Possible Resort Reopening Plan - No timeline

I just saw this and thought I would share

I haven’t cross-checked for accuracy, but it’s the first I’ve seen anything like this.

This information is actually from a couple days ago. See here:

And yesterday, DeSantis announced that May 4 businesses may start their re-opening plans.

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I really like the format of this. Thanks

Hmmm. I wonder how long a 2-hour queue is when you separate people 6’…

“Is this the line for the EPCOT monorail?”
“No. That’s for 7DMT”


The Mayor of Orange County FL is scheduled to announce his plans on reopening business tomorrow (Friday May 1st). So come tomorrow, we MIGHT have an official date or at least a more narrowed down timeline. We will have to wait for the official date to be set and announced by Disney itself.

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For those who like statistics for your decision making process

  • Bartenders to sanitize hands after making each drink order

How is that going to work? They’ll destroy their hands, won’t they?

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I think if I had to do this, I’d prefer to wear and change gloves in between orders.

Also, when I first read this I wondered, why? How does this prevent spread? If the bartender is using clean/disposable cups and utensils, and the only one touching bottles behind the bar, why is it necessary to “sanitize” after each order? And why wouldn’t the mandate be the same for everyone handling any food or drinks?
Seems like something thrown in to give a false sense of security.

Because the bartender will still have to take your money and/or credit card, raising the chance of cross contamination.


Wouldn’t this be true for all food and places as well, particular QS? Not to mention any kiosks or stores that are open?

Even so, they could make a way for cash transactions touchless. Or just require everyone use credit cards, MBs or loaded gift card type cards (if you want to use cash, you can use that to load it).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney opens up use of MagicBands for payment for everyone, not just on site guests…or using your Disney hard ticket if not a MagicBand. I would expect them to allow adding Gift Cards as well…then, all payments can be touchless. If you have cash, they could allow certain locations you can load cash into the band like a gift card.

There are some cities and states trying to pass legislation to make it illegal to not accept cash for retail transactions.
Disney might face lawsuits is they force cashless transactions.

As far as QS goes, the person taking your order is rarely the person who gives you your food, except for kiosk vendors

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Don’t get me wrong, if they allowed people to put gift cards in magic bands, I’d be ecstatic. We carry very little cash into the parks and mostly use gift cards.

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They would technically allow cash. You load cash into your MDE account. If you don’t use it, you get it back. That kind of thing. But it would limit handling of cash and cards to specific locations. Kind of like a reverse ATM machine.

Just conjecturing though.

I completely understand why localities would need to do this. It’s discriminatory.

But this situation is not that. And people can still use cash, they just might have to use it to put on a card, or on their hard ticket as @ryan1 suggested.

I envision some sort of gadgety thing to accept cash and give any change at POS (I don’t know why this was the first thing in my mind). But at the very least, the bars can operate just like QS. One person is handling all payment transactions. The bartender only makes the drinks and puts them up to be given to customer (probably by another CM, b/c alcohol). So cash handling by bartender eliminated.

And still, I don’t see why bartenders were specifically called out, but no other people who would also be potentially handling cash and food products.

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Bartenders are touching bottles and glasses as they prepare drinks, but then also touch glasses that guests have finished. I think that sets them apart. Most eateries the people cleaning up aren’t the same as the people preparing the food.

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Disney doesn’t allow you to put gift cards on MB accounts? interesting.

Nope. It has been an ongoing complaint. Now would be the time to finally fix it so you could!


Easily avoided. All disposable for time time being. And/Or a set person is bussing. They will likely need people dedicated to such things away for continuous sanitizing. I cannot see them allowing anyone to be sitting directly at the bars at this point anyway. Bars will likely have to be run at minimum like QS for the foreseeable future.

Actually a local restaurant here is basically doing this system for takeout drinks. The built a pickup bar area onto their patio area.