Pop Quiz, hotshot!

I took the Skyliner back to Pop about 2 hours after the park closed in November. Had a 7:50 ADR when DHS closed at 7:00. We left DHS around 9:00 and got right on the Skyliner. However, with your ADR not starting until 9:45 it very well may be closed. I’d ask a CM for a bus back to Pop. Disney won’t leave you stranded.


Book a BC room for the previous night, and have DME set up for 11pm to MCO. Then at MCO, show your POP reservation and get on another DME to POP. Might have to book an additional POP room on the spot so that it’s “check-in day” and they let you on the bus.

A simple $500-$700, 5-hour, 60 mile solution because we were challenged not to use rideshare for $8, 5 min, 2 miles. Genius.

  1. Walk to Boardwalk
  2. Shanghai a Surry
  3. Pedal Back while working off Kitchen Sink.



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Walk the path under Skyliner making sure I have a bag of Poutine with me. If I run across any critters in the wild, I throw the bag at them and make my escape as they try to determine both what exactly is poutine, and why is everyone obsessed with it.

Edit: I amend my original answer to include that the poutine has to be made with cheese curds. They can try to figure out what exactly is a curd and why everyone is obsessed with poutine.


This is brilliant. I can’t think of a more Rube Goldbergian response.


Hypothetical?? Or real plans? :thinking:

I would wonder what the person would do from park close until a late ADR. Maybe reservation finder an earlier time.


Set up a reservation finder and find myself a new reservation!


Now I can’t stop thinking of Smokey and the Bandit 2. Swamp Fever


Regular taxi.

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my thought exactly!

I read this and imagined a paper bag filled with poutine like dripping gravy (as opposed to poutine in a separate to go container inside a carrying bag). :joy: Critters would definitely be a concern! But maybe you could use the poutine to bribe them to assist you and ride an alligator home? That alligator in Princess and the Frog was very helpful, and everyone knows Disney movies are basically documentaries.


True. I had originally intended throwing the bag at their their heads and run away screaming, but I’m open to new experiences. I like your plan better. Well played.


Obviously I’d have my personal chauffeur wait for me out front until I’d finished eating.

I do find it annoying that WDW resorts won’t allow my helicopter to land in their grounds to take me back. Otherwise I’d send it to take you home too.

I’d use a taxi. And I believe that gets me bonus points because you said no uber / lyft. :joy::joy:


Of all the wrong answers…these are easily the wrongest. What’s wrong with you people? 10. PM. Ice. Cream!!! Do you also kick puppies when you’re on vacation? Curbstomp kittens? Cause that’s the level of sadistic behavior being displayed here.

To those who said taxi: Accepted, but against the spirit of the question. The idea is to NOT spend more money.

Now, see, this is FAR more reasonable. Not quite as involved as the absolutely impressive “flat liner” suggestion(still amazed at that one), but at least it’s not sadistic and solves almost all the problems.

Still the problem of spending extra money though, so flatliner suggestion still wins :rofl:

You realize there’s a part of the skyliner route that is completely over water…yes? I feel that would adjust your answer even more.

There has been zero luck with that thus far. Every time I bat my eyes and try too look all helpless, they either ask “how long have you had that nervous tick for?” or, if they’re feeling especially considerate, simply point me the bathroom to flush out “whatever is wrong with your eye.”


Ok, I understand. Maybe they will extend park hours for your trip, Problem solved! So really you need to petition Disney for this. Easy!

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Are you suggesting this type of behavior is generally frowned upon?


Well, um…carry on!

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If I’m a grown up and I have enough money to go to Wallyworld, I don’t need extra credit, and I don’t need to deal with some intricate hassle to get to my bed at xpm after eating overpriced burgers and ice cream.

  1. Skyliner if it’s running.
  2. Uber/Lyft - for the few sheckles and speed? No brainer.
  3. The real answer is that B&C ain’t worth any type of hassle.

Do curds float?