Pre-ordering food at BOG and other BOG questions

How does pre-ordering work? Does it make sense? I.e. will the food be cold when we arrive? Does it save time or just creative aggravation?

If we have reservations at 10.30 at BOG, how long should we plan for lunch?

We are a large party (7) doing child swap splash mtn immediately before, so a good portion of our party are free to head over to BOG before the final two who are doing child swap (20 minutes ahead of the last 2). Will they seat 5 of 7, or does the entire party need to be present?

Or, can we can join in progress assuming my party either orders for us via kiosk, or we pre-ordered?

Thanks so much!

Whole party needs to be present to enter Bog regardless of pre ordering or not.

Your order is not actually activated until you pay for it. When you preorder you go to the specially designated line and pay and then find a table. It saves time in the line and putting in the order.

Thanks. Great info.

Hello - We have a lunch reservation for BOG in March. Will we be seated right away/brought immediately to the ordering screens or should we still expect to wait? It sounds like pre-ordering does save time.

Pre- ordering does save time but you will still need to go to a kiosk and confirm your order and pay. There is usually a line for that. I always expect it could take me 15 minutes for that process and usually it is quicker.

I think with a lunch reservation and pre-ordering at BOG, it makes for the perfect halfway between TS and CS dining. With pre-ordering, you don’t have as long of a wait to get your food as with TS, and you don’t have to wait in a long line to order like with CS. The pre-ordering is a great feature and I wish there were more restaurants that offered it.

When we were there after Christmas pre-ordering saved us over an hour of time. The line of folks who needed to order was long, really long. We walked right past the people in line, through the doorway, and to a CM who “rang us up” on a cash register. I remember thinking how mad I’d be if I had made the ADR and had to wait in the line that was said to be over an hour long.

Also, we went for an early lunch and found it nearly impossible to find a seat. We walked around for over 20 minutes trying to find a table and were just about to ask for our money back when we finally snagged a table. Sounds like dinner seating is less of an issue, but the chaos and challenge of finding a table for lunch sort of diminished the experience for my family.

I can’t imagine waiting in line for over an hour to order and then having to search for a seat. Glad we tried it once, but I don’t think we’ll be back.

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This isn’t an answer about BOG, but I noticed you wrote about the “last 2” who are doing a child swap for a ride. You may already know this, but in case you don’t, when you do a child swap, the person who gets the child swap pass can take 3 extra guests on their pass when they go on the ride (I think the official website says 2 guests, but in our experience, it has been 3). There might be another couple of people in your party who would like to ride a second time without waiting in standby!

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For both of our lunches at BOG this week we did not have to confirm at a kiosk. We preordered the morning of the 26th for our 1210pm reservation that same day and walked right up to pay and found a table immediately. The line for the kiosks was very very long. We walked right in. Loved it so much that I made a 2nd lunch res for this trip. Same thing with our 1150am lunch reservation on the 28th. Bypassed the line and found a table right away.
Now, when we did the breakfast in October, we had to confirm our order at a kiosk first. That took quite a bit more time.

You paid without confirming?

Yes. They directed preorders down a different line than those who had not preordered. We didn’t even pass by the kiosks. We ended up paying right where everyone exits when they are done. For our October trip, we did have to confirm our breakfast preorder at a kiosk. We were a little surprised that we didn’t have to this time.

I do not know if I like that. I think I would want to confirm what I am paying for?

Hi, I am bringing this question back! So it seems everyone or mostly everyone agrees it is best to pre-order your lunch. We are on the dining plan and also plan to order the soup as an appetizer and of course will be paying OOP. Can that be done via pre-order too? I am guessing so and we just pay for it extra at check out? Thanks.

I’m sure I read somewhere that recent changes to DDP rules mean that it is now possible to take an appetizer instead of a dessert. Or did I dream that?

On bog pre order page they have the soups listed under appetisers and desert. If are on ddp and want soup instead of cup cake choose it from the desert box and it will be free.
The app/desert swap is very misleading. Qs it is a swap for any snack credit item. Ts cup of soup ( not bowl) green salad, fruit and poss cheese are allowable swaps But the ts has to have these on thier regular menu which alot of them don’t.

We swapped dessert for salad at two restaurants and we’re told no at two restaurants. Bongos said no and Kona said no.

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The Dining Plan with 1 TS, 1 QS, 1 snack is very rigid.

If you have the Deluxe plan, they tend to offer more flexibility (aka, they are charging so much for that plan that they will let people swap things because either way they are making a ton of money).

I switched a QS for three snacks at a Food and Wine kiosks. Bongos isn’t a Disney run restaurant. I am not sure why Kona said no.

Oh, true (re: Bongos).
I think they make special exceptions during F&G. When you do that, do you have to get all 3 snacks at the same time?

I like to imagine that the Point of Sale software at Disney is sophisticated enough to know if substitutions are allowed or not. That way it isn’t just an arbitrary decision by the server/cashier. The only way to plan for things like this is to have consistency from one place to the next.