Price raises on unavailable APs?

So you think you will have to pick the parks in advance for 1 park a day passes?

We do now - for the last 9 years.


It happens automatically now. The tickets are no longer “‘Disney World’ tickets”, they’re now specific park tickets. So when you buy your 1-park day pass, you have to choose the day(and the park) of the ticket and you get the reservation for that park.


This is what I meant- multi day ticket. I though you were saying you foreshadow ppl having to pick their parks in advance to purchase a multi day, 1 park ticket.

Oh, of that I’m not sure. I think multi-day might be left alone in that regard? But I also am not a Disney Exec who likely just sees people as mindless cashcows waiting to be milked. :laughing:

I would think the general customer will balk at having to lock themselves in so far in advance? But i also remember that I thought that was “how it was done” back in 2016 (before I knew anything about Disney), and was surprised to learn that I could go start at any park I wanted.

The bigger fear for me is the price jump they’re sure to get. And if the mutli-day happens to overlap on one of those super-expensive days, I see that being definitely reflected in the price.

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…I already renewed a few weeks ago.

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Then please proceed to demonstrate the following procedure:

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  2. Raise a single finger on each hand, the one between the index and ring-finger is preferable. Make sure the raised fingers are straight.
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Or…if you are at work (or around children): the “nyah nyah” face will be a viable substitute.
Demonstrated by m’man Micky here


Thanks, I was looking for a thread and some discussion about it.

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Since 2/3 of my family have APs (It got shut done before the 3rd was bought), I do only buy one day tickets for that person, if I buy any tickets. Next month my son has a one day ticket for EP, and a party ticket.

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I have a trip planned with friends in June, have already purchased 5 day tickets. I have a trip planned for the family in September. Not sure how long, 2+ weeks though. I’ve been hoping APs would come back and I could just upgrade my 5 day and then buy APs for the rest of my family. Now I’m nervous that the prices are going to go up and APs aren’t going to come back before I need them. What would you do? Go ahead and buy a 10 day and 5 day ticket for everyone just in case? Wait it out? I know I can apply the value of a purchased ticket toward an AP, but if we each have 2 tickets (or 3 in my case), would I be able to apply the value of the second set to a renewal the following year?

You have plenty of time on both. Ride it out for now


If I wasn’t doing 3 trips in the span of a year, I might seriously consider cancelling at least DH and DD8s APs, and just keeping mine for the discounts. We’re looking at 4500 in renewal costs this year :flushed:

I love Disney, next year, I think we will be reconsidering going to parks, park hopping and doing short trips multiple times year…

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But then again, if I cancel them, Cheapek wins in the battle to get rid of passholders…

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Personally I would be looking at picking up the best option I could from AAA, undercover tourist ect…vendors that hopefully if APs come back will have the ticket difference applied.

But I would also be plan B ready- incase they don’t come back in time…

Non disney park day plans-

Water parks, fishing excursions fireworks cruises- dare I say other theme parks


Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old APs should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the gross monetization of the light.


Just a hunch, but I do NOT expect Disney to convert multi-day tickets over to park-based pricing. It would be a bit of a nightmare for them to handle, and Disney would end up having to then process (most likely over the phone because…Disney IT) the inevitable changes folks want to make to the parks they want to go to on which days, etc.

What I DO expect, however, is that the multi-day ticket prices will go up based on the average expected mix of park days. So, whether you pick 5 days at AK, 5 days at MK, or any mixture of the 4 parks, you’d pay the same price…but that price will ultimately be higher. But that’s nothing new. They pretty much raise prices annually anyhow.

(Again, this is my conjecture on the matter…not based on anything reported.)


yeah, it would be the easiest method. Just take the daily average of all 4 parks for the time frame and that’s your price. And that’ll also account for the Parkhopping change too.

But doing it this way could be a STAGGERING jump in Parkhopping Ticket prices if you happen to be there during one of their ‘premium’ days. Which could backfire on them. So they might want to go the route of the overly-complicated? But who knows.

yup, i wasn’t saying it didn’t happen, just that it wasn’t the common practice for most guests of Disney World. As you said, even you wouldn’t be doing it if wasn’t for the fact you were locked out.

Which highlights the jerk-move that this is. You can’t get an AP because of the situation they created, so now they want you to pay extra because of it.

(each day I’m regretting buying into DVC a little bit more)