Portofino Bay walking and water taxis

We pulled the trigger and bought our package for Portofino Bay Dec 22-27. I assume crowd levels will be high, so what is your suggestion for getting to and from the parks? We will be early risers taking advantage of Early Park Admission. I read it’s a 16 minute walk. Are the water taxis faster/slower? Do the lines for the water taxis get long at certain times?

We have 3 children and will have a stroller, so any tips for stroller rental is welcome as well!

Water taxis are faster if there’s isn’t a long line or if the boat is approaching the dock or boarding. If the boat is leaving or there is a long line then the wait might just as long, or longer, than walking. Since you’re bringing kids and a stroller I’d say wait out for the water taxi as you’ll get dropped off in the middle of CityWalk.


We are booking those same dates but for next year. Would be super interested in how your trip goes, and any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Ill put together a trip report!

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