We went out in the rain and did a few big rides at MK but it was POURING. This was not the typical sprinkle here and there that we have seen before. We were all soaked and freezing, even with the ponchos. My 2 yr old ended up being sick the rest of the trip, and I am sure being wet and cold was just too much for her little system. LESSON LEARNED - just stay in and enjoy the resort.


We were there that day too, but at Epcot. We braved about 5 hours mainly because we had a ADR at Biergarten that we didn’t want to miss.
It was a soaker! All day rain is so rare, especially at that time of year.
I’m sorry your 2 yr old was sick after that!


That was our final day and our only shot at HS. We were at the park 9-1. I felt really bad for everyone we saw in ponchos. We got plenty wet with full raincoats on. And we hopped from covered rides to shows. MK in that much rain must have been rough! Sorry you had to start out your vacation that way.


Oh man! So sorry your little one ended up sick. Thanks for sharing the caution. We have powered through summer storms but those seem to pass pretty quickly plus it’s warm. I’ll remember this if we are ever facing an all day soaking rain or in cooler temps.


I was in Epcot that day. It was awesome. Everything walk on. Went to the pool and hot tub with my kids after wards. From New England so not too bad.


The only bright side would be to score some anytime FP from Aladdin, etc, Usually there’s some same-day availability, but the ride doesn’t run.


We are also from New England! If it was just us adults or even older kids I wouldn’t have minded so much. But man that rain was COLD! I should have taken the advice and stayed at the resort with the LO while the older group went. Lesson learned!


We were planned to go to Epcot on 1/27 but woke up to pouring rain as well. I was really hoping it would be a short rain but the forecast was showing all day. We would have braved it had it not been for the cold. We are from Michigan and know cold but it was just too chilly to be in pouring rain all day. I was afraid someone would end up sick. It pained me to cancel our fast pass for FEA but what choice did we have? We were fortunate to have another day during the following week as an “off day” so we just went then instead. Wasn’t able to get that FEA fast pass though :frowning:


We went to MK that day. Our trip was only 4 days so we didn’t have much choice but to just deal with it. We stayed for about 8 hours. We were cold and wet, but the park was dead. We did so much!


Good call - our little one did end up sick :frowning:


What packable rain gear do you have? Actually contemplating getting us something before upcoming trip after all the reports of crazy cold rain. Last February we were in shorts and t shirts except early mornings and late nights.

Also wondering about easily packable shoe options for wet and cold. I’m thinking of taking my clunky hiking boots and everyone thinks I’m crazy. Kids usually wear sneakers or flip flops in the parks. They are teens so stupid fashion issues weigh in here.


I have a White Sierra Trabagon which comes in men & women’s styling and is reasonably priced ($40) and popular. Higher-end jackets such as Marmot, Mountain Hardwear and Patagonia tend to be lighter. Look for the weight (10-14 oz) “packable” or “packs in its own pocket” and be sure you get waterproof vs. water resistant- the former will have taped or sealed seams.

I get all my stuff from Campmor and Sierra Trading Post where things are usually steeply discounted. As for the teens- I saw an Under Armour that looked pretty good- but point out to them the alternative is a poncho and it will be a short argument. That’s the ultimate in dorkiness, IMHO. :rofl:

For shoes I have goretex- lined Merrells that look like leather tennis shoes. I use them for day hiking, haven’t touched the boots in years. So if you have to buy a new pair, you can wear them for lots of things besides hiking. I think we all own Merrell Moab II with waterproof goretex lining. I know for a fact this is my oldest son’s everyday shoe. He’s a nuclear engineer and believes in efficiency so he has one pair of dress shoes and one pair of Moab II s. But good waterproof footwear just isn’t cheap, unfortunately, but you can find things on sale if you’re patient.


Thanks! We have a Merrell outlet right here. I think kids’ feet are finally done growing so we can invest. They have outgrown their Merrell hiking boots that we bought for Yellowstone and will need something for day hikes and camping anyway.

I put 4 cheap Frogg Toggs rain suits in my cart on Amazon. They are less than $20. Thinking I might watch the forecast and have them sent to the resort if it looks like huge rain. We probably need to think about better quality ones at some point for camping anyway. But this trip is less than two weeks away and we won’t have time to really shop much before then.


Sounds great! My youngest son also has a pair of Brooks Cascadia goretex trail running shoes. He actually backpacks in those, too (he’s an Eagle Scout) :grin: and wears them all around. They look like tennis shoes. Super lightweight. DH picked those out, whatever he gets, I know they are the best.


We (kind of) regretted not buying a bunch of cheapo ponchos and Amazon and toting them around with us. Even though we had pretty good lightweight rain jackets, the day we got torrential rain everything got soaked to the bone - the stroller, the bags, the raincoats, the people. We ended up buying 3 Disney ponchos for added rain protection, each for the cost of an 8-pack on Amazon.


Moab IIs purchased for me and DH today. DS17 going to get some this weekend. He is likely to be a biomedical engineer so his brain works like your oldest son’s. Efficiency is the name of the game. DD14 is not impressed with the fashion of the Merrells. I told her she’s old enough to get on the bus and go back to the resort if her feet are wet and cold. Momma’s gonna be on Everest!


Yes, the Brooks are a little more streamlined and colorful but more expensive, too, I think. Be sure that you got the Moabs with the goretex, they do make them without and that would not suit your purposes at all!


We always just throw some warm clothes on under our ponchos. The crowds will be low.


We were in Orlando at the same time. That day was actually my wife’s birthday and we had plans to hit Magic Kingdom, but when we saw the torrential downpour we decided to make it a rain day and spent the day at the resort.


We were there that day and it was tough! I don’t think it ever stopped raining and it was cold! Our best tip was to scotch guard our running shoes. We put plastic produce bags over our socks and slipped them into the shoes. Our feet were dry all day!

It turned out to be a fun day in spite of the weather, but the challenge was huge! We felt pretty proud of ourselves for sticking it out for 12 hours… it made for some crazy memories!