So we woke up on day 1 to pouring cold rain. What do we do now? DD2 and DD6 are dying to hit the parks but this is not typical Florida showers. It 100% change of rain all day and in the 40s.

What to do? Staying at AKL Jambo

Just get some ponchos and stick to your plans. I was at Magic Kingdom a few years ago with the same weather and still had the best time! It was literally pouring rain the whole day.

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Did you have kids? How were they? DD2 is hard enough on a normal day lol

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You could make it a Resort day. Did you look at the activities calendar?

I agree!!! People stay away when it rains you will get to ride everything multiple times (esp. at MK) If you don’t have ponchos it might be worth it to get some…I’ve heard they will replace them if you buy them at the park and they rip which they might if you wear them all day. Maybe pack dry clothes in a ziplock bag in case the rain stops and you can change. Good luck!!!

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Sorry I missed that you have a 2year old that could be miserable…we did it with a 5 and 10 year old totally different!

Maybe head to a park that has a lot of indoor stuff. If you have HS in your plans maybe try that one. They have a lot that are inside or under cover (TSMM, Frozen sing along, little mermaids, Star Wars Launch Bay, etc).

Probably not for your little ones, but TOT and RNR are also inside rides.

Good Luck and have a great day doing whatever you pick.

We have done winter at DLP with young ones. As long as you have a stroller with a rain cover it can be great. They get pushed around all snug in there. With us in ponchos it worked well.

You are at Jambo! Stay and have fun!

DS bowling and movies.

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Poncho up and enjoy the low crowds!
I’d use the rain to your advantage, and it might be the experience of a lifetime.

That is a great idea!

It’s a massively great idea, but, I’d assume (and I might be 100% incorrect) that there are going to be 30,000 people that have the exact same idea. “rain all day? Let’s got to Splitsville, or the movies!”
No idea how many ppl those places can handle. I always try to zag when tens of thousands of my closest friends are zigging. Again, no idea how big those places are, OR, if they turn into zoos in the rain.

I always kinda hope for rain on our trips to keep people away from the parks.

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I believe you can reserve both.

The good part is that the weather is slightly improving as the day goes on…% of chance of rain is slowly dropping…hang in there.Id rather have a bad day at disney then a good day at work


Yes my kids were 3 and 4 at the time. But they like the rain.

One of the best things I ever did was ride EE in a downpour. I was already soaked from KRR though…
Poncho on and enjoy! You may find no crowds and a new amazing memory!

We did about 3/4 of a day in MK in torrential rain (tornado warnings) with a 5,7, and 9. We had a blast and everything was a walk on. We did have to leave around 2:00 though because we were done with everything we wanted to do and soaked to the bone.

@Brendapwood, what did you decide? How was it?

Ponchos are just so awkward, and they end up getting everything around the wearer wet, I hate them.

It’s probably not much help to the OP now but this is why we would bring actual rain gear to the park. Especially in the winter it can be quite cold in Florida when it rains, but if you have a real rain jacket and pants, especially for the kids who are not in strollers, it makes a world of difference. We hike and camp so we have lightweight packable stuff, it’s just a lot better than a poncho. You have to keep your feet (somewhat) dry so we wear those lightweight hiking type shoes that are goretex lined.

In the summer we would not bring the pants or hiking shoes but shorts & sandals that dry off quickly. But always the packable jackets! They don’t take up much space (usually pack up into their own pocket) and the kids can carry their own.

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