Pop quiz hot shot

I have an anytime Fastpass because BLT delivered our luggage to the wrong room and that family took some of our stuff. When I explain it like that, maybe I should have held out for more?

Anyway, we were basically able to get all the fast passes we wanted so now I have this anytime Fastpass that’s I don’t know what to do with.

What would you do with an anytime Fastpass?

Not available for the super headliners: FoP, Na’vi, TSL.

Pro tip: I have heard that if you try to use your grace period for a Fastpass you have, that it’s possible that it uses the anytime Fastpass.

They took some of your stuff!? WHO DOES THAT?? Were you able to prove they stole your stuff or did they get away with it? Crazy.

Newbie here: Is an any time fast pass a one-time use? And do you have to book it in advance?

I ask because a few years ago my parents took my niece and nephew to WDW and had an issue. They offered my dad some credit back on their room, but he said how about some extra fast passes instead? I dont know what they did to their Magic Bands, but he said they could pretty much FP as much as they wanted, even riding the same ride in the FP line over and over. The CMs were like Wait a minute… didn’t you just ride this?? Anyway, that’s the kind of any time FP I want :slight_smile:


I believe it’s a one-time thing, and does not need advance booking.


Yikes. I’d have started by asking them to comp me a night’s stay. You’re not only out your stuff, that’s just plain creepy. Ugh.


Save it, you’ll know the right time to use it. If that doesn’t help then TT, Frozen, Soarin, 7DMT or mountains

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This is correct.

I probably should have been more specific: they took some beer and an entire pack of disposable cups. So nothing huge or personal. But it was weird that our stuff had been in another persons room.

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Very weird! At least they didn’t get in your suitcases (I hope!).

So you were robbed twice. First, by the thieving scumbags who took stuff they knew wasn’t theirs. Second, by Disney, whose fault this was. I can’t imagine a way their response could have been more insulting. A single FPP, but not for any headliners? Seriously?



What the???!!!


They still took it and knew it wasn’t theirs. That’s theft


Stole your beer? Your vacation BEER?!?!?!?

Heads would roll


hope the born on date had long passed and they
ordered expensive craft beer and they delivered PBR


Ok. More specifics: they also gave us a soarin fpp for today so we got to do FEA, Soarin, and TT with minimal wait.

But yes. I do kind of feel like they should have been more forthright and I shouldn’t have had to ask for them. I felt like it was one of those times that being nice didn’t pay off. But it’s ok. We did get our stuff and the rest of it is here.

This really bothers me. Stayed at CR in 2016 and had so much pixie dust and not because anything went wrong. I would think BLT would be similar, but what do I know. I would think they would bend over backwards to make up for their mistake…I know this does not answer your question

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I like the idea to hang onto it. Then in the middle of the afternoon when everything is busy and you feel like riding X again, you can!


I’m pretty easy going here, but yeah, I would definitely go down there and complain some more. A fpp, which they hand out for anything from long waits to just “nice things to do”, for loss of property is not acceptable. Even if it was just beer and cups. The cost of beer down there Has to be stupid expensive.

And how do you know that was it?? You have a detailed inventory of everything you brought? I take it you’re renting points and don’t want to rock the boat, but in this case I think you are totally justified. They stole from you!


I would follow up with an email to guest services. Normally, I’m not for someone going over the top with complaining but delivering your stuff to the wrong room and then having some things taken (even if it is just beer and cups) deserves a completely forthright explanation and GIGANTIC apology. In my experience, they will call you back to get additional details and may go a little further in making things right.

As for the anytime FPP, yes, make sure you don’t use the grace period on your other FPPs or it will take the anytime. And I would play it by ear and see what ends up making sense!


Shoot the hostage.

Ok, if you get the movie reference, props to you.

I would be a little more than mad if someone had stole something of mine. But I do have a question. What brand of beer was it? Because that makes a difference. If it’s some real expensive beer or if it’s this:


NOT the BEER!!! Some of our food was delivered to the wrong room and it was like fruit, felt weird when they brought it to us and were like we found it! In another room?!! we didn’t get a FP or anything though