Pop Quiz, hotshot!

You got yourself a reservation for Beaches and Cream for 9:45 PM. You don’t have a car, and the latest the parks close is 7PM. What do you do to get back to Pop Century? WHAT DO YOU DO?!

Extra Credit: no using Lyft or Uber

Go via Disney Springs?


No time. Ds closes at 10 and they won’t run a bus there after that(they also likely won’t run a bus there 15 minutes prior to that either)

That’s awkward then :confused:

No idea. Just wanted to see what Payne had in mind for WDW.

Shoot the hostage!
I’m sorry, what was the question again? I got a bit caught up in the moment.


Hmm. Isn’t there supposed to be a resort bus that is for getting people back to their resorts from other hotels bc of of limited hours? :thinking:

This calls for a Kobayashi Maru.

(1) Go back to Pop after the parks close.

(2) Have a grocery delivery service deliver a gallon of Edy’s ice cream, a bottle of chocolate sauce, and a can of whipped cream (yes, a whole can) to Pop.

(3) Sit in your room, turn on a good show or movie, and enjoy your dessert without the logistical nightmare.

PS - I’ve never understood the fascination of Beaches and Cream when you can buy their ice cream at a grocery store.


You called out B&C’s mediocre offerings AND threw in a Star Trek reference…
Swoon. :heart::rofl:


Use the Skyliner. Or at least try.

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I’ve never seen this written down before.
Not how it would’ve spelled it.

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It’s an old code but it checks out.

And it matches my T-shirt:
“I passed the Kobayashi Maru
and all I got was this T-shirt”


Or… the Flatliner.

  1. Enjoy way too much ice cream.
  2. Fake a medical emergency.
  3. When the ambulance slows down to hit the I4, you and the gurney out the doors aiming south…

ETA: of course when DW finds out the quandary my ADR put us in, I might not be faking the medical emergency. I’m the planner. She’s the blackbelt.



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Haven’t heard or seen this? The only thing I’ve seen is the “inner resort” bus that just moseys from stop to stop.

Next you’re going to tell me the eggs at BOG can be bought at a grocery store too! :smirk:

It’s not about the place…it’s about 9:45pm ice cream that isn’t a melted mess (which grocery delivery would absolutely be).

Pretty sure the skyliner shuts down an hour after Epcot/Hs close.

Jog along side the road down Buena Vista Dr, Victory Way, and Century Dr and elude security?

ETA: that won’t feel too good after the ice cream


The earliest EC closes is 8 but if you have that reservation on a 9pm closing day you might be able to grab the ice cream and run to the skyliner since it runs for an hour after closing.

You could feign ignorance after your meal and perhaps the folks out front will take pity on you and comp you a cab?

Not foolproof, but if your options are going to be down to Uber/Lyft/Taxi anyway (and I don’t see any other way, honestly), it’s probably worth a shot.


Looked it up and you’re right. There’s one for monorail resorts after the monorail shuts down, but nowhere else. I used it on our last stay but I was staying at the CR. Didn’t realize it was specifically to the mono loop.