Post trip musings

Hi guys,

I’ll try to do a full trip report later but for now I thought I’d post some random thoughts that might be helpful, hopefully.

All Star Movies was totally OK. We had a refurbed room which was a bit small but as a family of 3 it was absolutely sufficient. Very clean, nice theming, awesome murphy bed, good shower, mini fridge, coffee maker, hair dryer. Food at the food court was pretty bad though.

TPs wait times (personalized TPs, re-evaluated 24 hrs prior to departure) were more often than not way off. However, Lines app was pretty accurate and saved the days.

Day of FP+ was also a huge success, especially at MK (Splash, Space and Thunder) and HS (ToT).

CLs seemed a bit off too vs waiting times. Crowd feeling at CL 1-2 at HS felt more like 7-8 which was surprising to us. All parks pretty much felt pretty full every day.

We were really amazed at the number of people using electric scooters to move around. It seemed like a pain in the butt for them. I actually helped some people who were stuck with them on some places and we had to push one woman up the bus platform. We hardly ever see those scooters here and I saw hundreds during this single WDW week.

HEA is absolutely beautiful. Watching it with my son in my arms was one of the best times in my whole life. I may have even cried a little (don’t tell anyone !!!). I will remember it forever.

Careful with your stuff on RnRC. I lost my cell phone. That really sucked.

Pandora is insanely beautiful and FoP is totally magical.

Toy Story Land was packed but nice. Our family really enjoyed SDD even though we had to wait a little over an hour to get on it (twice).

The interactive pirate scavenger hunt in Adventureland was really great. We did all 5 missions and it was a blast.

Wilderness Explorers at AK was also fun but not as much. CMs attitude was highly variable. Some just gave the sticker and couldn’t care less. Others were way too intense on teaching my 7-year-old. Most were just in the middle which was nice.

A lot of families like to walk 5 persons wide at 0.03 mph, effectively blocking the way for people who have a TP to follow. Hugely annoying LOL

The dessert parties were really great. Wouldn’t say great value as the price is ridiculous but for those who can afford it, I’d say it’s still a good choice. VIP viewing for HEA was perfect. For SW firework at HS not so much but still OK.

Food-wise we did only QS so not much to say. Most places were average at best. Harambe Market at AK and Woody’s lunchbox at HS were our favorites. Pinocchio’s at MK was our least favorite.

I guess that’s all I can think of right now. Please feel free to ask questions; it would help me recover from the severe depression I am into since I hopped in the tragical express… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for your musings! I have a question about QS in MK. We are considering to eat QS dinner on our MK night. Not huge fans of CHH. Any others that you thought were great? Did you use mobile ordering and did it go ok?


I used mobile orders all the time and it was absolutely great ! The lines were always long and I saved a lot of time with mobile order. Very fast and efficient. There always seemed to be one item missing though so check your stuff. It was always very fast and easy to get the missing item.

Cosmic Ray was our favorite MK meal. :slight_smile:


YES! Super annoying. Even worse than that are those that stop in the middle of the walk path. In my mind I have the Ludacris song “move” on repeat :joy:


Am I the only one who read this thread title as “post drip mucus”? :face_with_thermometer:


This seems to be an ongoing theme. I know on my last trip the TP wait times were way off - sometimes by as much a 100%. I found the Disney-posted times at the rides to be much more accurate…


We like Pecos Bill’s in MK. They have fajitas with a substantial fixins’ bar. It’s not on par with the Mexican TS restaurants at Epcot, but it was good and plentiful.


I didn’t have that problem 3 years ago on my previous trip and this was REALLY disappointing to me. I was very very grateful that there were a lot of Liners out there providing actual wait times as about 50% of the Disney wait times posted were inflated at up to 150% (most of the time 125%) !!!

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I haven’t been since they changed over from the nasty hockey puck burgers to the “updated” Mexican-inspired menu. I forgot about that when I made my post; I might try something new instead of revisiting the completely lackluster sandwich I had at BOG…

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That’s an awesome new mind soundtrack for me!


Any plans to go back soon?

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I wish !!! Nothing really material now but I wanna go back ASAP. Maybe next year at the same time (my son has a week off from school in early November). Would love to try another time of the year but it probably won’t be possible for several years. Other week off from school is spring break and I think that would be worse. Also not really interested in going during the summer break.

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It is not very crowded during the summer anymore. In my opinion, the best time to go is July. I had a great experience 4th of July week last year.


I thought mobile ordering was flat out awesome. But, yes, check your order!
Also, as AJ at Disney Food Blog says - WDW chicken strips are pretty good. I’m not a chicken strip or chicken nugget person at all, but I will say, that every time I’ve had them at any place in WDW, they are alwas way better than I expect. I’d suggest chicken strips as a safety net at QS places you are unsure of (if they have them.) I wall also say that at MK, if you like spicy stuff, that Spicy Chicken Waffle at where the waffle place is, was actually quite good. The slaw was too sweet, I would never get the slaw on it again.

Plenty of ppl LOVE Pecos Bill, but I thought the fajita platter was inedibly salty. I threw most of it away. You’re not gonna eat much that will be great in QS at MK, just be prepared for fair to middlin food. I’d suggest Cosmic Ray’s for the nostalgia factor, and a burger, chicken strips, or a half chicken dinner.

I was surprised at the CHH tuna sandwich, tho. If I had to eat at MK, that would probably be my #1 target.


Hmmm…that’s really good to know. Not sure I can stand the summer heat easily but low crowds are definitely the most important thing…

Totally agree !!!

I live in FL and there is no way I could do WDW in July…

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How did you lose your phone on RnRC? Was it in your pocket? The pocket on the coaster? Were you holding it?

As someone who does not ride roller coasters that much, this is a roller coaster fear I’ve always had…including with my wallet and my glasses. I really sympathize.

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I live in GA. The weather was really nice when I went in July. It did get up into the low 90’s during the day. But I did indoor attractions during that time and I found everything for the most part to be pretty well covered or aircondtioned. The best part of July is the low crowd levels compared to other school break periods.


Honestly, I don’t exactly know. It was in my pocket when I boarded the limo. After the ride, I went to the bathroom with my son and after the bathroom it wasn’t in my pocket anymore. I backtracked all the way to the ride exit platform and filled a lost object form. It was now 5 days ago so I am pretty sure I’ll never see it again…

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