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One of the missing pieces from my trip was the Jingle Bam dessert party. It was fully booked for the night I’m going to DHS. I’ve checked availability multiple times a day for the last few weeks. I even “joked” about hoping someone has a massive catastrophe and has to cancel their place!

Well as if to prove that my trip is going ahead, I just checked and there was availability. I booked it! Perfect night at DHS now lined up :smile:



I an sorry to hear about Calvin being under the weather. I know how much you love him and he means to you. I hope he gets better and I am sure he will be okay while you are in Disney.

Is sounds like Sarah will have it all in hand. And Calvin will have a buddy while you are away.

I an sure yoh will have a great time. I look forward to following along.

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Sounds like it’s all falling into place … looking forward to your trip report ! I’m in retail and for the first time in 15 years I’m off Christmas and New Year … I finish next Wednesday … so excited ! It’s off to Center Parcs for me and family over Christmas … cant wait ! It’s a bit early but Merry Christmas Matt :santa:t3:

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Can’t wait to follow along!

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Sounds great, glad it’s all coming together! I am strangely invested in a guy from England (or is it Great Britain or is United Kingdom preffered?) And his trip to WDW. I trust that your successful journey to the World at Christmas time will entertain me as I slowly count the days until I too am able to return!


Do you notice if Calvin can tell when you’re leaving him? Does the suitcase trigger him at all? Does he care?

It sounds like he’s going to have as much fun as you will while you’re away, though.

Have a great trip. I look forward to hearing about it.

Yay! Sarah sounds like she has Calvin’s needs met! Plus a buddy for him to play with? Awesome!
I’m so glad your trip is coming into view and am looking forward to following along.


You hide it so well! :rofl:


Oh, great. Now I’m worried you’re going to have a great time and continue splurging on Disney trips until you’re bankrupt. And THEN what are WE going to do? How will we occupy OUR time? Hm? Ever think about that? I mean, seriously. It would be very selfish of you to have a grand time at Disney AGAIN and AGAIN so often. Spread it out. Keep us entertained, but we need it to last for YEARS.

P.S. I’m glad things ended up working out with Calvin!


I’ve got loads of credit card space to pay for trips well into the future. The July 2019 trip is still on for a start. I don’t know if there will be a December 2019 trip because of the insanity of SW:GE.

Well, per my post in Cava, he continues to have a cough and — despite a fourth trip to the vet today — we still don’t know the cause. It’s at best very frustrating.

But I’m still going to WDW in four days.


Also, I am very rich. So rich that I put my money in ironically coloured frames:


I’m a worrier like you. DH is a non-worrier like Sarah. He’s an engineer, has gone through the scenarios and has everything nailed down. 99% of the time, the outcome is the same no matter how much worrying I do. I can worry or not worry, the same thing will happen. So I say, don’t worry!!

(Well, as much as possible).

Sarah has this- go, and have fun!


You’re rich! You’re rich! Awesome.

I wonder how much it is worth in American dollars? Let me Google it.

“Zimbabwe no longer has its own currency and Zimbabwe dollars of all types are worthless.”

Ah. I see. You framed it, making it a priceless work of art. Smart!


If this makes you feel any better, I was worried terribly about our pup Jack when we went away. He had another bought of the throw ups (freakin’ rabbit poop in the yard - it’s like he thinks they are little frozen candies which is disgusting and then he finds the nearest rug to puke on, completely ignoring the easier to clean hardwoods!). Plus, he started this new thing where he only eats when I’m home. Literally, others will feed him and it will sit in the bowl for hours until I get there. Doesn’t matter if it’s DH or DS, I still needed to be there.

Long story short, he did amazingly well. My mom and niece watched him at my house (it didn’t go so well last time when he went to my parents). He managed to eat every single meal and laid off the rabbit poop while we were gone. We FaceTimed a lot (my niece is obsessed with this) and he was all happy and waggy tails whenever we talked. So while I figured he’d be despondent and starving, he seems to have had a blast while we were gone!


Well, they’re not worthless — there’s a market in Zimbabwean banknotes as novelty items. I paid about US$30 for that one.

But I’m biding my time. The US government is likely to shut down again later this year. The US dollar will then plunge on the international markets, the Zimbabwean dollar will become resurgent and I will become rich and will book monthlong stays at GF.


And will singlehandedly revitalize the US economy in the process. :). Good plan.

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The whole plan sounds sketchy to me. I prefer to keep my retirement plans resting on the Nigerian Prince who’s holding money for me. I just have to pay him the holding fee, but when I get the money, I’ll be set and secure for the rest of my life.


Amen on the worry or not - outcome is the same, other than worry can mess up your health…and I say this as a terrible worrier. It has gotten better with age, but it’s a battle. Please do have a great time @profmatt


WOO HOO!!! I’m so stinkin’ excited for you!!! You’re going to have a magical time! Please share a shit-ton of photos!

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