way we did Disney for 20+ years.

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yeah well

and it’s no longer cost effective to do that, and even moreso going forward :frowning: Better off taking the hit and getting a second or third day than eating your $190/day ticket alone.

EDIT: also, really? As locals, I would’ve thought you’d have APs

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