Practically Perfect in....Most Ways! The Overexcited Family Trip a Little Light Fantastic August 2019

Hello, and welcome to my trip report.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Clare, 44, from Manchester England. I have a husband Cass, 42, and 2 sons - Sean turned 25 on our arrival day and Joe will be 15 on Weds. I was travelling with Joe and my parents, Maura and Brian, who are both in their mid 60s. Sean doesn’t do heat or rides, and Cass has MS and couldn’t cope with the noise, crowds or heat last trip. I do hope that when Joe has finished school and we can go any time, we might tempt him back, especially with the Star Wars Hotel. We’ll see.

This is us, looking hot and sweaty :joy:

We stayed at POFQ from 2-16th August, with a side trip to Hard Rock Hotel 7-9th. Joe and I stayed at both on our last trip in August 2016, but my parents have never stayed onsite. We had the normal dining plan at WDW, memory maker which is included in UK tickets, and the Universal photo package which I bought in a Black Friday deal.

I can’t decide if to refer to my parents as my mum and my dad, or by name. I think I will stick to my mum and my dad.

I hope you all enjoy my report! And that I can remember what happened :joy:


looking forward to reading about your trip! :slight_smile:

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Travel Day - 2nd August

It wasn’t a very early start, which was nice. We got up at about 6am and the taxi picked me and Joe up just before 7am. We then picked up my mum and dad on the way, they only live about a 3 minute drive away. We had a good chat with the driver on the 20 minute journey, and it turned out he was going to be at Universal from 10th August, we left on 9th though!

We couldn’t check Joe or my mum in online, so we couldn’t just do the bag drop, we had to check in. There was hardly anyone in line though, and we got free ice cream!

At check in, mum and dad were asked to move to the exit seats so that a family could sit together. We weren’t sitting together anyway, Joe and I had the window and middle seats and they had 2 seats in the middle four.

There was a fairly long line for security, but we got through in decent time and Joe immediately wanted Burger King for breakfast. I wanted to go to the pub for waffles and a fruity cider, but I was overruled when my parents saw the prices so sadly there was no airport alcohol this time. After breakfast we had a look in the shops.

Our flight was at 11.10, and we boarded about 10.30. Joe and my mum had been selected for extra security checks, but they only took a couple of minutes.

As we took off, we flew over a few Manchester landmarks which was nice and we haven’t done that before - we had a great view of Old Trafford which I enjoyed (Manchester United’s ground).

It’s a 9 hour flight but it wasn’t too painful. We had little bags of pretzels not long after take off, and lunch not long after that - Japanese salad to start, then I had chilli and Joe had pasta, which he didn’t like. Luckily I had only had half my chilli when I realised he wasn’t eating it, so I gave it to him. Dessert was caramel and chocolate ganache, which was lovely, and there was cheese and crackers too. Later we had Solero ice lollies, and later still afternoon tea. That was supposed to be a cheese and tomato sandwich, but mine was egg mayonnaise so I didn’t eat it. I didn’t check what Joe’s was as I assumed it was the same, but my mum and dad got cheese and tomato so maybe it wasn’t. We both ate our scones though! I read my book, and watched Avengers Endgame, Mary Poppins Returns and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Joe watched Endgame and Fantastic Beasts 2. He also slept for a while.

Security at MCO wasn’t bad at all, we were through in 30 mins and didn’t wait long for our cases. We got the fake monorail

and found the Magical Express really easily! I don’t know how we got so lost last time. We waited ages for a bus and we could see it was pouring down with rain. When we eventually got on, the driver said he couldn’t tell us how long it would take to reach the resorts because there had been several accidents in the rain, and it did seem to take forever but at last we were passing under the welcome sign!

POFQ was the first stop so it could have been worse.

My parents hadn’t checked in online, but I had and I’d been checking for our room but we didn’t have one. The line at the front desk was long and slow moving, but at last we got to a CM. We got our magic bands, and then she told us they didn’t have a room for us. She said it was because we’d requested to be next to my parents - I’d requested to be in the same building, that was all. I told her that it was fine, it was just a request and if they couldn’t do it, it was ok. She got on the phone and was chattering away to someone. Meanwhile my parents had checked in and been assigned 1312. They came over to see what was going on with us, as the CM was still on the phone. When she saw them, she apologised for the delay and said she was trying to get us rooms together. I said again that it didn’t matter. She said “at least you want to be in the same building though, we can’t find anything” to which I replied that I didn’t care! I just wanted a room. We were so tired! A few minutes later she told us we were getting 2 river view rooms! We had booked standard. We got 6129 and my parents were moved into 6131. I wasn’t really happy about being on the ground floor but after all her effort and an upgrade I couldn’t say so! I was a bit worried how far away the rooms would be, but they were hardly any further than the rooms I’d requested in building 4. And even in torrential rain, the view was gorgeous.

We dumped our bags, and I quickly stuck my decal to my magic band - Joe had a premium one.

I went to Bell Services to ask about my Amazon order, and the CM there refused to look for it. She said it would be in my room. I told her my room hadn’t been assigned before I arrived and it definitely wasn’t there. She still refused to look. We went to the food court for dinner and collected our reusable mugs, and then we went back to unpack. We were planning to swim if it stopped raining, or have a walk around the grounds. But it just wouldn’t stop!! We played cards with my mum and dad in our room till 9ish, then they went back to their room. At some point I went back to Bell Services and spoke to someone else, who immediately went and got my delivery and let me use a cart to get the 2 boxes back to our room. It was a crazy run through the pouring rain with the cart going all over the place!! I later found I’d been charged $6 for each box, even though you’re only supposed to be charged for things Bell Services delivers to your room, so beware! Eventually it did stop raining, though too late to do anything!

We needed our sleep, because we knew we would be up very early the next day.


What??? Man, UK airports must just be better than ours—I’ve never gotten free anything, except maybe a free spray of obnoxious perfume if I venture too close to the duty free!

So excited for your report!


It was in the middle of the Virgin check in line! I was surprised but I wolfed it down obviously.


Enjoying the report; looking forward to new installments.


Looks like you got off to a good start! Thanks for taking us along.


Epcot morning - 3rd August

As always, because of the time difference (UK is 5 hours ahead) we woke very early. I had booked a pre RD Garden Grill breakfast to take advantage of this! DS and I had a wander down by the river before knocking for my parents.

We were the first - and only! - ones at the bus stop at 7am, and had a private bus to Epcot. We arrived at 7.15, and were first to bag check, there wasn’t a soul in sight!

Eventually at 7.45 bag check opened, and loads of people got through before we did! But it was fine. We were a few families back at the tapstyles, and I had my first liner meet of the trip with @supercalifragilistic who was waiting to get in for a tour.

And then off to Garden Grill! We weren’t the first to arrive, maybe the 4th, but we were seated straight way for our 8.10 ADR. This was such a great meal! That cinnamon roll, omg it was what heaven would tase like if it was a food. Everything tasted lovely. We saw Mickey and Pluto really quickly, and they were fun.

But I was waiting for Chip and Dale. And we waited ages for them, it was about 8.40 when they showed up. But they were worth the wait. Dale was first, and he got really excited when he saw my shirt and kept pointing at himself and hugging me. Next came Chip, holding his nose and ushering Dale away. He got even more excited, and in addition to lots of hugs he danced with me! It was so much fun. Of course my family didn’t get pics of any of this, and the pics they did get for me are not great. But I won’t forget this amazing start to our trip!

Once the cheeky chip monks had gone, it was time for us to get to Soarin’. We were quite far back in the line because we’d waited so long for Chip and Dale, but it worked out fine because we got B1!

I know a lot of people don’t like this version of Soarin’, but I love it more every time I do it. We only did the old version twice in 2012 and honestly we weren’t big fans. But I get so excited on this one. I don’t remember exactly when we finished, but as we left the RD crowd were just arriving.

We had a FP for Test Track at 9.05, but before walking over there I checked if it was open and it was down. This left us with a dilemma. We only ride Test Track, Soarin’, Mission Space and Spaceship Earth, and we had FPs for them. We could have gone to MS and SSE early, but we were also planning to see the Pixar short film festival, and it seemed like it would be a long trek back from either of them, so we rope dropped that :joy: The CMs were clearly astonished to have guests so early, and we had the theatre to ourselves which was hilarious. Joe hated the films, the rest of us quite enjoyed them.

A couple of minutes after we came out, Test Track came back online so we went to use our anytime FP. We designed our cars

and were maybe 30 people back when it went down again. It was around 9.35 and we decided to stick it out for a while. People started to leave, and as they were let out we could see that it was pouring down. It wasn’t looking good, but I was reluctant to leave because when we’ve left FP lines in the past we have just lost the FP. We stuck it out till 10.05 when our Spaceship Earth FP began, and then we left. Luckily we were given another anytime FP so we still hoped to ride it later.

It really was bouncing down!

We headed for Spaceship Earth where we thanked the Phoenicians and enjoyed the vision of our future.

Next on the plan was the 11am performance of Mariachi Cobre presents the story of Coco. I love Coco! But it was still pouring down and it was a long way to walk back to Mexico if it was going to be cancelled, I wasn’t sure if it would go ahead in the rain. So we skipped it and went to Club Cool.

Joe told me he could drink Beverly now and he wouldn’t react, but I challenged him anyway. He didn’t react too much but he definitely didn’t like it!!

I still love Beverly and I was so glad it was there - it had been reported that it was gone. We tried all the flavours several times, but Beverly is always my favourite.

We still had time to kill before our 11.15 Mission Space FP, so we wandered through the rain over to Mouse Gears. I was desperate to find some ears, I have never owned any before but I had decided this trip was the right time. I saw some Ariel ears a few months ago that I thought were gorgeous, but I was open to others. Mouse Gears didn’t have the Ariel ears, and none of the others really grabbed me. There were some nice ones, but none that I thought I had to have. So I knew I would have to stick to the Ariel ones - if I could find them! And the rain had stopped when we came out!

We then headed over to Mission Space. I hate this ride!! The feeling of having your chest crushed as you take off is not one I enjoy, and the rest of it is just a bit meh.

Joe really likes it though :woman_shrugging: When we came out, Joe played one of the games for a while, I tried to get a Space FP for the evening (unsuccessfully, I settled for Buzz because there were hardly any choices), and my dad shared his theory that the warnings before Mission Space are just theatre, Disney trying to make you think the ride is more exciting than it is. I disabused him of that notion by telling him people had died after riding it and reminding him of the presence of the barf bags!

Test Track was finally back up, so we rushed over to give it another go. The whole time we were expecting it to go down again, but we got on!

As we left, there was finally a blue sky! Hooray!! We still had a busy afternoon and evening ahead of us.


Yay, a @missoverexcited trip report (feels like not that long ago that I was reading your last one!). I agree with you on the new Soarin - getting “close” to some of those landmarks gives me chills - and Mission Space. I like your dad’s theory! Look forward to a your upcoming installments.


Yeah, we arrived the same night. Took a lot longer to get to the hotel than usual. Luckily we had a Later ADR at Toledo in our Hotel so we did not have to venture out in the rain.

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I think this is when we arrived to Epcot. We were in MK earlier where it did not rain then went to Epcot. The sun was out but the ground was still wet from the rain.

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What a fun read already! I can’t wait to read more.


Thanks for sharing your detailed trip report. It looks like you all rolled with the punches very well and had a great time. I especially love your Chip and Dale tank!

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Great photos!

Makes me excited to try garden grill when we go in February. I love Chip and Dale! Can’t wait to read the rest of your report.

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Disney Springs/Magic Kingdom - 3rd August

We were back at POFQ very briefly. Part of the UK free dining offer is a gift card to be picked up at Disney Springs, so we were collecting our vouchers and passports to go and get it. There wasn’t a huge rush but better to spend Disney’s money than mine! The view was even more lovely in the sun - I took so many pictures of it :joy:

We got the boat to Disney Springs, this was a first for us as we didn’t do it on our last trip, we always got the bus. It was fun! Very relaxing.

We went straight to World of Disney, where I searched the ear section for my Ariel ears, with no luck. Once we’d got our gift cards, we went to Under Armour so that Joe could look for a small bag. I asked him before we left if he needed a park bag and he said no, but that morning he had been intending to bring his big rucksack with just his phone and charger in it! He got a drawstring bag which was still a bit big for his needs but much smaller than the rucksack.

We went to Polite Pig for lunch. As we were all still pretty full from breakfast, and we had dinner booked at 5.30 (this was around 2.30), Joe and I shared and so did my parents. We both had the pulled pork sandwich and it was really good. The restaurant was so busy though even at that time, we queued for ages! Afterwards we went back to World of Disney because I’d checked the app and it said they definitely had the Ariel ears. I asked a CM and she eventually found them in the princess section where the dresses and dolls were - not somewhere I would have looked!

I loved my new ears!

And I got so many compliments on them throughout the holiday from both guests and CMs.

We got the bus back to POFQ to shower and change. Mousekeeping hadn’t been, and when we had left for Disney Springs several hours earlier they had been doing the room next door, so I called and asked for them to come. The guy I spoke to suggested that I had declined mousekeeping, which I knew I hadn’t!! But after double checking he said he would send someone, and they did come very quickly, probably within 30 mins.

We got the bus to the Magic Kingdom, and got our first family photos taken as we hadn’t seen any photographers at Epcot.

Then we went to get the zooming in magic shot in the Plaza Gardens. It’s so cool! I’m not sure if this will work, I can’t upload it directly.

After this we went to check in at the Plaza for dinner. They said they would text us, but we didn’t really have anywhere to go so we just sat at a table under an umbrella. I’m pretty sure it started to rain then, but we were texted quite quickly.

We really enjoyed this meal! Joe and my dad had steak, my mum had a turkey sandwich and I had a honey bbq brisket burger. It was all delicious! Joe washed his down with a bottomless mint choc chip milkshake. For dessert Joe and I had the Plaza Sundae, and my parents just had some ice cream. It was a fantastic and very filling meal! And the restaurant was lovely.

We then went to use our Buzz FP. I’m so terrible at this ride! How are you supposed to know which red dot is yours?! I got a new high score, for me at least! - 9400. See, terrible! Even my mum beat me.

I couldn’t get another FP until 9pm - for anything we wanted to do! - so I booked Pirates of the Caribbean. I thought we could probably watch Happily Ever After, do Pirates and get in line for Space Mountain before closing at 10. I really wanted to see the Kiss Goodnight. Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain were both posted about an hour, and Lines was estimating we’d wait about 40 mins. We decided to do Big Thunder.

That line was horrendous! It was so hot and it was never ending. It felt like we waited hours, but it was actually about 55 minutes.

Joe was looking terrible and said he couldn’t do another ride after this. That bottomless milkshake along with a huge meal and dessert, and the heat, had finished him off. We did ride, and it was lots of fun!

But afterwards Joe had to throw up, and that was our night done. He said he would go back on his own but he was sick, I couldn’t let him go alone. Though I was not happy!!


I am really enjoying your report!


Thanks, it’s slow going!

Garden Grill was amazingly good!

It feels like a very long time to me :joy:

Thanks! It was a gift from DH and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to wear it to Garden Grill.